The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter P

Paper Title Session ID
Paid Work and Delinquency Session 16: ES1
The Panopticon Revisited: Reflections of Benthan and Foucault on Touring a Supermax (ADX) Prison Session 393: CR35
Parallel Systems of Justice Session 150: CC5
Parental Attachment and the Dynamics of Peers and Delinquency Session 301: VO13
Parental Controls, Parental Violence and Dating Violence: The Mediating Role of Self Control Session 111: CS5
Parental Strain and Home Delinquency: A Cross-Cultural Application of General Strain Theory Session 317: SA1
Parental Substance Abuse and the Timing of Adolescent Substance Use Disorder: An Event History Analysis Session 160: LC5
Parental Transitions: The Influence of Accumulation and Timing on Adolescent Delinquency and Substance Use Session 236: LC7
Parenting Orders: The Appropriateness aned the Practicalities Session 377: JJ15
Parenting Style, Peer Influence, and Juvenile Delinquency Session 301: VO13
Parents, Peers, and Developmental Trajectories Toward Crime Session 57: LC3
Parents, Peers, and Precociousness: Disentangling Factors Associated With Early Alcohol Use Among Native American Girls and Boys Session 57: LC3
Parole in America: Predictive Models for Current Issues and Practices Session 144: CR11
Participants' Perceptions Regarding the Drug Court Program Session 524: RP12
Participation and Control of Space in Community Policing Session 453: PO41
Participation in Gambling: A Critical Approach Session 420: SI2
Partner Violence and Delinquency-related Violence: Do They Share the Same Developmental Percursors? Session 372: VO17
Partnerships That Work: Inter-Agency Collaboration as a Solution to the Salt Lake City Methamphetamine Problem Session 329: DR17
"Pass Them Out": An Ethnographic Pilot Study of Designer-Drug Users in Southwestern Florida Session 151: DR9
Pathological Gambling, Substance Misuse, and Crime Session 400: DR19
Pathways in the Offending Processes of Sexual Murderers: Developmental and Sexual Factors Session 548: HO12
"Pathways" to Homicide: Previous Offending of People Convicted of Murder in the UK Session 155: HO2
Patterns of Racial Disparity in State Trooper Interactions With Citizens: Warnings, Citations, and Search Data Session 457: RM14
PBA Card and Police Discretion: Does Membership Have Its Privileges? Session 521: PO48
The PCL-R in the Courtroom Session 136: RP4
A Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Criminological Theory: The Nacirema Revisited Session 148: CJ5
Perceived Opportunities and Self-Control Theory Session 76: CS3
Perceived Racial and Ethnic Composition of Neighborhood and Support for Punitive Measures Session 290: CR26
Perceived Risks of Contracting HIV/AIDS From Prison Work: A Comparison of Correctional Officers in Two States Session 566: CR52
The Perception of Lethality and a Homeowner Defensive Scenario Session 334: GU7
Perceptions of Drug Court Program Effectiveness Session 524: RP12
Perceptions on Integrity of Dutch Police in Comparative Perspective Session 487: PO46
Perceptual Stability Among Early Offenders: Deterrence Theory Revisited Session 523: RC5
Peremptory Inclusion and Diverse Juries Session 396: CT8
Perfect Victims, Perfect Policing? Police Responses to Women Attacked by a Serial Rapist Session 164: PO16
Performance Based Standards for Juvenile Detention and Corrections and Beyond Session 576: ER14
Performance-Based Standards for Juvenile Corrections: OJJDP's PbS Program Session 218: CR18
Personality and Violence: Inside the Mind of Violent Men Session 543: GC22
Personality Development of Juvenile Murderers and Its Relationship to Post-Release Success Session 478: HO9
Personality Variables That Influence Difference Between Mother Report and Child Self-reported Information: Examination of Internalizing, Externalizing, and Delinquent Behavior Session 270: JJ10
