The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter O

Paper Title Session ID
Objective Analysis of the Effects of Retention Elections on Judges' Sentencing Practices Under the Merit Plan Session 280: SE10
An Observational Study of Active Shoplifters Session 559: RM20
Observed Morale and Measured Cynicism Between Police Districts and Workloads Session 131: PO11
Obtaining and Using BJS Data From the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data Session 316: RM7
Of Holocausts and Gun Control Session 581: GU12
Officer Perceptions of Policy Violations and the Willingness to Report Them Session 275: PO25
OJJDP's Intensive Aftercare Program for Serious Juvenile Offenders: Outcome Evaluation Results Session 576: ER14
On a Wing and a Prayer: Researching the Aryan Warrior Session 590: RM21
On Getting the Job Done: An Examination of the Impact of Prison Labour Participation on Inmate Misconduct in Contemporary Portugal Session 182: CR13
On Narco-Guerrilla, Narco-Terrorism, Narco-Fascism, and Narco-Bourgeoisie Session 129: OC4
On the Institutional Management of Stigma: Some Implications From Conversation Analysis Session 281: SI1
On the Possibility of Forgiveness and Restoration: Parents of SBS Victims Session 476: VO25
One Cheer for Community Prosecution Session 572: CT16
One Moment in Time: Using Pagers to Measure How Parole/Probation Officers Spend Their Time Session 583: IS8
Online Applications Using Uniform Crime Reports Data Session 279: RM6
Opening the Policy Window: Public Opinion and Determinate Sentencing Guidelines Session 417: RP7
Operational and Management Issues in Women's Prisons Session 185: CR16
An Opportunity Theory Perspective on Desistance and Treatment Interventions Session 518: LC11
Opposing the Rod: Historical Benchmarks in the Movement to End the Corporal Punishment of Children Session 28: RM1
Order Amid Chaos: Enforcement Strategies in Drug Distribution Networks Session 470: DR21
Organizational Aspects of Comprehensive Initiatives: The Maryland HotSpot Communities Initiative Session 163: PO15
Organizational Reform in Large Police Departments: The Columbus, Ohio Division of Police Re-engineering Process Session 239: PO21
An Organizational-Exposure Model of Homicides of Police Session 514: HO11
Organized Crime and Appropriation of Ethnicity Session 96: OC3
Organized Crime and Political Corruption: Any Contact Points? Session 562: SP21
Organized Crime and the Politics of Race in American Society Session 531: SP20
Organizing Community Action Programs for Victims of Crime and Restorative Justice in a Developing Country Session 568: CR54
Oscar Collazo: Portrait of a Puerto Rican Nationalist and the Attempted Assassination of President Harry S. Truman Session 31: TM1
"Other Than That, I Am Free": Youth Homelessness and Crime on the Lower East Side of New York City Session 345: RR4
The "Other" Software Piracy: Who Cares About Warez? Session 593: WC13
Out of Court Jury Selection: Race, Space and the Construction of Community Session 226: CC7
An Outcome Assessment of an Inmate Self-Development Program Session 503: CR47
Overturned Convictions in Capital Cases: A Comparison Between Inmates Released From Death Row Because of Doubts About Their Guilt and Those Who Were Executed Session 167: RP5
An Overview of the Data Resources Program of the National Institute of Justice Session 243: RM5

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