The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter S

Paper Title Session ID
SafeFutures Programming for At-Risk Girls: Characteristics of Program Components and Selected Outcomes for Targeted Youth Session 222: CP9
Safety Laws in Practice: The Translation of Industrial Safety Legislation Into Everyday Shop-Floor Reality Session 559: RM20
Salience of Encounter-Level Outcome Satisfaction: A Multi-Level Analysis of Satisfaction With Police Session 455: PO43
Sample Selection Bias and the Validity of the NCVS-School Crime Supplements Session 405: VO19
Sanction Severity and Criminal Deterrence Session 26: RC1
Sanctioning Female Sex Offenders: A Media Analysis Session 473: GC19
"Sausage Factories" or "Hurricanes of Humanity": An Examination of Municipal Courts in Missouri Session 221: CT3
School Administrators' Reaction to Recent School Violence: The Impact of Columbine Session 550: LA26
School and Community Programs and Practices That Reduce Youth Antisocial Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis Session 507: ER10
School Colors: An Analysis of Gang Related Activity Near Schools Session 577: GA9
School Context and Adolescent Substance Use: The Moderating Effects on School, Parent, and Peer Attachment Session 198: IC1
School Failure and Delinquency Session 449: LA22
School Failure, Self-Esteem and Delinquency Session 550: LA26
School Violence: Identifying Factors and Characteristics of Students at Risk of Violent Behavior Session 509: VO26
School-Based Prevention of Problem Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis Session 397: CP13
School-Level Predictors of Alcohol Use, Tobacco Use, and Delinquency in Adolescent Males Session 371: VO16
School-Police Partnership: Identifying At-Risk Youth Through a Truant Recovery Session 115: CP5
Scientific Misconduct: A Theoretical and Empirical Inquiry Session 171: WC5
Scientific Overstatement in the Literature of Gangs Session 42: CC1
Screening Offenders for Intensive Treatment: The Role of Recidivism Risk and Drug Use Severity Session 394: CR36
The Screening Validity of the YO-LSI for Substance Abuse Session 533: CR48
Second Responders Program: Evaluation of a Coordinated Police/Social Service Approach to Domestic Violence Session 439: ER6
A Secondary Analysis of Two Data Sets on Pregancy, Drug Use and Violence Session 328: DR16
The Secret World of Drug Trafficking: What Do We Know? Session 190: DR11
Securities Fraud in the Digital Age Session 67: WC2
Seductions of White-Collar Crime Session 105: WC3
Seeking the Truth About a Prison Session 432: CR40
Selected Phase I Findings From the Retrospective Evaluation of the Las Vegas and Portland Drug Courts Session 538: CT14
Self-Control Theory and Mating Effort Session 180: BI4
Self-control, Rationality, and Decision Making of Burglary Session 111: CS5
Self-Injury, Violence, and Women in Conflict With the Law in Canada Session 369: GC15
Self-Report Delinquency by American Youth: A Comparison of Two National Samples Session 516: JJ19
Self-Reported Fear of Crime: The Community Context Session 465: CO5
Self-Reported Speeding Behavior: Results From a North Carolina Reverse Record Check Session 457: RM14
Self-Reported Violent Behavior and Risk and Protective Factors Among 277 Adolescents Session 231: VO10
Selling Peace: Challenges Facing Peacemakers in Criminology Session 189: CC6
Semiotic Improvisation in Life History Accounts Session 590: RM21
Sensation-seeking and Deviant Behavior Session 522: PS4
Sentencing and Human Rights: Three Strikes Mandatory Imprisonment Laws and the Violation of Human Rights Session 169: SE7
Sentencing Disparity of Minority Offenders Session 448: LA21
Sentencing Federal Sex Offenders: Degrees of Depravity and Danger Session 65: SE3
Sentencing Ideals: Prison Inmates' Perceptions of Self and Reference Groups Session 112: CR8
Sentencing in Germany and the U.S.: Comparing Apfels With Apples Session 350: SE13
Sentencing Patterns in the German Juvenile Justice System Session 377: JJ15
Sentencing Policy and the Innocent Session 491: RP11
Sentencing Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: A Multi-Level Analysis of Judicial and Prosecutorial Discretionj Session 30: SE2