The Phoenix Barrier Project: A Time Series Evaluation of CPTED Session 11: CP1
The Phoenix Experience With the COPS Methamphetamine Initiative Session 84: DR6
Physical and Sexual Abuse as Precursors to Substance Abuse Dependency: Findings From a Statewide Survey Session 227: DR13
Police and Citizen Impressions of Community Oriented Policing in Twelve Cities Session 60: PO4
Police and Emerging Technology Session 25: PO2
Police Civil Liability for Inappropriate Response to Domestic Violence Session 99: PO8
Police Civilianization, 1950-2000: Change or Continuity? Session 60: PO4
Police Crime Records: How Have They Changed in China? Session 492: RM16
The Police Criminal Investigation Process: Findings From a National Survey on Policy and Practices Session 131: PO11
Police Decision to Stop: Race as a Contributing Factor Session 241: RE7
Police Discretion and Discrimination: Results From a Danish Study Session 487: PO46
Police Diversion of Delinquent Youth: An Assessment of Programs Session 337: JJ13
Police Labour Unions and Criminal Justice Session 415: PO40
Police Leadership Challenges: International Perspectives Session 238: PO20
Police Misconduct Inside the Interrogation Room Session 98: PO7
Police Misconduct Investigation: An Empirical Comparison of Internal and External Control Mechanism Session 485: PO44
Police Officer Education Session 61: PO5
Police Officer Evaluation in the Community Policing Context Session 203: PO18
Police Perjury: A Factorial Survey Session 275: PO25
Police Perspectives on Community Partnerships Session 281: SI1
Police Power Session 59: PO3
The Police Response to Elder Abuse: An Examination of Procedures, Problems, and Special Programs Session 232: VO11
The Police Response to Gangs: A Multi Site Study Session 310: PO27
Police Stress: A Meta and Comparative Analysis of the Litrature Session 587: PO50
Police Trainee Perceptions of Danger and Litigational Risk: An Exploratory Study Session 99: PO8
Police Use of Guns in Norway and Sweden Session 344: PO31
Police Women Constructing Their Feminity Session 274: PO24
Police-Induced False Confessions, Wrongful Deprivations of Liberty, and Miscarriages of Justice Session 167: RP5
Policeman and Tarzan's Dilemma Session 487: PO46
Policing Divided Societies Session 382: PO33
Policing Economic Espionage Session 283: WC8
Policing Human Rights: The Quintessential Paradox Session 97: PO6
Policing in Indian Country Session 343: PO30
Policing Mentally Disordered Suspects: Revisiting the Criminalization Hypothesis Session 204: PO19
Policing the "Lilliputs": An Examination of Officer Work Routines in Rural, Small-Town, and Suburban Departments Session 202: PO17
Policing the Crisis and the Crisis in Policing: Racism, Street Justice, and the Old Time Politics Session 226: CC7
Policing the Public: The Role of Police Stops Session 414: PO39
Policing Two Worlds: Law Enforcement in Cuba Before and After Castro Session 584: LA28
Policing, Privacy and the Information Age: Unauthorised Access and Inappropriate Disclosure of Information Complaints in New South Wales Session 25: PO2
Policy Research and Policy Initiatives: The Case of 'Gun Control' Session 477: GU9
Policy Responses to Transnational Organized Crime in Europe Session 58: OC2
The Politburo Trial and the Construction of Historical Truth Session 444: GL4
Political Allegiance and Trust in the Norwegian Police Session 487: PO46
Political Violence: Patterns and Trends Session 170: TM5
Politically Motivated Crimes Against Foreigners in the Federal Republic of Germany Session 32: TM2
Politics and Criminological Knowledge: Impact of Public Funding and Program Specialization on Journal Articles Session 558: RP14
The Politics of Community Safety and the New Paranoia About 'the Other' in Europe Session 325: CP12
The Politics of Doing Policy Research: Don't Confuse Me With Data, I Already Know the Right Answer Session 558: RP14
