CSAT's Criminal Justice Treatment Networks: Systems-Level Impacts on the Criminal Justice System

Wendy A. Townsend, Caliber Associates
Stacey Sexton, Caliber Associates

In FY 1996, the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) funded the Criminal Justice Treatment Networks (CJTN) demonstration program. CSAT envisioned that the CJTNs would develop comprehensive and substance abuse treatment models that coordinate criminal justice agencies and substance abuse treatment providers, expand service delivery, and facilitate access to culturally-relevant and gender-specific treatment with the goal of reducing costs and improving treatment outcomes. Four networks provide services to adult female offenders while they are still part of the criminal justice system. In all network communities, the presence of a network has increased communication and awareness: (a) Among criminal justice agencies, (b) Among treatment and other service providers, and (c) Across criminal justice agencies and treatment/service providers. This heightened communication and awareness has positively impacted the recovery process of the network population by streamlining service delivery and increasing efficiency of the criminal justice process. This presentation, drawing on a cross-site evaluation, will examine the impact of the networks on the criminal justice system, including Adult Probation, the courts, Sheriff's Departments, and Pretrial Services. Data collected through focus groups and personal interviews, as well as individual network quarterly reports, will be used in this presentation..

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Updated 05/20/2006