Juvenile Explosion, Abrupt Violence and Jump/Leap in Behavior Development: Crime and Delinquency in Postmodern Era

Noriyoshi Takemura, Toin University of Yokohama, Japan

In recent years a series of serious murders commited by juveniles have intermittently happened in Japan. Although many specialists and experts have tried, it is very difficult to clear causal relationships. As such these cases are expressed as "Explosions of Juveniles". It is thought that social surroundings in postmodern (cyber) era exert some influence on juveniles implicitly and explicitly. With a development of postmodern (cyber) era, not only behavior patterns of juveniles have changed in general, but also problematic situation of crime and delinquency have changed in particular. In my presentation what kinds of influence and change have occurred and how they are interrelated are focused and considered. In this way a series of juvenile explosion are explained from postmodern, chaos and complexity perspectives.

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Updated 05/20/2006