The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter N

Paper Title Session ID
NAFTA and Police Aggression: US/Mexico Versus US/Canadian Comparison Session 97: PO6
Narcotics Cultivation, Trafficking, Prevention and Control in the Central Asian Republics: The Case of Tajikistan Session 191: DR12
The "Nasty Girl" and the Distorted Imagery of Female Youth Offenders Session 367: CC13
National Assessment of the Strategic Approaches to Community Safety Initiative: Cross-Site Themes in the Process Evaluation Session 325: CP12
National Evaluation of Change in Community Policing Activities: A First Approximation of the Impact of a Federally Funded Community Policing Program Session 163: PO15
National Evaluation of Implementation Grant Drug Court Sites Session 538: CT14
National Evaluation of SafeFutures: Inside, Looking Out Session 368: ER4
National Evaluation of the "Partnerships to Reduce Juvenile Gun Violence" Session 49: GU2
The National Hate Crime Data Collection Program: Developing a Method for Measuring and Predicting the Occurrence of Bias Crime Session 526: RM19
National Incident-Based Report System (NIBRS) Data Session 316: RM7
National Youth Gang Survey Trends Session 153: GA4
Native American Women in Prison Session 466: CR43
Natural Experiments in the Generation of Street Robbery: An Analysis of Rapid Transit Stations in Chicago Session 517: LA25
Need for Implicit Harm: Public Reactions to Law Enforcement Initiatives Against Victimless Crimes Session 341: MP2
Needle Exchange and Other Service Provision Session 296: DR15
A Needs Assessment for the Children of Incarcerated Mothers in a Large Northeastern City Session 362: CR33
Negligence in Nursing Homes Session 232: VO11
Neighborhood Correlates of Homicide Trends: An Analysis Using Hierarchial Growth-Curve Modeling Session 499: CO6
Neighborhood Disadvantage and Police Notification by Victims of Violence Session 560: SC1
Neighborhood Racial Composition, Racial Prejudice, Fear of Crime, and Punitive Attitudes: A Causal Model Session 226: CC7
Neighborhood Revitalization, Crime and Fear Session 499: CO6
Neighborhood Social Networks, Informal Social Control, and Urban Violence Session 36: CO1
Neighborhood Structure and Violent Delinquency: The Buffering Effect of Religious Involvement Session 36: CO1
Neighborhoods and Downtown Drug Courts: The Spatial Implications of the Drug Court Approach Session 324: CT6
A Network of Risk: Explaining Early-Maturing Girls Increased Delinquency Involvement Session 194: GC7
Network Strudcture, Social Homophily, and HIV-related Risk Behavior Among Drug Injectors in Washington, D.C. Session 259: DR14
Network Treatment Outcomes for Substance-Abusing Juveniles With Different Index Offenses Session 405: VO19
Networki Analysis of Co-offending Data Session 373: VO18
Networks and Social Control in Public Housing: Challenges to the Systemic Model Session 288: CO4
Networks of Interagency Coordination, Collaboration, and Communication: Two Case Studies Exploring Network Analytical Methods of Assessing Comprehensive Community Initiatives Session 471: ER8
Neutralizing Pixie Dust: An Analysis of Employee Theft at the Vacation Kingdom Session 171: WC5
The New "Peculiar Institution": On the Prison and Surrogate Ghetto Session 359: CS7
New Abolitionism: Racialized Punishment and Prison Abolition Session 312: RE9
New Challenges in Evaluating Our Sentencing Policy: Exploring the Public Safety Nexus Session 255: CR24
New Estimates of the Comparative Costs and Benefits of Programs to Reduce Crime: A Review of National Research Findings With Implications for Washington State Session 52: LA1
New Evidence on the Relationship Between Broken Homes and Delinquency Session 446: VO23
The New Haven Case Study Session 325: CP12
New Intemediate Sanctions the German Sanction System--Will They Have Effect on the Prison Population Inflation: Some Remarks in Comparison to Other Jurisdictions Session 482: LA24
New Labour, Community Safety and Public Tolerance Session 80: CC3
New Legal and Organizational Measures in the Area of Combatting Organized Crime in Poland Session 23: OC1
New Strategies in the Prosecution of Violence Against Children in Theoretical Perspective Session 476: VO25
New Theories to Explain New Crimes? Polish Criminology Since 1989 Session 404: GL2
A New Version of the "Risk Principle": Are Predictors of Delinquency Similar Across Youth With Varying Levels of Prior Antisocial Behavior:? Session 56: LC2
The New York State Police School-Based Partnership: A Case Study Examination of Bullying and Intimidation Session 551: LA27
Newsmedia Conceptions of Racist Violence as a Social Problem Session 245: TM7
The Next Wave in National Data on Juvenile Justice Session 516: JJ19
Nighttime Incarceration as an Intermediate Sanction: An Evaluation of the Oklahoma County Program Session 549: IS7
A Nineteenth-Century Pocket of Rural Crime Session 266: HO4
'No Justice Just Us' -- Single-Issue Terrorism and Animal Liberation Session 31: TM1
Noble or Tarnished Cause: The Changing Nature of Police Ethics Session 384: PO35
Nobody Defines Us: African-American Prisoners and Their Significant Women Acccepting HIV/AIDS as Illness and Rejecting HIV/AIDS as Stigma Session 322: CR29
Nobody's Punk": The Reasons and Rules for Fighting Among a Sample of Female Gang/Clique Members Session 441: GA8
North American Practice in UK Context: Some Observations on Partner Violence and Offender Programmes Ten Years Later Session 123: GC5
"Not In My Backyard" and the Reintegration of Offenders: Discourses of Rejection and Inclusion in the Risk Society Session 366: CC12
Nowhere to Run: The Theft of Motorcycles in a Remote Island Location Session 100: PO9
The NYPD: What Went Wrong? Session 203: PO18

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