The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Session Index for the Letter H

Session Title Session IDTime
Hate Crimes and the Law Session 209: TM6 Thursday at 8:00AM
Hate Crimes: Determining the Parameters of the Problem Session 32: TM2 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Hate, Rape, Sodomy and Robbery: Understanding Attempts to Control Deviance Session 517: LA25 Friday at 4:20PM
Health Care in Prison Settings Session 566: CR52 Saturday at 9:40AM
Historical Research on Informal and Formal Punishment Session 28: RM1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Homicide in a Community Context Session 266: HO4 Thursday at 1:00PM
Homicide Victimization Risk From Place to Place Session 513: HO10 Friday at 4:20PM

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Updated 05/20/2006