The Rhetoric of Reintegration: A Discourse Analysis of Reparative Probation Practices

Shadd Maruna, University at Albany
David R. Karp, Skidmore College
Susan Erhard, University at Albany
Jennifer Poe, University at Albany
Shelagh E. Catlin, University at Albany

In fact, in "Conditions of Successful Reintegration Ceremonies," Braithwaite and Mugford (1994) provide a succinct method for differentiating between shaming that is stigmatizing and shaming that is reintegrative: "A useful way of thinkng about ceremonies for dealing with rule breakers is in terms of the ratio of stigmatic to reintegrative meanings during the ceremony." When that ratio is high, we have a degradation ceremony; when low, a reintegration ceremony" (p. 166). In a content analysis of 52 reparative probation conferences, the authors use this formula to determine what factors may fascilitate or impede the achievement of a reintegration ritual. Particular attention is paid to gendered theories of justice, parallels to cognitive therapy, and the role of apology.

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Updated 05/20/2006