The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter R

Paper Title Session ID
Race and Correctional Programming Session 205: RE5
Race and Mentally Retarded Criminal Defendants Session 101: RE2
Race and Rape: Implications for Victimization Reporting Session 442: GC18
Race and Violence Session 288: CO4
Race Differences in the Consequences of Childhood Victimization: Mental Health/Mental Illness and Violence Session 445: VO22
Race Specific Crime Fears and Punitive Attitudes Toward Crime: Fleshing Out "Vocabularies of Punitive Motive" Session 122: GA3
Race, Drugs and Victimization Session 205: RE5
Race, Ethnicity and Social Class Effects: Impossible to Pull Apart? Session 426: SP14
Race, Ethnicity, Class and the Law: The Experience of Men Who Buy Sex in Canada Session 101: RE2
Race, Gender and Prison Violence: A Test of the Importation and Deprivation Hypotheses Session 360: CR31
Race, Gender, and Perceptuion of Police Conduct: A Sampling of Criminal Justice Majors Session 411: PO36
Race, Gender, and the LSI-R: The Predictive Validity of the LSI-R on a Sample of U.S. Offenders Session 219: CR19
Race, Homicide and Firearms Availability Session 335: HO6
Race, Place, and Violent Delinquency Session 277: RE8
Race, Space, and the Politics of Policing: A Social History of the LAPD Session 415: PO40
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Use of Sentencing Alternatives for Drug Offenders Session 103: SE4
Racial Correlates of Pre-Hearing Detention Among Missouri Juveniles Session 91: JJ3
Racial Difference Meets Racial Diversity Session 165: RE4
Racial Disparity Among Women in Commitment to Pennsylvania's Prisons Session 244: SE9
Racial Profiling Data Collection Design and Analysis Issues Session 162: PO14
Racial Profiling in America: A New Wave of Policy Reform Combating Discriminatory Impact Session 464: SP17
Racial Profiling: A Survey of African American Police Officers Session 241: RE7
Racial Profiling: Confronting the Challenges of Vehicle Stop Data Analysis Session 521: PO48
Racial Profiling: Defining the Problem, Understanding the Cause, Finding the Solution Session 53: LA2
Racial Segregation, Employment and Crime: Multi-Level Effects of the Residential Distribution of Minority Populations Session 277: RE8
Racial Segretation, Social Cohesion and Crime Session 277: RE8
Racial Typification of Criminals and Support for Harsh Punitive Policies Session 290: CR26
Racism, Ethnicity and a Climate of Conflict Session 245: TM7
The Radical Analysis of Imprisonment: Unity, Divergence and Alternatives Session 393: CR35
A Randomized Clinical Trial of Juvenile Drug Court and MST Session 50: IS1
A Randomized Study of the Use of Vouchers to Improve Performance Among Drug Court Clients Session 50: IS1
Rape and Seduction Scripts 2000 Session 278: RR2
Rape Prevention: Individual Self-Protection Strategies for Women and Their Implications for Research and Practice Session 40: CP3
Rational Choice Perspective on the Causes and Correlates of Prescription Fraud in San Diego Session 83: DR5
A Re-examination of Relationship Between Parental Acceptance/Warmth and Children's Problem Behaviors Session 488: PS3
Reactivity in a Large-scale Observational Study of Police: Qualitative and (Some) Quantitative Evidence Session 587: PO50
"Reading" Prisons: A Humanistic Approach Session 366: CC12
Rebels Without Saris: British Asian Girls, Crime and Culture Session 124: GC6
Recency and Frequency of Arrest and Imprisonment in a Community Samples of Current Hard Drug Users Session 81: DR3
Recent Trends in Securities Fraud and Enforcement Session 67: WC2
Recidivism of North Carolina Prisoners With Substance Abuse Problems Session 77: CR6
Recidivism Patterns of Youths Targeted by Juvenile Drug Courts Session 127: JJ5
Recidivism Under North Carolina's Structured Sentencing Laws Session 280: SE10
Reconceptualizing Post-Incarceration Criminal Disenfranchisement: Historical Practices, Purposes, and the New Penology Session 366: CC12
Reconciling Psychopathy and Low Self-control Session 111: CS5
Recreational Versus Problem Drug Use: Do the Same Risk Factors Apply? Session 227: DR13
Recruiting Urban Native American Women Into a Study of Drinking Practices During Pregnancy Session 416: RE11
Reducing Crime and Disorder: The Partnership Approach Enshrined in the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (England and Wales) Session 12: CP2
Reducing Gun Crimes in New Haven Session 135: RC2
Reducing Gun Violence in East Los Angeles Session 89: GU3
Reducing Gun-Related Incidents in Philadelphia Using GIS Session 512: GU10
Reducing Juvenile Recidivism: The Process and Outcomes of an Evaluation in Northern Ireland Session 549: IS7
