Constructing Ohio's Female Initial and Reclassification Instruments

Donald Hutcherson II, Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation & Correction
Sydney Halsall, Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation & Correction

These two studies were designed to construct both Ohio's female security initial and reclassification instruments. For the Initial Instrument study, the sample was drawn from a cohort of female inmates who were admitted and classified between February 1997 and December 1998. A random sample of female imates incarcerated as of July 1, 1998 was selected for the Reclassification study. The analysis examined a variety of static and dynamic variables internal and external to institutional life. The resulting instruments were based on statistical analysis that identified risk factors that were correlated with various types of institutional misbehavior (risk assessment). Variables that identified habitation needs were incorporated into the instruments as well (needs assessment).

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Updated 05/20/2006