The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Participant Index for the Letter M
Maahs, Jeffrey R., University of Minnesota - Duluth
MacCoun, Robert, University of California - Berkeley
MacDonald, John M., University of South Carolina
Machin, Steve, University College London
MacIntosh, Randall, California State University - Sacramento
MacKenzie, Doris Layton, University of Maryland at College Park
Mackey, David A., Framingham State College
MacLeod, Dag, Admistrative Office of the Courts
MacLeod, John F., Home Office, London
MacVean, Allyson, Home Office, London
Macy, Tammy, University of Texas - Austin
Madriz, Esther, University of San Francisco
Maenner, Gretchen E., The Urban Institute
Maeve, M. Katherine, Medical College of Georgia
Maguire, Brendan, Western Illinois University
Maguire, Edward R., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Maguire, John F., Pesch Institute for Social Research
Mahan, Sue, U of Central Florida - Daytona Beach
Maher, Lisa, University of New South Wales
Maier-Katkin, Daniel, Florida State University
Mair, George, Liverpool John Moores University
Major, Aline K., Florida State University
Major, Victoria, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Makkai, Toni, Australian Institute of Criminology
Mallicoat, Stacy L., University of Colorado - Boulder
Mallik Kane, Kamala, The Urban Institute
Malling, Anne, C/o Dr. Elizabeth Scheel
Malm, Aili, Simon Fraser University
Maltz, Michael D., University of Illinois at Chicago
Malvido, Maria de la Luz Lima, Unknown
Mamalian, Cynthia, National Institute of Justice
Manning, Peter K., Michigan State University
Manza, Jeff, Northwestern University
Manzanarez, Madaleno, Western New Mexico University
Manzi, Paul S., Roger Williams University
Manzi, Stephanie P., Roger Williams University
Manzo, John F., University of Calgary
Marcus-Mendoza, Susan, University of Oklahoma
Marenin, Otwin, Washington State University
Mares, Dennis M., University of Missouri - St. Louis
Markina, Anna, Eastonian Academy of Internal Affairs
Markovits, Inga, University of Texas - Austin
Markowitz, Fred E., Northern Illinois University
Marlowe, Douglas, The Treatment Research Institute
Marquart, James W., Sam Houston State University
Mars, Joan, University of Michigan, Flint
Marshall, Emma, Home Office, London
Marshall, Ineke Haen, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Martin, Brian D., Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation & Correction
Martin, Marcus, University of Oklahoma
Martin, Monica J., University of California - Davis
Martin, Ralph, Suffolk County Office of the Dist. Atty
Martin, Steven S., University of Delaware
Martin, Susan E., Natl Institute - Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism
Martinet, Kristen, Tiffin University
Martinez, Jr., Ramiro, Florida International University
Martinez, Juan Francisco Esteva, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Maruna, Shadd, University at Albany
Marvell, Thomas B., JUSTEC Research
Marwah, Sanjay, George Mason University
Gary T. Marx
Marz, Kaye, ICPSR/University of Michigan
Mason, Karen A., Washington State University
Mason, Marcy, North Carolina State University
Mastrofski, Stephen D., George Mason University
Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro, The Vera Institute of Justice
Matoesian, Greg, University of Illinois at Chicago
Matravers, Amanda, University of Cambridge
Matthews, Rick A., Ohio University
Matthews, Roger, Middlesex University
Maume, Michael O., Ohio University
Mauser, Gary A., Simon Fraser University
Maxfield, Linda D., U.S. Sentencing Commission
Maxfield, Michael G., Rutgers University
Maxson, Cheryl L., University of California, Irvine
Maxwell, Christopher D., Michigan State University
Maxwell, Gabrielle, Victoria University of Wellington
Maxwell, Sarah, George Mason University
Maxwell, Sheila Royo, Michigan State University
May, Chris, Home Office, London
May, David C., Indiana-Purdue University - Fort Wayne
May, Deborah, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Mayeda, David T., University of Hawaii at Manoa
Mays, G. Larry, New Mexico State University
Mayzer, Roni, Michigan State University
Mazerolle, Paul, The University of Queensland
McAdams, Dan, Northwestern University
McBride, Duane C., Andrews University
McBride, Scott M., The Program for Women and Families
McCall, Patricia L., North Carolina State University
McCarthy, Bill, University of California - Davis
McCleary, Richard, University of California, Irvine
McClelland, Gary M., Northwestern University Medical School
McClelland, Lesley, San Diego County Probation Department
McCloskey, Laura, Harvard School of Public Health
McCluskey, Cynthia Perez, Michigan State University
McCord, Joan, Temple University
McCorkel, Jill, Northern Illinois University
McCorkle, Richard C., University of Nevada - Las Vegas
McCormack, Robert, College of New Jersey
McCoy, Kate, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
McDermott, M. Joan, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
McDevitt, Jack, Northeastern University
McDonald, Barbara, Chicago Police Department
McDonald, Douglas, Abt Associates Inc.
