The Social Ecology of Violence: An Exploration of Contextual Factors in Cases of Youth Victimization

Jason L. Davis, University of Florida
Mari A. DeWees, University of Florida
Lisa D. Holland, University of Florida

This research takes an ecological approach to exploring violent victimization among juveniles. Using data from the 1998 National Incidence Based Reporting System, this research examines the situational context and dynamics of youth victimization in order to identify those characteristics salient to explaining these violent incidences. Theoretically important contextual variables arr drawn from both social disorganization and routine activities will be examined as they affect varying forms of serious juvenile victimization. Specifically, factors such as economic disadvantage, teen employmenht, racial heterogeneity, time and place of the offense, drug or alcohol use, ties to gang activity, among others, are addressed in regards to youth victimization. Study findings and implications for future research will be discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006