Measuring the Risk for Future Adolescent Violent Behavior

Andrei Novac, University of California, Irvine

Over the past few years a large body of literature on violent behavior in adolescents and young adults has reflected an ever increasing interest in this subject by mental health professionals, educators, social scientists and members of the legal community alike. Yet prediction of human destructive and violent behavior remains notoriously inaccurate. The presentation will be covering major risk factors of violence in adolescents and their predictive value in larger populations evaluated by Family Physician. A newly developed screening instrument, the Youth Violence Screening System (YVSS) will be presented. The authors are members of the CDC funded Southern California Developing Center for Youth Violence Prevention and The Presley Center of Youth Violence Prevention at the University of California Riverside. The YVSS is based on a variety of instruments that are currently available. The presentation will also highlight the importance of traumatic stress in the antecedents of the index population. References to adolescent psychopathology and its rank among predictors of violence will be made. Finally, an empirical classification of the types of violence will be offered.

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Updated 05/20/2006