McDonald, Michael D., Binghamton University (SUNY)
McDonald, Phyllis P., National Institute of Justice
McDonough, Hugh, Abt Associates, Inc.
McDowall, David, University at Albany
McElrath, Karen, The Queen's University of Belfast
McElreath, David, Washburn University
McEntire, Ranee, Florida State University
McEvoy, Kieran, The Queen's University of Belfast
McEwen, J. Thomas, Institute for Law and Justice
McFarlane, Judith, Texax Woman's University
McFarlane, Mary, National Center for HIV, STD and
McGarrell, Edmund F., Indiana University
McGloin, Jean M., Rutgers University
McGrain, Patrick, Temple University
McGuffee, Karen, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
McGuigan, Brendan, Royal Ulster Constabulary
McGuire, M. Dyan, University of Illinois at Springfield
McGurrin, Danielle, University of South Florida
McHale, Rosalie, Governor's Juvenile Just. Advisory Comm.
McIllwain, Jeffrey Scott, San Diego State University
McIvor, Gill, University of Stirling
McKean, Jerome B., Ball State University
McKearin, Gerard, Institute for Scientific Analysis
McKibben, Jerome N., Massachusetts Department of Corrections
McLafferty, Sara, Hunter College - CUNY
McLaughlin, Eugene, The Open University
McLean, Sarah J., University at Albany
McLeod, Jeff, ParaMetrica
McLeod, Robin, Counseling Psychologists of Woodbury
Christopher J. McLucas
McMillin, Heidee, Washington State University at Spokane
McMorris, Barbara J., Iowa State University
McMurphy, Suzanne, Unknown
McMurray, Harvey L., North Carolina Central University
McNeece, C. Aaron, Florida State University
McNeil, Tiffany Lin, University of Colorado
McNeilsmith, Ted, Adams State College
McNulty, Betsie, National Council on Crime/Delinquency
McNulty, Thomas L., University of Georgia
McRee, Nick, The University of Portland
McReynolds, John A., Northeastern University
McReynolds, Larkin, Columbia University
McShane, Marilyn, Prairie View A&M University
McWhorter, Toni, University of Florida
Mears, Daniel P., University of Texas at Austin
Medlicott, Diana, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University Coll
Meehan, A. Jay, Oakland University
Meeker, James W., University of California, Irvine
Meesig, Robert T., Michigan State University
Meier, Robert, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Meinster, Martha, Holy Family College
Meisel, Joshua S., Division of Youth Corrections
Melendez, Ryan, College of New Jersey
Mellow, Jeff, Bloomfield College
Melnick, Jerry, N. D. R. I., Inc.
Melossi, Dario, Universita di Bologna
Meloy, Michelle L., University of Delaware
Melton, Heather C., University of Colorado - Boulder
Menard, Kim, The Pennsylvania State University
Mendenhall, Barbara, California State University - Sacramento
Mendes, Silvia M., Binghamton Univ. - SUNY & Univ. of Minho
Mentor, Kenneth, New Mexico State University
Menzies, Robert, Simon Fraser University
Mercy, James A., Medical College of Wisconsin
Merianos, Dorothy E., Sam Houston State University
Merlo, Alida V., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Merrill, Vincent, University of California, Irvine
Merritt, Nancy, RAND Corporation
Mertinko, Elizabeth, Information Technology International
Merz-Perez, Linda, Humane Society of Shelby County
Messerschmidt, James W., University of Southern Maine
Messina, Nena, University of Maryland
Messner, Steven F., University at Albany
Meyer, Glenn E., Trinity University
Meyer, Jennifer, University of Delaware
Meyer, Jon'a, Rutgers University - Camden
Meyers, Kathleen, Systems Measures, Inc.