Sentencing Women: Gender Politics and Penal Politics Session 244: SE9
Serial Homicide Offender Tracking (SHOT): A Qualitative Analysis of Public Information Data on Homicide Victimology Correlated With Serial Killer Typologies Session 582: HO13
Serial Murder: An Analysis of the Time Spans Between Homicides Session 118: DE1
Serial Murderers and Genocidaires: Criminological Studies of Multiple Homicide and Their Application to the Study of Genocide Session 118: DE1
Service Model Integrations: Comparative Approaches, Different Processes Session 156: IS2
Service Needs of Juvenile Detainees in Chicago, IL: Highlights From Three CDC-funded Projects Session 9: CR2
Severe Sibling Abuse: Comparisons With Sibling Physical Conflict and Other Juvenile Violence Session 580: VO31
Sex Crime in the Press: Negotiated Realities in Northern Ireland Session 554: MP9
Sex Differences in Adolescents' Tolerance of Rape Myths Session 18: GC2
The Sex Offender-Victim Relationship: Applying Rational Choice, Routine Activities and Opportunity Theories to Rural Child Sex Abusers Session 315: RC4
Sex or Social Context: The Differential Impact of Peers, Families, and Neighborhoods on Boy's and Girl's Offending Session 407: VO21
Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence Among Mexican-American Female Adolescents Session 372: VO17
Sexual Coercion of Dating Partners by University Students and It's Relationship to Non-Sexual Physical Assault Session 278: RR2
Sexual Homicide of Elderly Women: An Exploration of Criminal Investigative Analysis Session 232: VO11
Sexual Offenders and Recidivism: An Analysis of Traditional Correlates of Crime and Dangerous Prediction Session 570: CR56
Sexual Orientation and Delinquency: A Possible Link? Session 270: JJ10
Sexual Orientation, Justice, and Higher Education: An Ethnography of Student Attitudes Towardes Gay Civil Rights and Hate Crimes Session 149: CJ6
Sexual Violence and Media Coverage of Rape: Patterns of Vilification in Light of the Anti-Feminist Backlash Session 554: MP9
The Shape of Gender Inequality and Disadvantage in Race- and Gender-Specific Homicide Rates in U.S. Cities Session 155: HO2
Sheep in Wolves Clothing: Appropriation and Adoption of Hyper Masculine Identities by Gay Men Session 229: GC8
Shifting Paradigms: A Study on the Implementation of Restorative Justice Session 500: CO7
The Short Version of the Short/Klein Controversies: Theory and Definition in Gang Studies Session 69: SP2
Shrouding Ideological Confusion in Correctional Rhetoric: Current State of Women's Prisons in Canada Session 369: GC15
The Significance of Atypical Onset of Violence Session 371: VO16
Significance of the Gender of Victim for the Explanation of Female Offending Session 474: GC20
Simulation Modeling: A Powerful Technique for Prison Population Analysis Session 254: CR23
Skimmed Milk Masquerading as Cream? Resolving Competing Claims on Crime Declines Session 375: HO7
Sleeping Giant of Welfare Reform: A Panel Study of Welfare Reform and Crime Rates at the City Level Session 417: RP7
Social and Structural Sources of Official Corruption in China Session 370: GL1
Social Bonds and Self Control: Assessing Their Relationship on Desistance Among a Sample of Drug Users Session 392: CS8
Social Bonds, Deterrence, and Crime: A Test o Gender-Specific Effects Session 474: GC20
Social Capital and Police Performance Session 59: PO3
The Social Construction of American Indian Drinking: Perceptions of American Indian and White Officials Session 498: AL2
The Social Construction of Gangs in Nonmetropolitan Areas Session 577: GA9
Social Constructions of Victimization and Survivor Self Talk Session 17: GC1
Social Contracts, Public Expectations and Policing Session 203: PO18
The Social Control Function of Intimate Partners: Attachment or Monitoring? Session 451: LC9
Social Control of the Distributed Denial of Service Computer Offense Session 246: WC7
Social Defence and International Reconstruction: Illustrating the Governance of Post-war Criminological Discourse Session 327: CC10
Social Isolation and Consumer Fraud Victimization: Investigating Vulnerability and Reporting Behavior Session 319: WC10
