The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 9:40AM on Wednesday

Wednesday at 9:40AM
Session Title Session ID
Division on Women and Crime Committee Meetings (Meeting) Session 34: MT4
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Warriors and Peacemakers: How Third Parties Shape Violence (New York University Press, 1998) Session 35: AM1
Integrating Individual and Community Level Explanations of Crime and Delinquency Session 36: CO1
Formal Institutions and Social Control Session 37: CS2
Prison Violence Session 38: CR3
Correctional Management in Suburban and Urban Settings: Similarities and Differences Session 39: CR4
Preventing Violence Against Women and Children Session 40: CP3
Teaching Ethics in Criminal Justice Session 41: CJ3
Critical Perspectives on New and Old Youth Gangs (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 42: CC1
AUTHOR MEETS CRITICS: The Exclusive Society (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 43: CC2
Drugs, Crime, and HIV Session 44: DR2
The Social Support Paradigm: Theory, Research, and Practice Session 45: ES2
Gender and Gangs Session 46: GC3
Treatment Issues and Interventions for Juvenile Offenders Session 47: VO2
Illegal Firearms Markets: Current Research Session 48: GU1
Reducing Juvenile Gun Violence Session 49: GU2
Research on Drug Courts (Sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse) Session 50: IS1
Assessing Youth and Families: Evaluations of Assessment Tools and Programs Session 51: JJ2
Crime Reduction Session 52: LA1
Race and Policing: Empirical and Conceptual Perspectives Session 53: LA2
ROUNDTABLE: U.S.-Ukraine Research and Training Partnerships Session 54: LA3
Table 3: Women and the Criminal Justice System Session 55: LA4
Current Research on Criminal Careers Session 56: LC2
Parental and Peer Influences on Criminal Involvement Session 57: LC3
Organized Crime, Corruption, and Prevention Session 58: OC2
Power and Control Among the Police Session 59: PO3
Police Organization Structure, Change, and Impact Session 60: PO4
Police Training and Education Session 61: PO5
International Justice Issues and Native Peoples Session 62: RE1
Juvenile Transfers: Juvenile Versus Criminal Justice Processing and Sanctions Session 63: RP2
Using Archival Data for Model Testing, Methodological and Crime Location Research Session 64: RM2
Legal and Extra-legal Predictors of Federal Sentencing Decisions Session 65: SE3
Terrorism: Emerging Issues Session 66: TM3
Securities Fraud and Its Control Session 67: WC2

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