The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Participant Index for the Letter L
Lab, Stephen P., Bowling Green State University
Lachlan, Kenneth A., Michigan State University
Lacourse, Eric, Universite de Montreal
Ladden, Lawrence J., Hospital of the Univ. of Pennsylvania
Ladouceur, Robert, Universite Laval
Lafontaine, Tracy, San Jose State University
LaFree, Gary, University of Maryland at College Park
LaGrange, Teresa, Cleveland State University
Lahey, Benjamin B., University of Chicago
Lahm, Karen, University of Kentucky
Laidler, Karen Joe, University Hong Kong
Laitinen, Ahti, University of Turku, Calonia
Lake, Elise S., University of Mississippi
Lam, Pui-Lam, Washington State University
Lambert, Caroline, University of Melbourne
Lambert, Eric, Ferris State University
Lambert, John, University of Utah
Lamberth, John, Temple University
Lamboo, Terry, Free University Amsterdam
Kathleen M. Lamour
Lanctot, Nadine, Universite de Montreal
Land, Kenneth C., Duke Universty
Landau, Simha F., Hebrew University
Landau, Tammy, Ryerson Polytechnic University
Lane, Erin, Police Foundation
Lane, Jodi, University of Florida
Lang, Patrick H., U. S. Department of Justice
Langan, Neal P., Federal Bureau of Prisons
Lange, James, Pacific Institute - Research & Evaluation
Langworthy, Robert H., National Institute of Justice
Lanier, Charles S., University at Albany
Lanier, Christina, University of Central Florida
Lanza-Kaduce, Lonn, University of Florida
Lara, Jeff, California Youth Authority
LaRock, Brent, Bureau of Indian Affairs
Larsson, Paul, University of Oslo
Laster, J. Dennis, Central Missouri State University
Latessa, Edward J., University of Cincinnati
Lattimore, Pamela K., Research Triangle Institute
Laub, John H., University of Maryland at College Park
Lauritsen, Janet L., University of Missouri - St. Louis
LaVigne, Nancy, National Institute of Justice
Lawrence, Richard, St. Cloud State University
Lawrence, Sally J., University of Florida
Lawton, Brian, Temple University
Laycock, Gloria, National Institute of Justice
Le Blanc, Marc, Universite de Montreal
Le, Thao, National Council on Crime & Delinquency
Leahy, Samantha, Home Office, London
Leal, Cesar Barros, Federal Unversity of Ceara' (Brazil)
LeBel, Tom, University at Albany
LeBlanc, Marc, University of Montreal
Lebowitz, Harriet M., Federal Bureau of Prisons
LeClair, Daniel P., Stonehill College
Ledbetter, Jr., James F., Florida State University
Lee, Barret A., Pennsylvania State University
Lee, Daniel R., University of Maryland
Lee, Leona, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Lee, Matthew R., Mississippi State University
Lee, Matthew T., University of Akron
Lee, Meesim, South Carlina Department of Corrections
Lee, Murray, University of Western Sydney
Lee, Raymond, University of London, Royal Holloway
Lee, Yung-hyeock, Michigan State University
Legg, David, Home Office, London
Lehder, Dana M., University of Maryland at College Park
Leiber, Michael J., University of Northern Iowa
Leichtman, Ellen C., Temple University
Leighton, Paul S., Eastern Michigan University
Leip, Leslie A., Florida Atlantic University
Leisenring, Amy, University of Colorado - Boulder
Lemley, Ellen C., Washington State University
Lengyel, Linda B., The ~ College of New Jersey
Leo, Richard, University of California, Irvine
Leonard, Elizabeth Dermody, Vanguard Universitye
Leone, Matthew C., University of Nevada - Reno
Leukefeld, Carl G., University of Kentucky
Leverentz, Andrea M., Office of the Illinois Attorney General
Levey, Lynn S., National Center for State Courts
Levin, Brian, California State Univ. - San Bernardino
Levine, James P., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Levy, Judith, University of Illinois
Levy, Roy, Gemstone Program
Lewis, Jocelyn, Trinity University
Lewis, Rachel, Home Office, London
Lewis, Ruth, University of Newcastle
Lewis-Horne, Nancy, Carleton University
Li, Spencer De, University of Maryland at College Park
Liao, You-lu, Central Police University
Liau, Albert Kienfie, Kent State University
Liberman, Akiva, National Institute of Justice
Liberty, Hilary, N. D. R. I., Inc.
