The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 9:40AM on Friday

Friday at 9:40AM
Session Title Session ID
Canadian Breakfast (Sponsored by Harcourt-Canada) EV31
Division on International Criminology Board Meeting 1 (Meeting) Session 389: MT33
Division on Women and Crime Committee Meetings (Meeting) Session 390: MT34
WORKSHOP: Tenure and Promotion (Co-sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime and the Division on People of Color and Crime) (Workshop) Session 391: SP12
Applications of Social Control Theory Session 392: CS8
Theoretical Perspectives on Imprisonment Session 393: CR35
Prison Substance Abuse Treatment Research Session 394: CR36
AUTHOR MEETS CRITICS: Harsh Punishment: International Experiences of Women's Imprisonment Session 395: CR37
An Examination of Topics in Jury Selection Session 396: CT8
Delinquency Risk, Prevention and Intervention: Results From Meta-Analysis Session 397: CP13
Critical Perspectives on Morality and Crime (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 398: CC14
New Directions in Drug Use Education Session 399: DR18
Gambling, Gangs and Violence Session 400: DR19
Community Oriented Lawyering: Measuring Innovation Session 401: ER5
Programs for Incarcerated Women Session 402: GC16
Gender Issues for Incarcerated Females: Part II Session 403: GC17
Crime and Social Control Around the World Session 404: GL2
Methodological Issues in the Study of Youth Crime Session 405: VO19
Developent of Violent and Non-Violent Offending From First Grade Through Adulthood: Results From the Seattle Social Development Project Session 406: VO20
The Context of Delinquency: Peers, Poverty and Gender Session 407: VO21
International Juvenile Justice Session 408: JJ16
Issues in Mental Health and Crime Session 409: LA20
Images of Crime and Justice in the Media Session 410: MP4
The Intersection of Gender and Policing Session 411: PO36
What Does Community Policing Do? Session 412: PO37
Elaborating Repeat Victimization: Issues and Practices Session 413: PO38
Police and the Public: The Use of Stop and Search Session 414: PO39
Police Culture and Unions Session 415: PO40
Interventions and Research With American Indian and Native Hawaiian Women Session 416: RE11
Social Movements and Crime Policy Session 417: RP7
Comparative Research Methods Session 418: RM12
Statistical Models in Recidivism Research Session 419: RM13
Theories and Perspectives: Social Process and Symbolic Interaction Session 2 Session 420: SI2

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