The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Participant Index for the Letter G
Gaarder, Emily, Arizona State University
Gabe, Jonathan, University of London, Royal Holloway
Gaes, Gerald G., Federal Bureau of Prisons
Gaffney, Michael J., Washington State University
Gaines, Larry K., California State Univ. - San Bernardino
Gainey, Randy R., Old Dominion University
Gajewski, Frank, Jersey City Police Department
Gale, Kathleen, Elmira College
Gallagher, Catherine A., George Mason University
Galliher, John, University of Missouri - Columbia
Galt, Justin, University of California - Riverside
Ganster, Daniel C., University of Arkansas
Garcia, Crystal, Indiana-Purdue University - Indianapolis
Garcia, Venessa, Monmouth University
Gardner, Gil, Regis University
Garner, Anne C., University o Nebraska - Lincoln
Garner, Joel, Joint Centers for Justice Studies, Inc.
Garrard, Wendy M., Vanderbilt University
Garrett, Flossie, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Gartner, Rosemary, University of Toronto
Gauthier, DeAnn K., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Gaylord, Mark S., Open University of Hong Kong
Gebhardt, Christopher S., SEARCH
Geiger, Ernst, Federal Police of Austria, Vienna
Geis, Gilbert, University of California, Irvine
Gelles, Richard J., University of Pennsylvania
Gendreau, Paul, University of New Brunswick
Geng, Bernd, University of Greifswald
Gerstenfeld, Phyllis B., California State University - Stanislaus
Gertz, Marc, Florida State University
Getz, J. Greg, University of Houston - Downtown
Giacomazzi, Andrew, Boise State University
Giacopassi, David, The University of Memphis
Gibbons, Jacqueline A., York University
Giblin, Matthew, University of Alaska Anchorge
Gibson, Camille, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Gibson, Chris, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Gideon, Lior, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Gido, Rosemary, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Ralph Giebeler
Gies, Stephen V., The American University
Giever, Dennis M., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Gifford, Sidra Lea, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Gilbert, Evelyn, Bethune - Cookman College
Gilbert, Michael J., University of Texas at San Antonio
Gildea, Barry, Memphis Shelby Crime Commission
Giles, Chris, Simon Fraser University
Gill, Peter, Liverpool John Moores University
Gillece, Joan, University of Maryland at Baltimore
Gillespie, L. Kay, Weber State University
Gillespie, Wayne, University of Kentucky
Gilliam, Jay T., University of Oklahoma
Gillis, A.R., University of Toronto
Gillman, Evan, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Gilmore, Ruthie, University of California - Berkeley
Gilson, Michael, University of Arizona
Giordano, Peggy C., Bowling Green State University
Girgen, Jen, Florida State University
Girling, Evi, Keele University
Girshick, Lori, Warren Wilson College
Givelber, Daniel, Northeastern University
Glackman, William, Simon Fraser University
Daniel Glaser
Glass, Nancy, Johns Hopkins University
Gleason, Debra K., Institute for Intergovernmental Research
Goedseels, Eef, University of Leuven
Goetting, Ann, Western Kentucky University
Goetz, Barry, University of Dayton
Goggeshall, Mark B., University of Maryland at College Park
Golash, Deirdre, American University
Golden, James W., University of Arkansas - Little Rock
Goldkamp, John S., Temple University
Goldsmith, Andrew, Flinders University
Goldstone, Jack A., University of California - Davis
Golub, Andrew Lang, N. D. R. I., Inc.
Gonnerman, Melvin E., University of Northern Iowa
Goodey, Jo, CICP, United Nations
Goodstein, Lynne, Simmons College
Gordon, Leslie C., Clemson University
Gordon, Michael S., Friends Research Institute, Inc.
Gordon, Rachel A., University of Illinois at Chicago
Gottfredson, Denise C., University of Maryland at College Park
Gottfredson, Don, Justice Policy Research Corporation
Gottfredson, Michael R., University of California, Irvine
Gottlieb, Perri, Police Foundation
Gould, Jon, George Mason University
Gouvis, Caterina, The Urban Institute
Gove, Walter R., Vanderbilt University
Gover, Angela, University of South Carolina
Goya, Stephen, California Department of Corrections
Grabosky, Peter, Australian Institute of Criminology
Gragg, Frances, Westat, Inc.
Graham, Phillip, Research Triangle Institute
Grainger, Bob, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics
Gramckow, Heike, National Center for State Courts
Grant, Diana, Sonoma State University
Grant, Heath B., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Gray, Clinton, University of Toronto
Gray, Diana, Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice
Gray, M. Kevin, Michigan State University
Graycar, Adam, Australian Institute of Criminology
Greaves, Elaine B., Youngstown State University
Greek, Cecil, Florida State University
Green, Penny, University of Westminster
Green, Susanne E., University of Texas - El Paso
Green, Tammy, Central Washington University
Greenberg, David F., New York University
Greenberg, Peter, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics
Greene, Helen Taylor, Old Dominion University
Greene, Jack R., Northeastern University
Greenfield, Lynette, Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice
Greenleaf, Richard, Western Oregon University
Greenman, Lisa, Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Cottage 2
Greenspan, Rosann, Police Foundation
Greenwood, Peter W., RAND
Greer, Chris, Buckingham College
Gregory, Carol, University of Delaware
Gregory, Warren C., Poly-Com Research
Grekul, Jana, University of Alberta
Griffin, Marie L., Arizona State University West
Griffin, Robert, Washington State University
Griffin, Sean Patrick, Clemson University
Griffith, Janet, Caliber Associates
Griffiths, Elizabeth Anne, University of Toronto
Grimes, Ruth-Ellen M., University of California - Riverside
Griset, Pamala, University of Central Florida
Griswold, David B., Florida Atlantic University
Grogger, Jeffrey, University of California - Los Angeles
Grometstein, Randall, Northeastern University
Grosselfinger, Nancy, Harvard University
Grosskopf, Edmund W., Indiana State University
Dawn Marie Grothem
Growette, Lisa, University of Cincinnati
Grubstein, Lori, Crime and Justice Research Institute
Grundies, Volker, Max-Planck-Institute
Gschwendt, Miriam, Stanford University School of Medicine
Guarino-Ghezzi, Susan, Stonehill College
Guevara, Lori, University of Nebraska - Omaha
Guidoni, Odillo Vidoni, University of Turin
Gulayets, Michael J., University of Alberta
Gurevich, Liena, New York University
Gustafson, Carrie L., University Columbia
Guthrie, Alisa, The Program for Women and Families
Gutierrez, Julie K., SEARCH

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