Lieb, Roxanne, Washington State Inst. for Public Policy
Lieberman, John D., University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Liebling, Alison, Cambridge University
Liebman, James, Columbia University
Liederbach, John, University of Cincinnati
Lien, Inger-Lise, Norwegian Inst. for Urban & Reg. Research
Light, Linda, Ministry of Attorney General, B.C.
Like, Toya, University of Missouri - St. Louis
David R. Lilley
Lilly, J. Robert, Northern Kentucky University
Lin, Cheng-hsien, Texas A & M University
Lin, Tsan-chang, Central Police University
Linden, Charles, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Lindgren, Sue A., Bureau of Justice Statistics
Lindquist, Christine H., Research Triangle Institute
Line, Cynthia Backburn, Rowan University
Liner, E. Blaine, The Urban Institute
Lingamneni, Jagan R., Governors State University
Link, Tanja C., University of Georgia
Linton, Heather, University of Cambridge
Lippens, Ronnie, Keele University
Lipsey, Mark W., Vanderbilt University
Litras, Marika F.X., Bureau of Justice Statistics
Littler, Lesley, University of Manchester
Liu, Jiabo, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Liu, Jianhong, Rhode Island College
Liu, Peter, Monmouth University
Liu, Xiaoru, San Diego State University
Livingston, James D., Simon Fraser University
Livingston, Stephen, University of South Florida
Lizotte, Alan J., University at Albany
Lo, Celia C., University of Akron
Lockwood, Randall, Humane Society of the United States
Loeber, Rolf, University of Pittsburgh
Loewenstein, George, Carnegie Mellon University
Lofquist, William S., SUNY College at Geneseo
Loftin, Colin, University at Albany
Logan, T.K., University of Kentucky
Logue, Melissa A., Pennsylvania State University
London, Jeffrey M., University of Colorado
Long, Jennie J., Drury College
Longmire, Dennis, Sam Houston State University
Longshore, Douglas, RAND
Loper, Kall, California State University, Sacramento
Lord, Vivian B., University North Carolina at Charlotte
Loschnig-Gspandl, Marianne, Graz, University of
Lotz, Roy, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Loughran, Edward J., Council of Juvenile Correctional Admin.
Louis, Lyman, Reed College
Lovell, Jarret S., Rutgers University
Lovrich, Nicholas P., Washington State University
Lowe, Lois, Independent Consultant
Lowenkamp, Christopher T., University of Cincinnati
Loza, Wagdy, Kingston Penitentiary
Lu, Hong, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Lu, Natalie T., National Institute of Justice
Lucas, Ann M., San Jose State University
Lucas, Chris, Columbia University
Lucken, Karol, University of Central Florida
Ludlow, Don, Sparta Consulting Corporation
Ludwig, Jens Otto, Georgetown University
Lujan, Carol, Arizona State University
Luna, Eileen M., University of Arizona
Lund, Donald A., University of New Hampshire
Lundrigan, Samantha, University of Liverpool
Lurigio, Arthur, Loyola University of Chicago
Lussier, Patrick, University of Montreal
Luthra, Asha D., Louisiana State University
Lutz, Gene M., University of Northern Iowa
Lutze, Faith E., Washington State University
Luyt, Willem FM, Technikon SA
Lynam, Donald R., University of Kentucky
Lynch, Gerald W., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Lynch, James P., The American University - Washington
Lynch, Michael J., University of South Florida
Lynch, Mona, San Jose State University
Lynskey, Dana Peterson, University of Nebraska at Omaha

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