The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 8:00AM on Friday

Friday at 8:00AM
Session Title Session ID
Division on Women and Crime Business Meeting 2 - Participatory Discussions (Meeting) Session 356: MT30
Division on People of Color and Crime Committee Meeting 5 (Meeting) Session 357: MT31
Sage Publications, Inc. Editorial Board Breakfast Meeting (Meeting) Session 358: MT32
Prisons and Control Session 359: CS7
Race and Corrections Session 360: CR31
Mental Health and Personality Characteristics and Assessment Issues Among Incarcerated Delinquents Session 361: CR32
Incarcerated Women Session 362: CR33
The Effectiveness of Cognitive Treatment Programs Session 363: CR34
Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Drug Courts Session 364: CT7
Teaching in the Next Millennium Session 365: CJ12
Critical Perspectives on Incarceration and Post-Incarceration (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 366: CC12
Critical and Feminist Perspectives on Psychiatry, Violence and the Law Session 367: CC13
Implementing and Evaluating Comprehensive Community-Based Initiative: Lessons Learned From the SafeFutures Partners Session 368: ER4
Women and Corrections in Canada Session 369: GC15
Crime and Justice in China Session 370: GL1
Correlates of Violence and Substance Use in Juvenile Males Session 371: VO16
Family and Partner Violence Session 372: VO17
Co-Offending Session 373: VO18
Research on Firearms Licensing in California Session 374: GU8
Community Dynamics and Homicide Session 375: HO7
Juvenile Aftercare--Past, Present, and Future Session 376: JJ14
International Juvenile Justice - Part 2 Session 377: JJ15
International Studies of Domestic Violence Session 378: LA18
Longitudinal Perspectives on Violence Session 379: LA19
Media's Construction and Images of Urban Street Youth, Girl's Violence, and School Crime Session 380: MP3
Models of Community Policing Session 381: PO32
ROUNDTABLE: Policing Divided Societies Session 382: PO33
Contemporary Issues in Police Partnerships, Practices, and Effectiveness Session 383: PO34
The Changing Nature of Police Misconduct Session 384: PO35
Methodological Approaches to the Research of Criminology Session 385: RM10
Refinements in Survey Methods Session 386: RM11
Testing Types of Strain and Types of Offenders Session 387: SA2
ROUNDTABLE: Strategies for Increasing the Visibility of Genocide Research in Criminology Session 388: TM8

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