A Model Family Violence Curriculum

Janice R. Hill, University of Missouri - St. Louis

Medical schools around the country have initiated adhoc teaching around family violence issues, especially child abuse and partner abuse. However, these activities typically are not integrated with other aspects of the curriculum or with each other. Consequently, students do not have the opportunity to learn the broader issues related to family violence, prevention and intervention. To address these concerns, students and faculty at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine developed a model family, violence curriculum encompassing child abuse, Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), sexual assault, and elder abuse. The activities extensively use standardized patients and resource people including hotline and shelter staff, legal professionals, and law enforcement. The presentation will cover the principles guiding development of the model curriculum, the curriculum sequence, and an overview of the proposed patient cases and related activities. The presentation will be of interest to educators in social work, public health, law enforcement and law. If time allows, we will also discuss uses of this curriculum and of standardized learning experiences in other settings.

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Updated 05/20/2006