The State of Probation in Europe a Decade After the Fall of Communism

Nancy Grosselfinger, Harvard University

With the demise of Communism came a new optimism for the former Central and Eastern European bloc and the newly created nation states of the former USSR. Amongst the things hoped for was the creation of democratic institutions, including the criminal justice sector. This paper will synthesize the existing literature, report on overtures made and activities undertaken within the newly expanded European community, and distill this information into a contemporary picture of the status of probation as a correctional measure now almost a decade later. Suggestions will be offered on how the criminal justice research, practitioner, and policymaking sectors could contribute to the situation and offer suggestions on why their previous efforts have not born the expected fruit. Due consideration will be given to the obligations of member states and the roles of inter-governmental and professional organizations, as well as private foundations, in the development of the institution of community-based sanctions.

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Updated 05/20/2006