The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter M

Paper Title Session ID
Macau's Big Gamble: Organized Crime on the South China Coast Session 129: OC4
Maintaining Order in the Face of Crime: The Social Construction of Exceptions to Law Violations Session 498: AL2
Making Laws, Taking Drugs Session 191: DR12
Making Sense of Criminal "Propensity": Lessons From Reformed Ex-Offenders Session 518: LC11
Making Sense of Ron: A Psycho-Social Study of Masculinity and Crime Session 543: GC22
Male and Female Drug Abuse and Criminality in a Career Perspective Session 83: DR5
Male and Female Latino High School Students' Perceptions About Dating Violence: A Preliminary and Exploratory Examination Session 231: VO10
The Management of Gangs in Prison: The Effectiveness of Efforts to Identify and Validate Membership in Strategic Threat Groups Session 38: CR3
The Management of Vulnerable Prisoners Session 254: CR23
Managing Older and Geriatric Offenders: Where Do We Stand Session 196: VO8
Managing Scarce Criminal Justice and Social Resources: Adjusting the role of Resolution Resources in the Era of Illegality in Domestic Partner Abuse Session 378: LA18
Managing the Release of Offenders and Victim Input: Victims in the Service of Severity, Rehabilitation or Systems Efficiency? Session 430: CR38
Mandatory Arrest: What Do Victims Think? Session 86: GC4
Manejando la Plaza: The Contradictory Role of the Mexican and American Governments in the Drug War Session 539: DR23
Mapping the Immigration/Homicide Relationship in Three Border Cities, 1985-1995 Session 511: VO28
The Marginalization of Mating Effort Strategy in Our Modern Society Session 180: BI4
Masculinities and the Three Rs of Survivial: Resistance,k Reclamation and Redefinition in the Context of Male Child Sexual Abuse Session 261: GC9
Masculinity and Violence: Personal and Situational Factors Session 543: GC22
Masculinity Matters: Gender and School Violence Cases Session 473: GC19
Masculinity, Aggression, and Violence Session 473: GC19
Masculinity, Class, and Race: Shaping the Police Response to Gangs Session 577: GA9
Maternal Drug Use and Criminal Behavior Patterns: Towards an Understanding of Control Balance Session 328: DR16
Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Self-Reported Offending by Offspring Session 143: BI3
Maximum-Security Inmates' Attitudes Toward Placing Juveniles in Adult Prisons Session 112: CR8
The Meaning of Citizenship in Urban Safety Policies Session 163: PO15
The Meaning of Purchase: Male Sexual Desire and Commercial Demand Session 229: GC8
Meaningful Input for Useful Output: Operationalizihg Evaluation Dimensions for the Consumer Community Session 541: ER12
Meaningful Relationships, Responsibility and Desistance From Crime Session 518: LC11
Measurement and Accountability Session 130: PO10
Measurement and Evaluation of Integrated Treatment and Tracking Technologies Session 268: IS4
Measuring Community Reintegration Through Longitudinal Tracking Session 257: CJ9
Measuring Line-of-Duty Homicides by Law Enforcement Officers in the United States, 1976-1996 Session 458: RM15
Measuring Outcomes in Community Prosecution Session 401: ER5
Measuring Patriarchy: Problems of Data and Methods Session 508: GC21
Measuring Perceptions of Procedural Justice Among Drug-Involved Offenders Session 364: CT7
Measuring Recidivism in the RISE Project: Self-reported vs. Official Measures Session 267: IS3
Measuring Self-control at a Very Young Age Session 111: CS5
Measuring Stalking: The Extent and Nature Stalking in England and Wales Session 338: LA15
Measuring the Dimensions of Computer Crime Session 493: RM17
Measuring the Economic Benefits of Developmental Prevention Programs Session 207: RP6
Measuring the Effect of the 'Truth in Sentencing' Law on the Amount of Inmate Time Served in Massachusetts Session 169: SE7
Measuring the Extent of Community Oriented Lawyering: The Police Perspective Session 401: ER5
Measuring the Public's Willingness-to-Pay to Reduce Crime Session 207: RP6
Measuring the Use of Surveillance Technology in American Schools: A National Survey of Trends and Practices Session 79: CP4
Media and Feminism Session 22: MP1
The Media and Police-Community Relations in a Segregated Post-Industrial City Session 241: RE7
Media and Public Perceptions in the Construction of a Social Problem and Its Solution: The Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta Session 585: MP10
Media and Violence Against Women Session 22: MP1
Media Power and Information Control: A Study of Police Organizations and Media Relations Session 59: PO3
