Session 460: SA3 -> Testing Racial and Gender Applications of General Strain Theory
Time: 1:00PM to 2:30 PM on Friday, November 17
Place: W-Bristol
Session Chair: John P. Hoffmann, Brigham Young University
Explaining Violence by Black and White Adolescents: An Application of General Strain Theory
by: Joanne Kaufman, Emory University (Corresponding)
Strain, Negative Emotions, and Deviance Among African Americans: A Test of General Strain Theory
by: Sung Joon Jang, Louisiana State University (Corresponding)
Byron R. Johnson, University of Pennsylvania
Family Strain, Gender, and Delinquency: A Test of Agnew's General Strain Theory
by: Carter Hay, Washington State University (Corresponding)
Gender Self-Esteem, and Delinquency: Using the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to Test and Extend Agnew's General Strain Theory
by: Elizabeth Strugatz, North Carolina State University (Corresponding)
Lisa Broidy, University of New Mexico

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Updated 05/20/2006