Michalowski, Raymond J., Northern Arizona University
Middleton, Jamie, University of Maryland at College Park
Miethe, Terance D., University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Miller, Fran, University of California, Irvine
Miller, J. Kirk, Northern Illinois University
Miller, Jason Dean, University of Arizona
Miller, Jody, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Miller, Joel, Home Office, London
Miller, Karen Sue, Eastern Kentucky University
Miller, M., Centers for Disease Control
Miller, Michelle Hughes, Southern Illinois University
Miller, Susan L., University of Delaware
Millhollin, Toni J., University at Albany
Mills, Alice, University of Cardiff
Mills, Jeremy F., Bath Institution
Mino, Milton, The Vera Institute of Justice
Minor, W. William, Northern Illinois University
Miranda, Doreen, The Vera Institute of Justice
Mitchell, Kimberly J., University of New Hampshire
Mitchell, Ojmarrh, The Urban Institute
Mitchell, Roger, North Carolina State University
Mitsilegas, Valsamis, University of Leicester
Mobley, Alan, University of California, Irvine
Mock, Lois Felson, National Institute of Justice
Modest, Virginia, Kings County District Attorney's Office
Moffitt, Terrie, Kings College London
Mon, Wei-Teh, National Central Police University
Monaghan, Rachel, University of Ulster at Jordanstown
Monahan, John, University of Virginia
Monroe, David C., Las Vegas Clark County Library Dist.
Montgomery, Amber J., University of Texas - Austin
Moon, Melissa M., Northern Kentucky University
Moone, Joseph, O. J. J. D. P.
Mooney, Jayne, Middlesex University
Moore, Bianca, University of Delaware
Moore, John P., Institute for Intergovernmental Research
Moore, Kevin, Oregon Social Learning Center
Moore, Mark H., Harvard University
Moore, T. Neil, Indiana-Purdue University - Fort Wayne
Moore-Parmley, Angela, National Institute of Justice
Mopas, Michael S., Simon Fraser University
Moran, Jade, University of Cambridge
Moran, Nathan R., Sam Houston State University
Morawcznski, Fred, California State Board of Corrections
Morenoff, Jeffrey, University of Michigan
Morewitz, Stephen J., Stephen J. Morewitz, Ph.D. & Associates
Morgan, Frank, University of Western Australia
Morgan, Kathryn D., University of Alabama at Birmingham
Morgan, Phoebe, Northern Arizona University
Morgenstern, Christine, University of Greifswald
Morison, John, The Queen's University of Belfast
Morn, Frank, Illinois State University
Morran, David, University of Stirling
Morris, Allison, Victoria University of Wellington
Morris, Jr., James, Sam Houston State University
Morris, Norval, University of Chicago
Morselli, Carlo, Universite de Montreal
Mortimer, Ed, Home Office, London
Mosher, Clayton, Washington State University, Vancouver
Mott, Nicole L., National Center for State Courts
Mottino, Felinda, The Vera Institute of Justice
Moyle, Andrea, University of Portland
Mueller, Gerhard O.W., Rutgers University
Mukhtar, Toqir, Ctr for Alternative Sentencing
Mullany, Jacqueline M., Indiana University - Northwest
Mullendore, Kristine, Grand Valley State University
Mullings, Janet, Sam Houston State University
Mullins, Christopher W., Southwest Illinois College
Mulvey, Edward, University of Pittsburgh
Muncie, John, The Open University
Munoz, Ed A., Iowa State University
Munsterman, Janice T., National Institute of Justice
Muraskin, Roslyn, Long Island University - C.W. Post
Murataya, Rodrigo, Central Washington University
Murji, Karim, The Open University
Murphy, Christopher, Dalhousie University
Murphy, Daniel S., Iowa State University
Murphy, Lisa, University of Cincinnati
Murphy, Rosemary, National Institute of Justice
Murphy, Sheigla B., Institute for Scientific Analysis
Murphy, Terrence, Institute for Scientific Analysis
Murray, Jane Lothian, University of Winnipeg
Murrill, C., Centers for Disease Control
Mustaine, Libby Ehrhardt, University of Central Florida
Mutchnick, Robert, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Myers, David L., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Myers, John P., Rowan University
Myers, Larry J., Texas A & M University
Myers, Laura B., Sam Houston State University
Myers, Martha A., University of Georgia
Myers, Stephanie M., University at Albany

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