Reducing Substance Abuse Among Youthful Offenders: Can Juvenile Drug Courts Make a Difference? Session 324: CT6
Reflections on the Development of a Misdemeanor Mental Health Court in Vancouver, Washington Session 186: CT2
Registering Firearms: The Canadian Case Session 477: GU9
Regulatory Voids and Fraud in the Global Insurance Industry Session 593: WC13
Reintegrating Juvenile Offenders: Translating the Intensive Aftercare Program Model Into Performance Standards Session 376: JJ14
Reintegrating the Releasee: Project War Session 144: CR11
Reintegrative Shame and Its Moral Deterrent Effects on Deviant Behavior in Taiwan and U.S. Session 488: PS3
Relationship Between Cuba and the United States: A Social Control Perspective Session 584: LA28
Relationship Between Developmental Trajectories of Temperament in Childhood and Conduct Disorder Symptons in Adolescence Session 95: LC4
The Relationship Between Domestic Violence Case Disposition and Victimization Six Months Later Session 102: RP3
The Relationship Between Gang Involvement and the Use of Illicit Drugs: Findings Fron the Offender Population Urinalysis Screening (OPUS) Program Session 260: GA6
The Relationship Between Maternal Smoking and Other Forms of Deviant Behavior Session 57: LC3
The Relationship Between Narcissism and Antisocial Traits Among Institutionalized Convicted Male Offendrs in Hawaii Session 361: CR32
Relationship Between Offending and Victimization: An Examination of Probation Session 222: CP9
The Relative Effects of Community Level Factors on Crime and Health Session 109: CO3
Reliable and Valid Fear: The Measurement of Feelings of Unsafety or Fear of Crime Session 338: LA15
Repeat Burglary in Two Australian Cities Session 499: CO6
Repeat Offending in the Canberra RISE Project: An Overview Session 267: IS3
Repeat Victimisation and Repeat Offending in Scotland Session 340: LA17
Report on the Effects of Participation in a Cultural Awareness Program on Santa Clara County Jail Inmates Session 503: CR47
Reporting of Crimes to the Police in Israel Session 100: PO9
Reporting Sexual Victimization: National-Level Research on College Women Session 442: GC18
Reseach and Evaluation on Crime Control and Prevention Session 330: ER3
Research and Evaluation on Criminal Justice Systems and Processes Session 330: ER3
Research and Evaluation on Drugs and Crime Session 330: ER3
Research and Evaluation on Violence and Victimization Session 330: ER3
Research and Pratice in the Behavioral Science of Violence and Crime Session 164: PO16
A Research of Computer Crime Pattern Analysis and Criminal Profiling Session 559: RM20
Research on Organizational Change in the Chicago Police Department Session 24: PO1
Research on Organizational Change in the Washington, D.C. Police Department Session 24: PO1
Research Strategies for Secondary Data Session 347: RM9
Residence Robbery: Home Invasions in a New Orleans Vietnamese Community Session 242: RR1
Resident's Intervention and Levels of Neighborhood Violence: A Mesa Level Approach to Social Control Session 12: CP2
Residential Segregation: A Closer Look Session 109: CO3
Resisting Arrest: Predictors of Suspect Non-Compliance and Use of Force Against Police Officers Session 344: PO31
Responding to Gun Violence: Implementing Consent to Search in St. Louis Session 89: GU3
Responding to Racism in the Criminal Justice System With the Shared Values of Criminology as Peacemaking and Critical Race Theory Session 189: CC6
Responses to Anti-Social Behaviour in Loyalist and Republican Communities in Belfast Session 342: PO29
Responsibility and Restorative Justice Session 567: CR53
Restorative Conferencing Session 183: CR14
Restorative Conferencing: The State of the Nation Session 430: CR38
Restorative Justice and Family Violence -- A Summary of Presentations at the Canberra Conference Session 331: GC14
Restorative Justice and the Law: Contradiction or Complementarity? Session 568: CR54
Restorative Justice and the Problem of Punishment Session 189: CC6
Restorative Justice in a Juvenile Detention Facility: Problems and Prospects Session 233: JJ8
Restorative Justice in Action: Evaluating Community Court Session 468: CT10
Restorative Justice in Practice: Community Service in Comparison With Traditional Juvenile Protection Measures Session 20: JJ1
Restorative Justice Program at Dewitt Nelson Youth Correctional Facility, California Youth Authority Session 47: VO2
The Restorative Justice Program at Dewitt Nelson Youth Correctional Facility, California Youth Authority Session 233: JJ8
Restorative Justice, Indigenous Justice and Human Rights Session 183: CR14
Results From a Meta-Analytic Inquiry Into the Relationship Between Risk and Protective Factors and Problem Behavior Session 397: CP13
