The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter U

Paper Title Session ID
U.S. Influences on Recent Crime Control Policy in England and Wales Session 417: RP7
U.S.-Ukraine Research and Training Partnerships Session 54: LA3
U.S./Indian Policy: The Emergence of the Ethnic Cleansing Model Session 206: RE6
Unconscious Racism and Criminal Law Enforcement Session 162: PO14
Understandig Contemporary Sentencing Session 139: SE6
Understanding Community Beliefs About Juvenile Crime: Comunity, Perceived Neighborhood Change, and Quality of City Services Session 500: CO7
Understanding Enduring Resident Commitment to Neighborhood Organizations and Quality of Life Session 465: CO5
Understanding Judicial Departures: An Analysis of Statewide Variation in Sentencing Departures Across Pennsylvania Session 138: SE5
Understanding Partnerships in SACSI: Preliminary Network Analysis and Survey Results Session 325: CP12
Understanding the Dynamics of Robbery: A Detailed Analysis of Robbery Incidents Using NIBRS Data Session 137: RM3
Understanding the Role of Communities in the Longterm Criminal Consequences of Child Maltreatment Session 445: VO22
Understanding Women's Involvement in Sexual Crime Session 300: GC13
Unemployment and Crime; Inequality and Crime: Divergences and Convergences Session 592: SC3
Unequal Rule Enforcement in Corrections: Race Discrimination or Other Factors? Session 360: CR31
Unfinished Business: The Missing Link(s) in Community-Policing Session 555: PO49
Unintended Effects of Legislation in Adult Corrections Session 215: SP7
Unintended Racism During Voir Dire? The Differential Treatment of African-American Prospective Jurors During the Jury Selection Process Session 396: CT8
The United Nations and the Administration of Justice: The Missing Link in Peacekeeping Session 404: GL2
Unknown Victims, Unmet Needs Session 297: ER2
Unpacking Age, Co-offending, and Crime Relationships Session 373: VO18
Unpacking the Relationship Between Psychopathy and Violence in the MacArthur Risk Assessment Study Session 136: RP4
Up in Smoke: An Ethnographic Exploration of the Oakland Cannabis Club Session 574: DR24
Urban Ecology and Police Malpractice: Identifying Contexts for Career-ending Misconduct in the New York City Police Department Session 275: PO25
Urban-Rural Differences in Desistance From Marijuana Use: A Life-Course Transitions Approach Session 21: LC1
Urbanization and Homicide: Unraveling a Non-Linear Relationship Across Time and Space in 19th Century France Session 308: LD2
Urbanization, Delinquency, and Psychoactive Substance Use Session 128: LA7
Urbanization, Delinquency, and Psychoactive Substance Use Session 321: AL1
The Use and Impact of Sanctions in Drug Intervention Programs for Offenders Session 156: IS2
The Use and Misuse of Odds Ratios Session 346: RM8
The Use of "Constructivist Listening" in the Too-Quiet Classroom Session 294: CJ10
The Use of Course Management Systems in the Classroom Session 365: CJ12
The Use of Technology to Protect Battered Women Session 40: CP3
Use of Victim-Offender Relationship as a Screening Device in Legal Decision Making Session 348: SE11
Using a Web-Based Information System (WIS) to Make Survey Studies More Effective and More Efficient Session 386: RM11
Using Attribution Theory to Explain Criminal Substance Abuse Session 498: AL2
Using Criminological Theories to Explain Violent Forms of Delinquency Session 231: VO10
Using Internet Technology to Improve Conditions of Confinement for Juvenile Offenders Session 218: CR18
Using National Incident Based Reporting System Data for Regional Crime Analysis Session 493: RM17
Using Novels to Teach Theory and Process in Criminal Justice Session 326: CJ11
Using Risk Assessment to Inform Sentencing Decisions for Non-Violent Offenders Session 208: SE8
Using Schools and Teachers to Identify Variables and Persons for Interventiuon: A Meta-Analysis Session 507: ER10
Using Technology in Criminal Justice Education Session 225: CJ8
Using the Desistance Literature to Develop Probation Work Session 483: LC10
Utility of Personality Assessment in the Selection of Law Enforcement Personnel Session 159: LA9

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