Reaching Generation D: How to Cultivate Digital Literacy in the Criminal Justice Classroom

Phoebe Morgan, Northern Arizona University

Each day of our lives has become increasingly digitalized. As the ubiquity of digital technolgy grows, so does the need for digital literacy. Around the world, institutions of higher learning are struggling to keep pace with the challenges that the digital revolution poses. Each year the number of college freshmen who are digitally literate grows, and their expertise expands. Despite these trends, the demand for digital literacy within the criminal justice system greatly outpaces the pool of knowledge criminal justice workers possess. This paper decribes the problem of digital illiteracy within criminal justice agencies and highlights areas where expertise in digital technology is in especially high demand. It explores ideas for recruiting and retaining digitally savvy students into criminal justice classrooms and provides suggestions for remediating digital illiteracy due to digital-phobia or digital poverty.

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Updated 05/20/2006