Reversing Wrongful Convictions: Processes Involved in Undoing Justice Session 167: RP5
Revisiting the Immigrant/Violent Crime Nexus: Results From Miami Session 511: VO28
Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Robbed: Inequality in U.S. Criminal Victimization, 1974-1998 Session 592: SC3
Riding the Cruisers and Walking the Beat: The Making of the Anglo-American Sociology of the Police Session 587: PO50
The Right Man, But the Wrong Crime: The Case of Philip Ray Workman Session 491: RP11
Righteous Bullets: When is Police Homicide Justifiable? Session 344: PO31
Risk and Protective Factors for Gang Membership: Is There a Difference? Session 121: GA2
Risk Factors Associated With Online Victimization: Results From the Youth Internet Safety Survey Session 88: VO4
Risk Factors for Gang Membership: Level of Association Within an Incarcerated Population Session 260: GA6
Risk Factors for Sexual Victimization: Results From a Prospective Study Session 442: GC18
Risk for Use in Crime of Multiple-Purchase and Single-Purchase Handguns Session 374: GU8
Risk Management and Effective Intervention Session 219: CR19
The Risk of Commitment Following Boot Camp: Cox Regression With Competing"Events Session 419: RM13
Risk of Crime Victimization Among Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence Session 88: VO4
Risk Scores and Recidivism: The Experience of a Sample of Alabama Youth Session 405: VO19
Risks, Needs and Justice: Dilemmas of Modernisation in the British Probation Service Session 77: CR6
The Road to Offending: Serious and Violent Young Offenders and Their Pathways to Crime Session 269: JJ9
Robert McClaughry and the Politics of the National Prison Association, 1885-1905 Session 28: RM1
The Rocky Road to "Restoring" Justice: An Examination of Restorative Justice Activity as a Social Movement Session 567: CR53
The Role Modeling Approach to Behavioral Modification in Juvenile Boot Camps Session 337: JJ13
The Role of City Political Structures in Policing, Welfare, and Crime, 1980 to 1996 Session 16: ES1
Role of Early Childhood Behavior Problems and Initiating Gateway Substance Use Session 446: VO23
Role of Education, Labour Market and Social Factors in Shaping the Crime-Age Profit Session 510: VO27
The Role of Gender in the Operation of Law: Making Sense of the 'Violent Women' Session 402: GC16
The Role of Inmate Identity Styles in Self Development Treatment Session 254: CR23
The Role of Judicial Status Hearings in Drug Court Session 50: IS1
The Role of Program-Level Characteristics in Predicting Outcomes for Girls in Prevention and Delinquency Programs Session 541: ER12
Role of Race and Gender in Departures From the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 29: SE1
Role of Relationships in the Development of Female Juvenile Delinquency Session 124: GC6
The Role of Stakes in Conformity on Participation in Prison-Based Drug Treatment Session 220: CR20
The Role of the Cops Office in Facilitating Change Consistent With Community-Oriented Policing: A Resource Dependency Perspective Session 381: PO32
The Role of the Survivor in the Anti-Rape Movement Session 578: GC24
Role Strain or Role Control? Examining the Relationship Between Social Roles and Delinquency Session 488: PS3
Roles of Interest Groups in Criminal Justice Policy-Making: Who, When, and How Session 553: MP8
Roots of Intolerance: Discrimination Against Lesbians and Gays in the Justice Work Place Session 229: GC8
ROUNDTABLE: Gang Prevention Policies in Europe Session 85: GA1
ROUNDTABLE: Good Citizenship and Crime: Orthoganlity Versus Overlap Session 339: LA16
ROUNDTABLE: Implications of Differential Oppression for the Quality of American (In)Justice Session 573: CC18
ROUNDTABLE: Thinking About White-Collar Crime: Intersetions of Race, Gender, and Class Session 352: WC12
Routine Activities and Female Crime: A Cross-National Empirical Examination Session 474: GC20
Routine Activities and Foraging Theory: The Influence of Motivation on Size of Criminal Hunting Area Session 166: RC3
Routine Activities and Intergenerational Patterns of Victimization An Exploration Session 442: GC18
Routine Activities and Patterns in Juvenile Offending: An Exploration Session 36: CO1
Routine Activities and Social Disorganization Session 36: CO1
Routine Activities, Work, and Delinquency Session 446: VO23
A Routine Activity Approach to College Students and Firearms Session 547: GU11
RSAT in Idaho: A Comparison of Inmate and Staff Perceptions of the Program Session 8: CR1
Rurality and the Problem With Fear of Crime Session 452: MP5

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