The Missing Link: Community Context, Individual Characteristics, Individual Routines and Juvenile Delinquency

P-O Wikstrom, Cambridge University

Our lack of kinowledge of the link between youth routines in different community contexts and risk of offending and victimisation may be described as a "black hole" in criminological research. A greater understanding on how youth routines in different neighbourhood contexts relates to the characteristics of their neighbourhood context, and to their individual characteristics, may have important implications for theory and research development in this area, and also for the development of more effective crime prevention strategies, particularly in more disadvantaged neighbourhoods, where we so far have had little success with crime prevention initiaives. This paper presents some key findings from a study designed to further our knowledge about the role of individual routines for juvenile delinquency in different community contexts and for different groups of juveniles by their individual characteristics. A questionnaire was distributed to about 2000 14 years old subjects in the city of Peterborough (UK), of whom about 400 (randomly selected) also was subjected to an in-depth interview about their (last-week) routines using a time-budget approach.

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Updated 05/20/2006