Rehabilitative Justice: Does It Work for Women in Oklahoma?

Dennis Brewster, University of Oklahoma

This study looks at the effectiveness of the rehabiliative model within the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. It explores the GED and Vo-Tech programs found in the Oklahoma prison system. Data for the study are from the records of the Department of Corrections and include all women released from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections between 1991 and 1994. The dependent variable for this study is the number of months the offender has stayed out of prison (survival times) for those released from the department with GED program completion and those released with a Vo-Tech program completion. These groups are compared to those who were released without the program completions. The results indicate mixed success for the programs studied. GED ws found to increase the number of months offenders were able to survive after release, while Vo-Tech program completers were found to suffer from lower months of survival. The results indicate tht Oklahoma is providing the minimum requirements of rehabilitation to its offenders, but the results also indicate that offenders do not automatically gain survival times from the programs.

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Updated 05/20/2006