The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 1:00PM on Friday

Friday at 1:00PM
Session Title Session ID
Division on People of Color and Crime Business Meeting III (Meeting) Session 424: MT37
Justice Studies Association Meeting (Meeting) Session 425: MT38
Bridging the Gender, Race, Class Gap in Research Session 426: SP14
Graduate Student Information: How to Find a Job and How to get Published Session 427: SP15
Roundtable 3: Making a Difference as a Feminist Criminologist (Sponsored by Division on Women and Crime) Session 428: SP16
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Power, Politics and Crime Session 429: AM3
Restorative Justice and Victims of Crime Session 430: CR38
Probation Studies Session 431: CR39
Punishment and Society Session 432: CR40
Rehabilitating Youthful Offenders Session 433: CR41
ROUNDTABLE: Practitioner's View of Research Partnerships: What We Need From Researchers (Sponsored by the Division on Sentencing and Corrections and the National Institute of Corrections) Session 434: CR42
Domestic Violence Session 435: CT9
ROUNDTABLE: What Cybercops Need to Know Session 436: CJ13
Agency, Structure, and Critical Criminology (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 437: CC15
Prison and/or Drug Treatment Session 438: DR20
Evaluating Domestic Violence Initiatives Session 439: ER6
Implementing and Evaluating Collaborations in Juvenile Justice: The California Experience Session 440: ER7
Understanding Gangs Qualitatively Session 441: GA8
Sexual Victimization: Risk Factors Session 442: GC18
Cross-National Studies of Crime and Punishment Session 443: GL3
State Crime in East Germany: Facts vs. Fiction or Competing Narratives? Session 444: GL4
Longterm Consequences of Childhood Victimization Session 445: VO22
Families, Work, and Delinquency Session 446: VO23
Vengeance is Whose? Homicide Research That Builds on Donald Black's Theories Session 447: HO8
Race, Crime and Sentencing Session 448: LA21
Delinquency and Victimization Session 449: LA22
Research on Victims Session 450: LA23
Intimate Partners and Desistance From Crime Session 451: LC9
Fear of Crime Session 452: MP5
What is Community Policing? Session 453: PO41
ROUNDTABLE: International Human Rights Standards and Law Enforcement Session 454: PO42
Public Perceptions of Police Behavior Session 455: PO43
Partnerships in Crime Prevention and Control Session 456: RP8
'Driving While Black?' Methods and Preliminary Findings From the North Carolina Highway Patrol Study Session 457: RM14
Issues in the Measurement of Crime and Justice Session 458: RM15
Theories and Perspectives: Social Process and Symbolic Interaction Session 3 Session 459: SI3
Testing Racial and Gender Applications of General Strain Theory Session 460: SA3

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