The Measurement of Family Conflict and Its Effect on Adolescent Antisocial Behavior

Rebekah Chu, University at Albany

This paper will examine the independent effects of several measures of family conflict (e.g., conflict between parent and child or parent and partner) on adolescent antisocial behaviors. In addition, a family conflict index will be created and its predictive power compared to the independent measures. It is hypothesized that an index of these various measures would enhance predictive power and eliminate the need for separate measures of family conflict. Creating an index will not only enable multiple dimensions of family conflict to be captured, but it will produce a more reliable measure. Data from the Rochester Youth Development Study (RYDS) will be used. RYDS is a longitudinal study of urban youth at high risk for serious delinquency and drug use. The hypothesis will be tested longitudinally, controlling for relevant variables, such as parent SES, gender and family structure.

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Updated 05/20/2006