Drug Using, Dependency, and Treatment Among Adult Male Arrestees

Christine R. Crossland, National Institute of Justice
Henry H. Brownstein, National Institute of Justice

As part of the ADAM interview instrument redesign, NIJ has expanded not only the illegal drug use measures, but now includes a brief set of items to screen for alcohol abuse and dependence, as well as questions about heavy alcohol use. Month-by-month levels of heavy drinking over the past 12 months are obtained from all arrestees. This presentation explores how patterns of heavy alcohol use among arrestees are related to their alcohol abuse and dependence as well as patterns of use of other drugs and life events including arrests, changes in residency, and drug treatment experience over the 12-month period. A fundamental question for this presentation is: How does the screen for alcohol abuse and dependence relate to the arrestee's reports of heavy drinking? The presentation will also explore what other factors--such as homelessness, episodes of drug treatment, and episodes of other drug use--are related to arrestees' alcohol abuse and dependence.

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Updated 05/20/2006