The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter W

Paper Title Session ID
Waiting for the Out's: Voices From Inside a Juvenile Institution Session 199: JJ7
Waiting to be Caught: Processes of Devolution for Women Newly Released From Jail Session 55: LA4
Wake-Up Call: Changes in Patterns of Drug Abuse After Testing HIV Positive Session 44: DR2
"Wall-Shootings" in the GDR as Social Phenomenon and Manufacturing Guilt: "False Truth"? Session 444: GL4
A War on Crime Without Resources Session 222: CP9
The War on Drugs and Black Females: Testing the Impact of the Sentencing Policies for Crack Cocaine on Black Females in the Federal System Session 55: LA4
Warriors and Peacemakers: How Third Parties Shape Violence Session 35: AM1
Watching the Dectectives Session 525: RM18
The Way, the Truth, and the Life: Repentance and Forgiveness in Christianity and Peacemaking Criminology Session 488: PS3
We Know the Problems, Now We're Looking for Solutions: The Application of Focus Groups to Study Systemic Problems Within Correctional Agencies Session 525: RM18
The Web of Deviance: Using the Internet to Explore Issues in Criminological Research Session 386: RM11
The "Web" of Social Control: The Private Policing of Cyberspace by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) -- An Exploratory Study Session 25: PO2
What are the 'Risks'? Gender, Diversity and Risk/Needs Assessments With Women in Prison Session 185: CR16
What Are We Doing About Drug Education? Session 399: DR18
What Can Real Police Officers Learn in 30 Minutes of 'Cops'?" Session 61: PO5
What CyberCops Need to Know Session 436: CJ13
What Did They Expect? What Did They Find? A Study of Women Prisoners Released From Custody in Louisiana Session 112: CR8
What Do We Know About Gun Use Among Adolescent Males Session 547: GU11
What is Community Policing?: Empirical Findings From LEMAS Session 453: PO41
What Police Do in Response to Reports of Violence Session 164: PO16
What Should We Be Doing About Drug Education? Session 399: DR18
What Works for Girls? Gender Specific Programming for Female Delinquents Session 47: VO2
What Works in Sentencing? An Examination of the Deterrent Effects of Different Types of Punishment on Drug Offenders, Drug-Involved Offenders, and Non-Drug Offenders Session 280: SE10
What's Wrong With Drug Education? Session 399: DR18
When Criminals Out-Smart the State: The Learning Capacity of Colombian Drug Trafficking Organizations Session 190: DR11
When Domestic Violence Kills: An Examination of Denver, Colorado Data Session 102: RP3
When Prisoners Return to Communities: Political, Economic and Social Consequences Session 255: CR24
When the Bell Tolls: The Effect of Executions on Inmate Affect, Behavior, and Solidarity Session 323: CR30
Where Did All the Convicts Go? Session 78: CR7
Where Do We Go From Here: Reflections on the State of Restorative Theory, Policy and Practice Session 183: CR14
Where Should We Be Afraid? The Distribution of Delinquency and Victimization by Place and Age Session 230: VO9
Where the Windows are Unbroken: Mapping the Risk and Marketing the Fear of Crime Session 117: CC4
Where's the Beef? Reflections on the Absence of Race Theory in Research on Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System Session 226: CC7
Which Aspects of Child Abuse Predict Later Juvenile Violence? Session 371: VO16
White Collar Crime: Bribery and Corruption in China Session 370: GL1
Who Becomes the Victim and Who the Offender in Chicago Intimate Partner Homicides? Session 155: HO2
Who Guards Us From the Guards? Session 203: PO18
Who's Responsible? An Examination of the Consequences of Exposure to Community Violence on Violent Behavior Among At-Risk Youth Session 115: CP5
Whoever Sheds Man's Blood, by Man's Blood Shall His Be Shed: Abortion Clinic Violence as Religious Terrorism Session 66: TM3
Whose Problem Is It Anyway? Women Prisoners and HIV/AIDS Session 534: CR49
Why Appear at Immigration Court Hearings: A Survey of AAP Participants Session 221: CT3
Why Do Kids Drop Out? An Examination of Attrituion From Prevention Programs Session 224: CP11
Why Johnny Can't be Kind: The Gendered Nature of School Violence Session 332: VO14
Why School Violence Will Persist in the 21st Century Session 551: LA27
Wither Punitive Policies: An Examination of the Impact of Punishment on Society Session 432: CR40
WMD's, Radioactive Cargoes and Environmental Laws: Issues for Policy Makers and Law Enforcement Session 66: TM3
Wolfgang Legacy on the Intersection of Race, Rape, and the Death Penalty Session 348: SE11
Woman Abuse: Learing From Intimate Femicide and Attempted Femicide Session 123: GC5
Women Abuse on the College Campus and the Role of Pro-feminist Men Women Abuse on the College Campus and the Role of Pro-feminist Men Session 258: CC8
Women as Dangerous Offenders: Implications for the Media Session 22: MP1
Women in Leadership in Justice Education, Policy, and the Profession: Creating Opportunities for Success Session 13: CJ1
Women in Policing in Texas Session 520: PO47
Women in Prison: A Legal Perspective Session 403: GC17
Women's Accounts of Their Prison Experiences and Post-Institutional Adjustments: A Retrospective View Session 466: CR43
Women's Activism Against Prison Expansion in Ruarl and Urban California Session 312: RE9
Women's Fear of Crime: Is it Fear of Rape? Session 278: RR2
Women, Crime and Drug Use Session 300: GC13
Women, Violence, and Literature Session 22: MP1
Working Together in the Field: Implementing and Evaluating the South Oxnard Challenge Project Session 440: ER7
Working With Multiple Segments in NIBRS Session 137: RM3
WORKSHOP: Tenure and Promotion (Co-sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime and the Division on People of Color and Crime) (Workshop) Session 391: SP12
World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund as Criminal Enterprises: A Case Study Session 150: CC5
Wrongfulness and Harmfulness as Components of Seriousness of White-collar Offenses Session 105: WC3

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