The Politics of Scapegoatism: The Juvenile Case in America Session 269: JJ9
Politics of Scapegoatism: The Juvenile Case in America Session 580: VO31
Politics, Policies, and the Decimation of Successful Programs in Prison Session 403: GC17
Popular Sovereignty Without Populism: A Comparative Analysis of Juries Session 469: CC16
The Portland STACS Initiative on Youth Gun Violence Session 135: RC2
Positive Action Through Holistic Education Session 224: CP11
Positive Deviance: A Potentially Illuminating Concept Session 271: LA13
Positive Youth Development, Restorative Justice and the Challenge of the Crisis of Youth Session 567: CR53
The Post Civil War South and the Genesis of Mafia Mythology Session 531: SP20
The Power of Biography: Criminal Policy and Prison Life in the Swedish Welfare State Session 359: CS7
Power, Politics and Crime Session 429: AM3
Practitioner's View of Research Partnerships: What We Need From Researchers Session 434: CR42
Predicting Battered Women's Satisfaction With the Criminal Justice System Session 102: RP3
Predicting Recidivism of Adult Probationers Using Survival Models Session 113: CR9
Predicting School Violence: Analyzing the Validity of Violent Student Profiles Session 509: VO26
Predicting the Disposition of Complaints Against the Police Session 240: PO22
Predicting Violence Potential Among Commitments to State-Level Juvenile Correctional Institutions Session 5: BI1
Predictors of Childhood Hoicide: A Cross-Sectional Study of Subgroups Session 582: HO13
Predictors of Deviant Sexual Preferences in Sexual Aggressors of Women and Sexual Aggressors of Children Session 314: RR3
Predictors of Engagement in Court-Mandated Treatment: Findings at the Brooklyn Treatment Court, 1996-2000 Session 15: DR1
Predictors of Force by Police Session 98: PO7
Predictors of Fraud Victimization: An Analysis of National Data Session 319: WC10
Predictors of Institutional Misconduct and Post-release Recidivism Among a Sample of Federal Prison Inmates Session 77: CR6
Predictors of Onset of First and Regular Substance Use in Males From Ages 7 to 19 Session 371: VO16
Predictors of Perceived School Safety: A Multilevel Examination of Race in Urban and Rural Schools Across Kentucky Session 198: IC1
Predictors of Safety Over Time: Attitudinal Change in Light of Community Policing and Decreasing Crime Rates Session 519: MP7
Pregnancy, Drug Use, and HIV: Influences Affecting HIV Positive Women's Reproductive Actions Session 328: DR16
Pregnant Girls and Moms in Detention Session 299: GC12
Pregnant Women on Drugs: Combating Stereotypes and Stigma Session 152: DR10
Pregnant, Addicted to Crack, Railroaded to Prison: Is it Justifiable? Session 83: DR5
Prejudice and Punishment: Judging Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs Session 328: DR16
Preliminary Findings of Sexual Assaults Reported to the Police: A Canadian Study Session 314: RR3
The Preoccupation With 'Theoretical Coherence' in Sentencing: An Alternate Approach to Search for Judicial Explanation Session 139: SE6
Preparing Criminal Justice Students for New Developments in Crime: The Issue of High Technology Crime Session 148: CJ5
The Presentation of Crime and Victims in the Media: A Comparison of Images Presented in Women's and Men's Magazines Session 410: MP4
Presidential Address: Viable Policy: Federal Funding, and the Need for Independent Research Agenda Session 528: SP19
Pretrial Release and Detention of Felony Defendants in Large Urban Counties, 1998 Preliminary Findings Session 293: CT5
Prevalence and Impact of Psychological Abuse Among Court Involved Battered Women Session 504: CT11
Prevalence, Prediction, and Effects of Seeking Service Provision Among a Sample of High Risk Urban Subjects Session 433: CR41
Preventing Crime in Public Housing Session 532: CO8
Preventing Delinquency Through Alternative Education Programs Session 481: JJ18
