The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter V

Paper Title Session ID
Validating a Risk/Needs Assessment Instrument Used to Make Supervision Decisions for Juveniles Session 306: JJ11
The Validity of Adult Arrestee Self-Reports of Crack Cocaine Use Session 120: DR8
The Validity of Self-Report of HIV Status Among Drug Users Session 346: RM8
Validity of the Uniform Crime Reports in Small Cities: Scrutinizing Mistakes in Inputted Data Session 279: RM6
Variables Related to Dispositional Outcome in Juvenile Court Session 101: RE2
Variation in Sentencing Guidelines: The Impact on Crime Rates and Prison Populations Session 138: SE5
Variations in Income Sources of Daily Crack Users and Other Hard Drug Users Session 81: DR3
Variations on the Gang Theme: Comparing Core Elements of American Street Gangs and English Hooligan Crews Session 298: GA7
Verifying Self-Reported Behavior and Biodata From a Survey of Metropolitan Police Officers: Implications for Survey Research on Sensitive Topics Within Police Populations Session 386: RM11
Victim and Offender Outcomes in Restorative Justice: Zero-Sum or Win-Win? Session 267: IS3
Victim's Reporting Behavior and Police Recording Procedures in Germany Session 492: RM16
Victimless Crime: Revenue Raising, Autonomy and Futility Models of Decriminalization Session 282: VL1
Victims of Domestic Violence and Police Satisfaction in a Mandatory Arrest Jurisdiction Session 557: RP13
Victims of Terrorism: No Where to Hide Session 235: LA12
Viewing One's Home as Unsafe Because of Crime Session 465: CO5
Villain or Victim?: Social Predictors of Drug Sentencing, 1995-1996 Session 29: SE1
Violence Against Indian Women and the Movement for Self-Determination Session 416: RE11
Violence Against Professionals in the Community Session 544: GC23
Violence Against Urban African American Girls Session 345: RR4
Violence Against Women in the Former Soviet Union Session 263: GC11
Violence Against Women Policy: A Cross-National Ethnography of Magistrates Session 435: CT9
Violence Against Women With Developmental Disabilities: An Examination of the Nature, Extent, and Vulnerability Session 450: LA23
Violence and Injury Information in National Youth Surveys: A Comparison of Four Data Sources Session 168: RM4
Violence and Mental Disorder: A New Take on an Old Relationship Session 179: SP6
Violence Experiences Among American Indian Women: A Preliminary Study Session 416: RE11
Violence in Bermuda: The Perspectives of Violent Men Session 123: GC5
Violence in Prison Session 38: CR3
Violence in Schools: Insecurity and Feelings of Insecurity Session 481: JJ18
Violence in the Lives of Female Gang Members Session 46: GC3
Violence in the Workplace Session 146: CP6
Violence, Rurality and Civic Context Session 288: CO4
Violent Crime in Washington, D.C. 1960-1998: A Peliminary Discussion of Peaks and Valleys Session 308: LD2
Violent Prison Inmates: Executive Cognitive Deficits and Intervention Enhancements Session 5: BI1
Violent Women Offenders and the Canadian Correctional System Session 369: GC15
"The Virgin Killer" Fact or Myth: Are Murderers Usually Law Abiding Who Kill in a Momentary Outburst of Ungovernable Rage? Session 581: GU12
Vision and Division -- Technologies of Control and Resistance in Canada's Poorest Neighborhoods Session 161: PO13
Visiting Prostitutes: The Social Contexts and Motives of Clientele in Sri Lanka Session 282: VL1
Voice-DISC-4 in Correctional Youth Session 276: PS2
Volunteering for Treatment and Treatment Retention: Gender Differences Among Prisoners With Drug Use Histories Session 322: CR29
Vulnerable Victim Populations: New Identities and New Findings Session 450: LA23

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