Social Isolation and Lethal Violence Across the Rural-Urban Continuum Session 236: LC7
Social Learning and Social Bonding: An Integrated Model of Intimate Violence Session 198: IC1
A Social Learning Approach to Refining the Intergenerational Transmission of Family Violence Hypothesis Session 87: VO3
Social Movements, Masculinity and Violence Session 543: GC22
The Social Organization of Campus Justice Session 420: SI2
The Social Organization of Fear in Family Households Session 122: GA3
The Social Organization of Organized Chinese Alien Smuggling Session 511: VO28
Social Policy Responses to Rape Prevention Session 314: RR3
Social Rage and Crime Crontrol: Control as an Emotional Response Session 494: SA4
Social Relationships, Offenders, and Reintegrations: The Restorative Challenge for Rehabilitation Session 567: CR53
Social Structure and Homicide in Post-Soviet Russia Session 513: HO10
The Social Structure of Violence: A Test of Black's Theory of Vengeance Session 447: HO8
Social Structure, Cultural Attitudes and Punishmjent: A Cross-National Analysis of Incarceration Rates Session 443: GL3
The Social Therapeutic Institution in Germany: Status Quo and Perspectives Session 503: CR47
The Social World of the Police Murder Squad Session 415: PO40
Socialization Contexts and Delinquency: A Multi-Level Analysis With African-American Sample Session 301: VO13
The Socialization of African American Women in Law Enforcement: Experiences of Women on the District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department Session 520: PO47
Socioeconomic Conditions, Criminal Justice System Actions, and Index Crime in the U.S.: A Time Series Analysis, 1958-1998 Session 16: ES1
Some of Us Were Brave!: The Role of the Federation of Colored Women in the Establishment of Institutions for Colored Children Session 28: RM1
Someone to Watch Over Me: The Potential for Guardianship Against Intimate Partner Violence Session 315: RC4
'Sometimes it's Hard to be a Woman': Gender, Kinship and Self-Help Groups for Prisoners' Partners Session 86: GC4
A Spatial Analysis of Calls for Police Service in Vancouver, British Columbia Session 166: RC3
A Spatial Analysis of Seattle and Buffalo Homicide, 1986-1990 Session 513: HO10
Specialisation in Young Offending Behaviour Session 128: LA7
Specialization and Escalation in Offending: An Empirical Analysis by Gender, Race, and Neighborhood Opportunity Structure Session 448: LA21
Specialization in Juvenile Violent Assault: The Role of Context (Home vs. School) and Target Selection (Peer vs. Adult) Session 510: VO27
Specifying the Type of Strain Most Likely to Lead to Crime and Delinquency Session 387: SA2
Sports Violence and the Criminal Law: The Case of Hockey Session 222: CP9
Spousal Abuse: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study Session 263: GC11
The Stability of Violence and Other Anti-Social Behaviors: Evidence From Meta-Analysis Session 397: CP13
Stalker Risk Factors, Typologies and Police Response to Stalkers Session 311: PO28
Stalking as Process Session 281: SI1
The Standards for Lawful Interception of Telecommunications Session 161: PO13
State of California Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction Program Evaluation Session 361: CR32
State Services for Survivors of Rape in the U.K. Session 517: LA25
State-Level Variations in Death Penalty Intensity: Implications for Wrongful Convictions and Executions of the Innocent Session 491: RP11
States' Attempts to Affect Juvenile Drug-Crime Relationship Through Law and Policy: An Overview of the Current Status of State Drug Laws in Selected Domains as of December 31, 1999 Session 119: DR7
Status of Experimental Criminology: A View From the Academy of Experimental Criminology Session 192: ED1
Staying Out of Trouble: Desisting From Crime in Theory and Practice Session 518: LC11
Steps to Success: Community Involvement in Juvenile Reabilitation Session 127: JJ5
STOP Project Reports of Improvements in Justice System Responsiveness to Violence Against Women Session 147: CP7
Stories About Convicts as Professors Session 355: CC11
