A Critical Examination of the Digital Music Phenomenon

Sameer Hinduja, Michigan State University
Mahesh K. Nalla, Michigan State University

Our project seeks to analyze the applicability of critical criminological theory to the digital music phenomenon. More specifically, we hope to ascertain whether the primary supporters and innovators (MP3 startups, technophiles, some recording artists, and other "elite" players in the MP3 scence) view the mustic industry and government as controlling agencies seeking to maintain their legitimacy and power by restricting information dissemination and reproduction that will benefit the masses. Additionally, insight into the role played by the current social and political-economic structure in the dynamic between the respective players is sought. Can this control be considered a form of "victimization" of society? Must we rethink our traditional notion of deviance being ascribed primarily to acts committed by an individual against a corporation, because in this case the corporation would be considered the transgressor? This is the primary issue we will discuss in our work.

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Updated 05/20/2006