Time to Relapse and Recidivism Associated With Participation in Therapeutic Community Treatment Programs

Clifford A. Butzin, University of Delaware
Steven S. Martin, University of Delaware
James A. Inciardi, University of Delaware

The overall efficacy of correctional-based therapeutic community (TC) treatment programs for drug-involved offenders in Delaware has been consistently supported. This paper focuses more specifically upon the impact of the specific component programs on the time to recidivism and relapse. All possible combinations of program participation are included, as well as controls for individual demographics, and criminal, drug use, family, and employment histories. Particular interest is in the relationship between the different programs. The programs effects could function independently and have relative simple additive effects, or represent a more complex interactive relationship where the effects of one program are different depending upon participation in one or more of the other programs. The same questions are also examined in the relationship between characteristics of the participants and the programs' impacts.

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Updated 05/20/2006