The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter J

Paper Title Session ID
Jail Architecture and Management: Justice and Safety Issues Session 565: CR51
Jail Culture: Women's Stories of Survival and Resistance Session 466: CR43
Job Access and Crime Patterns in Cleveland: A GIS Approach Session 64: RM2
The John P. Craine House: A Community Residetial Program for Female Offenders and Their Children Session 304: IS5
Joining Forces: How the Methods and Results of Empirical Research are Being Used in Developing White-collar Crime Intelligence Session 140: WC4
Judges' Attitudes About Domestic Violence Session 435: CT9
Judicial Decision-Making in Custody Cases Involving Gay and Lesbian Parents, 1952-1999: A Study of Indeterminancy in Legal Rationales and Outcomes Session 571: CT15
Judicial Intervention and the Racial In-Cell Integration of the Texas Prison System Session 360: CR31
Judicial Policy and the Modern State: How the Courts Reformed America's Prisons Session 537: CT13
The Judicial Practice of Juvenile Pre-Trial Detention in Eastern Germany After the Reunification Session 408: JJ16
JUMP Evaluation Design Session 472: ER9
JUMP Evaluation From a Grantee Perspective Session 472: ER9
JUMP Evaluation Implementation Session 472: ER9
Jurisdictional Analysis of Police Chiefs' Views on Legal Liabilities Session 99: PO8
Jury Reform in Washington State: The Final Report of the Washington State Jury Commission Session 396: CT8
The Just Community: A Needs-Based Perspective on Justice That Renders Criminology Obsolete Session 564: CO9
"Just Say No" Didn't Eradicate Pot: An Exploratory Investigation of Marijuana Careers Over the Span of the War on Drugs Session 574: DR24
Justice Blind? How and Why American CJ Fails to Meet Its Index Base Session 134: RE3
Juvenile Delinquency in Turkey: Patterns Based on Court Statistics Session 350: SE13
Juvenile Domestic and Family Violence: A Specialized Court Interventon for Juvenile Offenders and Victims Session 372: VO17
Juvenile Explosion in Crime and Delinquency: How to Explain Jump/Leap in Behavior Development Session 270: JJ10
Juvenile Homicide and Illicit Drugs: Extending Blumstein and Heitz Session 303: HO5
Juvenile Justice Programs and Strategies Session 552: LC12
Juvenile Sex Offenders and Risk Prediction Session 289: CR25
Juvenile Sex Offenders: What We Know and What We Need to Learn Session 336: JJ12
Juvenile Transfer to Adult Court: Messages Sent and Received About Justice and Societal Values Session 269: JJ9
Juvenile Transfers to Circuit Court in Virginia Session 91: JJ3
Juvenile Transfers: What Decisions are Made for Youths in the Juvenile Versus Criminal Justice Systems? Session 63: RP2
Juvenile Versus Criminal Justice Processing: A Qualitative Analysis of the Experiences and Reactions of Adolescent Offenders Session 63: RP2
Juvenile Victims of Property Crimes Session 88: VO4
Juvenile Violent Crimes as Dynamic Processes: Spatial Regimes and Trajectories of Juvenile Violent Crimes Session 346: RM8
Juveniule Transfers in Maryland: Similarities and Differences of Youth Experiences in the Adult and Juvenile Systems Session 27: RP1

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