Strain, Criminogenic Traits and Crime: Using General Strain Theory to Predict Membership in Different Offender Classes Session 387: SA2
Strain, Need for Autonomy, Delinquency Session 387: SA2
Strain, Negative Emotions, and Deviance Among African Americans: A Test of General Strain Theory Session 460: SA3
Strategic Approaches to Reducing Fireajms Violence--The Indianapolis Violence Session 89: GU3
Strategic Evaluation of Crime Prevention Programs Session 52: LA1
The Strategic Management of Community Safety: A Comparative Analysis Between the U.S.A. and the U.K. Session 59: PO3
Strategies for Fostering Utilization of Information From an Outcome-based Information System Tracking Delinquent Youths Session 541: ER12
Strategies for Increasing the Visibility of Genocide Research in Criminology Session 388: TM8
Strategies for Retaining Battered Women in Longitudinal Research Session 102: RP3
Strategies to Reduce Rape and Sexual Assault in Memphis, Tennessee Session 135: RC2
The Street Pendulum: From Deviance to Activism and From Activism to Deviance Session 42: CC1
Street Stops and Broken Windows: Terry, Race and Disorder in New York City Session 53: LA2
Street Violence in the Netherlands Session 256: CT4
Strengthening Families and Reducing Risk Under SafeFutures: What Do the Data Tell Us? Session 368: ER4
The Strengths and Limits of "Doing Gender" for Understanding Street Crime Session 261: GC9
Stress Management and the Female Offender: Findings on a Program That Works Session 402: GC16
Structural and Processual Factors in So-Called Binge Drinking Across Campuses: Exploring Akers' Social Structure-Social Learning Theory Session 154: VO6
The Structural Determinants of Justifiable Citizen Homicides Session 514: HO11
Structural Locations in Combination and Substance Use: Examining Akers' Social Structure-Social Learning Theory Session 154: VO6
Structure and Scope of Ukrainian Organized Crime Session 23: OC1
The Structure of the Sentencing Code and Inmate Behavior: Does the Code Make a Difference? Session 252: CR21
Structure Versus Culture: An Examination of Prison Violence Across the U.S. Session 38: CR3
Studies in Recidivism at the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics Session 256: CT4
A Study of Family Units Formed in Female Correctional Facilities in the State of Texas Session 362: CR33
The Study of the Effectiveness of Protective Orders in Reducing Re-abuse in Domestic Violence Cases in a Mid-Western County Session 439: ER6
Studying Police Integrity in Austria Session 486: PO45
Studying Police Integrity in Finland Session 486: PO45
Studying Police Integrity in Hungary Session 486: PO45
Studying Police Integrity in Poland Session 486: PO45
Studying Police Integrity in Slovenia Session 486: PO45
Studying Police Integrity in Sweden Session 486: PO45
Subcultures and the Natural History of Drug Epidemics in the Inner City Session 470: DR21
Subjective and Objective Indicators of Legal Pressure and Their Impacts Session 82: DR4
The Subjective Impact of Youth Authority Incarceration and Parole Session 433: CR41
Substance Abuse Treatment Networks: Their Impact on Juvenile Justice Client Flow Session 306: JJ11
Substantiated and Unsubstantiated Maltreatment Cases: Implications Regarding Reappearance Histories Session 19: VO1
Suggestibility and Personality: Compliance With False Confessions Session 5: BI1
Suicide and Hoicide During Police Tactical Operations Session 514: HO11
Superfund Siting Dilemmas: The Case of Silver Valley Session 319: WC10
The Supreme Court and Hate Crime Enhancements Session 517: LA25
Survey of Law Enforcement Agencies' Domestic Violence Protocols and Responses to Officer Perpetrated Dometic Violence Session 132: PO12
A Survey of Prosectors on Community Prosecution Session 401: ER5
Survival of the Slickest: Camouflaging Control Frauds as Legitimate Firms Session 593: WC13
Survival Sex: Prostitution and Violence Among Homeless Female Youth in Urban Settings Session 124: GC6
Suspect Searches: Using Constitutional Standards to Assess Police Behavior Session 203: PO18
Sutherland Address Session 173: SP5
Systematic Reviews and Cost-Benefit Analyses in Corrections Session 255: CR24

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