International Comparative Survey Methodology: Public Opinion of the Courts - The Mongolia Challenge

Heike P. Gramckow, National Center for State Courts

Public opinion surveys are frequently used in the U.S. and abroad to gauge the public's satisfaction and perception of various justice system operations, including the courts. Particularly in emerging democracies such surveys are often used to measure how well the courts reflect democratic changes. Considering the high political importance and implications attached to the survey results selecting the right survey methodology is as sensible as the analysis. The challenge of selecting the appropriate methodology is further heightened when the results are used in comparison to other countries as measure of democratization. This paper discusses the approach applied and initial results of a public opinion survey of perceptions of court oeprations in Mongolia. The methodologies were developed based on U.S. and European surveys, adjusting for the particular Mongolian situation.

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Updated 05/20/2006