The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 9:40AM on Thursday

Thursday at 9:40AM
Session Title Session ID
Division on Corrections and Sentencing Board Meeting 2 (Meeting) Session 211: MT19
Division on People of Color and Crime Committee Meeting 3 (Meeting) Session 212: MT20
Justice Professional Journal Board Meeting (Meeting) Session 213: MT21
ASC Site Selection Advisory Coimmittee Meeting (Meeting) Session 214: MT22
Government Policy Shaping Prisons Session 215: SP7
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: The Crime Drop in America (Cambridge University Press, 2000) Session 216: AM2
Management Issues of Women Inmates Session 217: CR17
Performance-Based Standards for Juvenile Detention and Correctional Facilities: Early Implementation Results Session 218: CR18
The Canadian Model in the United States (Sponsored by the Division on Corrections and Sentencing) Session 219: CR19
A Family-Focused Approach to Treating Drug-Involved Offenders: La Bodega de la Familia Demonstration Project Session 220: CR20
Special Issues: An Examination of Courts and Defendants Session 221: CT3
System Interventions Session 222: CP9
Police and the Community Session 223: CP10
Prevention Programs Targeting High-Risk Youth Session 224: CP11
Technology and Accelerated Learning Techniques Session 225: CJ8
Critical Perspectives on Race and Crime (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 226: CC7
Precursors to Adolescent Substance Abuse Session 227: DR13
Evaluating Criminal Justice Programs: Innovative Models Session 228: ER1
Queer Criminology: Theoretical and Empirical Work on Sexuality and Criminal Justice Session 229: GC8
Recent Findings From the Program of Research on the Causes and Correlates of Delinquency Session 230: VO9
Juvenile Violence: Theoretical Insights and Empirical Findings Session 231: VO10
Abuse and Violence Directed Against the Elderly Session 232: VO11
Restorative Justice Session 233: JJ8
Context Effects Session 234: LA11
Table 5: Global Issues in Criminal Justice Session 235: LA12
Life Stressors and Criminal Involvement Session 236: LC7
Delinquency Prevention Session 237: LC8
ROUNDTABLE: Police Leadership Challenges: International Perspectives Session 238: PO20
Technology: GIS, COMSTAT, and the Police Session 239: PO21
Complaints and Police Misconduct Session 240: PO22
Race and the Police Session 241: RE7
Variations on Armed Robbery Session 242: RR1
The Data Resources Program of the National Institute of Justice Session 243: RM5
The Effect of Gender on Sentence Severity Session 244: SE9
Constructing the "Hate Crime" Problem Session 245: TM7
Cybercrimes and Their Control Session 246: WC7

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