Preventing Delinquency Through Local Delinquency Prevention Councils: The Kentucky Experience Session 115: CP5
Preventing Reincarceration of Felony Offenders: Reason for Optimism Based on Ten-Year Treatment Outcome Data Session 305: IS6
Preventing the "Early Start" Within Transitional Divorce Families: An Experimental Test of Precurors Influencing Antisocial Behavior and Delinquency Session 125: VO5
Preventive Measures Against Organized Crime Session 129: OC4
Print Media's Reporting on School Shootings: A Content Analysis of the Los Angeles Times Reporting on the Columbine Shooting Incident Session 380: MP3
Prior Victimization and Crime Concentration Session 413: PO38
Prison Alternatives: Are the Sanctions Standard of Widen the Net of Social Control Session 307: LA14
The Prison as Ghetto and the Ghetto as Prison Session 184: CR15
The Prison Experiences of White-Collar Offenders in a Shock Incarceration Program and in a Traditional Prison Session 319: WC10
Prison Privatization: Keep Your Money in Your Pocket Session 565: CR51
Prison Riots as Revolutions: Institutional Leadership, Prediction, and Control Session 38: CR3
The Prison, the Gated Community and the Commodification of Security Session 117: CC4
Prison-Based Therapeutic Community Treatment From the Perspedctive of the Participants: Results From 20 Focus Groups Session 394: CR36
Prisons and the Future of Social Control Session 393: CR35
Prisons in Europe -- Actual Developments and Problems in East and West Session 182: CR13
Private Prisons for Dummies: Social Costs, Executive Pay, and the Management Overhead of a NASDAQ Company Session 366: CC12
Private vs. Public Prison Operation: A Quantitative Analysis of Prison Environment Quality in Juvenile Institions Session 289: CR25
Probation Absconders Session 583: IS8
Probation Officer Stress Levels: Does Perceptions of Participating in Decision Making Make a Difference? Session 583: IS8
Probation Supervision With Female Offenders Session 304: IS5
Problem Programs: Analyzing the Impact of Viewing Specific Programs on Fear of Crime Session 484: MP6
Problem Solving for Homicide Prevention in Baltimore Session 89: GU3
Problem Solving Responses to Firearms Violence: Indianapolis Violence Reduction Partnership Session 135: RC2
Problem-Solving and Team-Building Intervention: Assessing an Assault Reduction Strategy in a Public High School Session 79: CP4
Problems Associated With the Analysis of Homicide in Small Populations Session 458: RM15
Problems With Prosecuting Stalking Cases in NW Louisiana Session 311: PO28
A Process Evaluation of the Continuum of Care Sex Offender Program Session 542: ER13
The Process of Collaborative Research Between IUP and the State Correctional Institution for Young Adult Offenders at Pine Grove Session 289: CR25
Processing Domestic Violence Cases in California's Courts Session 435: CT9
The Processing of Environmental Law Violators in Federal Criminal Courts: Differences in the Treatment of Individuals and Companies Session 30: SE2
Processing Risk: Hazards and Opportunities Session 459: SI3
Professional Correctional Officials in South Africa: A Profile Analysis Session 501: CR45
Professions in Organisations and the Control of Knowledge in the Workplace: The Deprofessionalisation of Probation Officers in England and Wales Session 404: GL2
Profile of a Mass Murderer Session 118: DE1
A Profile of Women Who Kill and Their Victims Session 197: HO3
Profiling Hackers: Beyond Psychology Session 105: WC3
Profiling Stories and What They Can Teach Us About Race, Policing and the Legal System Session 53: LA2
Program Accountability Measures for Juvenile Commitment Programs Session 480: JJ17
Promising Practices in Juvenile Justice Education: An Overview of the Literature and an Examination of Florida Facilities Session 257: CJ9
Promoting Innovation in a Criminal Court Setting Session 221: CT3