Media's Role in Determinig Perceptions of Crime and Danger: A Cross Cultural Perspective-Russia, Syria, and the United States Session 484: MP6
Megan's Laws: When Policy Stems From Social Movements Session 417: RP7
Mental Health and Personality Problems Assessed by Structured Interviews in Incarcerated Juveniles Session 361: CR32
A Meta-Analysis of Racial Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System Session 280: SE10
Meta-Analysis of School-Based Violence Prevention and Treatment Programs Session 397: CP13
Metaphors of Inequality: Police and Judiciary in Brazil Session 469: CC16
Methamphetamine in Minneapolis: An Emerging Drug Problem Session 329: DR17
The Methamphetamine Problem in Little Rock: Contrasting Objectivist and Constructivist Approaches Session 329: DR17
Methodological Problems in Screening Juvenile Offenders Session 361: CR32
Methods to Estimate Hard Drug User and Seller Population Size and Characteristics Session 81: DR3
Methods to Improve Our Research: Where Do We Go From Here? Session 355: CC11
Migration in Europe: Adjustments and Responses in Criminal Justice Systems Session 497: SP18
Minimizing Judicial Discretion, Maximizing Racism? The Sentencing of Drug Traffickers Under Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 29: SE1
Minimizing Judicial Discretion, Maximizing Racism? The Sentencing of Drug Traffickers Under Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 29: SE1
Misdemeanor Sentencing Decisions: The Cost of Being Native American and Male Session 244: SE9
Misdirected Critiques: The Empirical Evaluations of Durkheim's Theory of Punishment Session 271: LA13
Mobilization of Bias Against Critical Criminology and Criminologists in Leading Academic Journals ! The Session 327: CC10
Mobilizing Militias: Examining State Level Correlates of Militia Organizations and Activities Session 31: TM1
Modeling a Social Learning Explanation of High School Aggression and Violence Session 420: SI2
Modeling the Relationships Among Disorder, Fear of Crime, and Community Policing Session 381: PO32
Models of Policing Domestic Violence Session 132: PO12
The Moderating Effect of Theoretical Models of Delinquent Behavior on Interventions: A Meta-Analysis Session 237: LC8
Modernity, Relational Control, and the Declining Significance of Class and Place in the Control of Delinquency Session 591: SC2
Monetary Costs and Benefits of Crime Prevention Programs Session 207: RP6
Money Laundering in Cyberspace: The Sociology of Secret Payment Systems Session 246: WC7
The Montreal School Environment Project: The Theoretical Model and the Validity of the School Socioeducational Environment Questionnaire Session 79: CP4
Moral Fault Lines: How a Street Gang Reduction Program Generates Class and Ethnic Conflict Session 465: CO5
More Harm Than Good? An Empirical Analysis of the Consequences of Restricting the Rights of Ex-Offenders Session 292: CR28
Mother's Roles, Family Processes, and Adolescent Delinquency and Depression Session 446: VO23
Mothers in Prison: A Review of Needs and Programs Session 466: CR43
Motivate, Advise and Assist: The Evaluation of a UK Probation Service Effective Practice Strategy for Offenders Session 569: CR55
Motivational Theories in Sexual Assalt Cases Session 473: GC19
Motives and Lifestyle of Drug Millionaires Session 96: OC3
Moving Beyond a Dichotomous Measure of Coercion Session 344: PO31
Moving Beyond Descriptive Analysis: Using GIS to Explain Pattern and Trends Session 346: RM8
Moving in, Moving out? Young People's Involvement in Drug Dealing With the New 'Rave' Club Culture Session 151: DR9
Multi-jurisdictional Research in Small Police Agencies: An Impossible Goal or a Necessary Reality? Session 589: RP15
An Multi-Method Analysis of Issues Affecting Correctional Officer Retention Within the Arkansas Department of Correction Session 8: CR1
Multilevel Criminological Analyses: Implications for an Individual-Context Opportunity Theory of Crime Session 515: IC3
Multilevel Impacts of Fear of Revenge on Residents' Willingness to Report Drug Activity and Sales Session 122: GA3
A Multilevel Opportunity Model of School Victimization Session 479: IC2
A Multilevel Test of the Rusche and Kirchheimer Thesis Session 366: CC12
Murder in Britain: The Childhood Experiences of Men and Women Who Kill Session 478: HO9
Murder in the Motor City: The Disparity of Homicide Rates in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park, Michigan Session 266: HO4
Murky Conceptual Waters: Space, Public and Private Session 117: CC4
My Mommie the Druggie: Impact of Gender and Gender-Related Factors on Sentencing Decisions Session 300: GC13

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