Childhood Maltreatment, Alcohol Use, and Mental Health: Examining the Effects of Childhood Maltreatment on Alcohol Abuse, Mental Health Outcomes and Treatment Patterns Among Newly Incarcerated Females

Debbie Hartley, Sam Houston State University
Janet L. Mullings, Sam Houston State University
James W. Marquart, Sam Houston State University
Ben M. Crouch, Texas A & M University

The rising number of offenders with co-occurring alcohol abuse and mental health disorders has been widely documents and presents one of the most pressing issues facing correctional facilities today. Other mounting evidence reveals high rates of childhood abuse and neglect experiences among women offenders, yet the link between early childhood maltreatment and onset of alcohol use, abuse, and mental illness has not been explored among incarcerated populations. This study examines childhood maltreatment experiences, early onset of alcohol use, adult alcohol abuse, and mental health impairments among 1,198 newly incarcerated females in 1998-1999. We also examine alcohol and mental health treatment utilization patterns, completion patterns, and perception of effectiveness of these treatment programs by women offenders.

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Updated 05/20/2006