Promoting Positive Restorative Justice Session 233: JJ8
Property Crime, Aggression and Substance Use Among Early Adolescents: A Reexamination of a General Deviance Syndrome Session 345: RR4
A Proposal for a Multidisciplinary Response to School Violence Session 187: CP8
Prosecutions and Risks Under the Economic Espionage Act Session 283: WC8
Prosecutor Office Workload: A Quantitative Assessment of Case Processing Work Performed by Non-Attorney Staff Session 293: CT5
Prosecutorial Discretion and Real Offense Sentencing: A Potential for Disparity Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 30: SE2
A Prospective Study of Juvenile Murderers Session 379: LA19
Proteck Ya Neck: Exploring the Group Context of Delinquency and Youth Crime in an Inner City London Borough Session 298: GA7
Protective Effects Among Gang-Risk Youth: Distinguishing Protection From Risk Session 121: GA2
Protective Factors and Gang Membership Session 121: GA2
Protective Order Legislation in the United States Session 340: LA17
Prototype NIBRS Supplement to Crime in the United States Session 493: RM17
Provincial Laws on the Protection of Women in China: A Partial Test of Black's Theory Session 350: SE13
Psy-ence Fiction: Programs for Mentally Disordered Female Offenders Session 185: CR16
Psychiatric Disorders Among Juvenile Detainees: Patterns of Comorbidity and Their Implications for Services Session 276: PS2
Psychiatric Hospital Capacity and Crime Session 409: LA20
Psychiatrists, Families and the "Criminally Insane" in British Columbia Session 367: CC13
Psychiatrizing Legal Defences for Women: Is "Madness" the Only Way Out? Session 367: CC13
Psychological Explanations of Crime: Personality as a Predictor of Future Behavior Session 522: PS4
Psychological Problems and Engagement in Correctional Substance Abuse Treatment Session 82: DR4
Psychological Profile of the Serial Killer: Redefining a Misnomer Session 548: HO12
Psychometric Properties of the Danger Assessment Instrument: Findings From the Intimate Partner Femicide Study Session 197: HO3
Psychopathy and Violence Among Juveniles Session 136: RP4
Psychosocial Changes Among Special Populations in a Prison-based Therapeutic Community Session 82: DR4
Psychosocial Changes and Pre-treatment Motivation in a Prison-based Therapeutic Community Session 438: DR20
Public Assistance and the Participation of Youth in Criminal Activity Session 317: SA1
Public Attitudes Towards Illicit Drugs in Modern Britain: The Vanishing Generation Gap Session 227: DR13
Public Health Data Sources: Morbidity and Mortality Session 168: RM4
Public Health Research on HIV Prevention Among Incarcerated Populations: Missed Opportunities and Successes Session 322: CR29
Public Opinion and the Death Penalty: Theory and Application Session 553: MP8
Public Opinion, the Media and Crime Policy: Voodo Politics in the Era of the TV Game Show Session 558: RP14
The Public Perspective on Policing Intimate Partner Violence Session 455: PO43
Public Support for Criminal Justice Interventions in Domestic Violence Session 554: MP9
Public Versus Private Juvenile Justice Educational Services: A Comparative Analysis Session 542: ER13
Public Vulnerability to Police Stops Session 414: PO39
Pulling the Plug on Computer Theft Session 146: CP6
Punishing and Incarcerating Gang Members Session 78: CR7
Punishing Juvenile Offenders in Russia: 1992-1996 Session 408: JJ16
Punishment and Pleasure: Women, Food and the Imprisoned Body Session 402: GC16
Punishment, Humiliation and the American Culture of Vengence Session 78: CR7
Punitiveness and the Juvenile Justice System: Does Deterrence Work? Session 127: JJ5
Pupil Perceptions of School Violence and Safety Session 332: VO14
Putting Crime Into Context: Using Social and Crime Indicators in Developing Public Policy Session 458: RM15

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