Cooperative Criminal Justice Education: Experimenting With Combined Classes

Lloyd Klein, Louisiana State University Shreveport
Bernadette Jones Palombo, Louisiana State University

The team teaching concept has served as a successful mechanism in many university settings. Educators have long experimented with team teaching wherein two or more professors participate jointly in teaching a given course. Such efforts provide coverage for diverse subject areas and serve to compensate for materials in which one educator may lack sufficient knowledge. Our paper focuses on a team teaching variant in which complementary courses were offered to students contained in the same classroom setting. One of the authors taught a course (classified as upper level) focusing on sex crimes and sexual victimization, while the second author taught a lower level in serial murder and murders. The combined course was coordinated with complementary materials, speakers, and videos related to both topics. Students received separate course syllabi and enrolled in separate courses but were considered part of the overall group. Our analysis will focus on the mechanics of this innovative teaching technique, an evaluation of the project with a discussion of sucesses and failures, and prospects for similar teaching efforts.

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Updated 05/20/2006