School Violence Prevention and School-Based Partnerships in New York State

Martha Williams Deane, New York State Police Academy
Renise Holohan, New York State Police

The New York State Police (NYSP) have taken a proactive role in the prevention of school violence in the state of New York with their Safe School Program and School-Based Partnership grant. The Safe Schools Program was designed to assist school personnel to intervene with appropriate violence prevention techniques, manage violent situations, and develop crisis plans for individual schools. The School-Based Patnership (SBP) project is a federally funded case-study to examine bullying, intimidation and threatening behavior in one large suburban New York state school district. The case-study provides in-depth information to describe the bullying behaviors that are found within the school, based upon data collected from both students (N=2300) and faculty, staff and administrators (N=156). Preliminary results from the surveys will be discussed. The results show that approximately 60% of staff find bullying to be a moderate to big problem in the school and 63% of students (based on pilot data) felt this way. Five percent of staff fear harm for themselves often or most of the time and 13% of staff fear a major violent episode at the school. The Partnership and Safe Schools Program recently collaborated to combine efforts toward school violence prevention. Prevention measures combining resources from both programs will be discussed, including the development of a summer program with at-risk youth along with the production of a series of instructional video tapes utilizing some of the very youth targeted as concerns for these behaviors.

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Updated 05/20/2006