The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter I

Paper Title Session ID
"I Would Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Dime Bag Today": The Role of Credit in Drug Markets Session 190: DR11
Identifying and Predicting Different Offending Trajectories Among Poor Children Session 333: VO15
Identifying Illegal Gun Markets in Multiple Cities: Cross Site Analysis Session 48: GU1
Identifying Unit-Dependency and Time-specificity in Longitudinal Analysis: A Graphical Methodology Session 272: LD1
Identity and the Terrorist Threat Session 170: TM5
Identity Politics and the Location of Women in a Drug Environment Session 259: DR14
Ideological Counterterrosim II: The Question of the Bestmotivniye Session 31: TM1
Ideology and Crime: The Second Half of the Twentieth Century Session 327: CC10
Illicit Antiquities: An Archaeologist's View of a Criminal Market Session 351: WC11
The Illinois Secretary of State Police: A Hybridized Model Session 273: PO23
Illinois v. Wardlow: Did the Supreme Court Have Granted More Law Enforcement Autholrity at the Expense of the Fourth Amendment? Session 571: CT15
Illuminating the "Invisible Victims": Developing the Capability to Measure Crime Against People With Disabilities Session 458: RM15
An Illusion of Gun Control Session 265: GU5
The "Image" of Serial Killers: From Events to Social Construnction Session 118: DE1
Images of Kent State: The Effect of 30 Years on Perceptions of Culpability Session 586: MP11
Immigrant Crime, Deportation and Detention: Is Detention Necessary to Ensure that Criminal Aliens Appear at Court Hearings Session 511: VO28
Impact Evaluation of the Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies Project: Preliminary Findings Session 147: CP7
Impact Evaluation of the Kansas City Interdisciplinary Response to Sexual Assault: Preliminary Findings Session 578: GC24
Impact Evaluation of Two Drug Courts Session 538: CT14
Impact of a Cognitive Program on Institutional Misconduct of Inmates in a Midwestern Prison Session 363: CR34
The Impact of Changing the Drug Court Adjudication Process: A Comparison of Broward County Dedicated Drug Treatment Court Cohorts Session 324: CT6
The Impact of Community Policing in Chicago Session 412: PO37
The Impact of Criminal Justice System Involvement on Juvenile Offending Trajectories Session 20: JJ1
Impact of Determinate Sentencing Laws on Plea Rates and Delay Session 10: CT1
Impact of Emotion on Consequence Salience and "Rational" Decision-making in Sexual Aggression Session 315: RC4
The Impact of Ethnic Succession on Homicide in Southeast Los Angeles Session 375: HO7
The Impact of Florida's Prison Population Growth on Crime Rates: A Multiple Time Series Analysis Session 292: CR28
Impact of Gender Composition on Gang Member Attitudes and Behavior Session 46: GC3
The Impact of In-Prison Therapeutic Communities on Rates of Institutional Disorder Session 503: CR47
The Impact of Juvenile Correctional Staff Characteristics and Service Orientation on Incarcerated Juveniles Session 253: CR22
The Impact of Juvenile Court Decisions on Recidivism Session 157: JJ6
The Impact of Juvenile Detention and Incarceration on Educational Outcomes Session 253: CR22
Impact of Mandatory Minimums: A Review of the Literature and a Research Proposal Session 10: CT1
The Impact of Military Service in Vietnam on Offending and Drug-Use Across the Life-Course Session 236: LC7
The Impact of Multijurisdictional Task Forces on Drug Crime Session 250: SP9
Impact of Race and Ethnicity on Charging Decisions for Drug Offenders Session 103: SE4
Impact of Sentence Increases on Punishment Levels for Unlawful Alien Smuggling Session 65: SE3
The Impact of Situational and Cultural Factors Influencing Victimization and Offending Patterns of Black Women Session 450: LA23
Impact of the Neighborhood Microsystem on Self-Report and Officially Recorded Delinquency: A Block by Block Analysis of Sense of Community Session 564: CO9
The Impact of Truth in Sentencing on the Treatment of Incarcerated Sex Offenders Session 280: SE10
The Impact of VAWA: What Counts: Preliminary Findings Session 147: CP7
Impactiveness of Employment Interventions on Re-Offending in Relation to "Ordinary" Ex-Offenders and Ex-Political Prisoners in Northern Ireland Session 256: CT4
Implementation and Impact of 'Get Tough' Sentencing Reform at the Court Level: A Case Study Session 169: SE7
Implementing by Groping Along: A Struggle in Program Evolutionary Implementation Session 456: RP8
Implementing Change in the Chicago Police Department Session 24: PO1
Implementing Change in the Washington, D.C. Police Department Session 24: PO1
Implementing Domestic Violence Prevention in Appalachia Session 579: GC25
Implementing Problem Oriented Policing: Lessons From the British Crime Reduction Programme Session 412: PO37
Implementing Specialized Probation Supervision: A Preliminary Study of Domestic Violence Probation Programs Session 40: CP3
The Implications of Criminology of an Anti-juridical Conception of Social Order Session 398: CC14
Implications of Sex Offender Legislation for Reintegration, Stigmatization, and Recidivism: An Exploratory Analysis Session 489: RP9
The Importance of Frank Tannenbaum to Criminology Session 459: SI3
The Importance of Timing: The Varying Impact of Childhood and Adolescent Maltreatment on Multiple Outcome Problems Session 19: VO1
The Imposition of Criminal Sentencing in Federal Courts: The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Session 65: SE3
Imprisonment Rates and Crime Rates in the Nations of the O.E.C.D. Session 182: CR13
Improvements in Recorded Crime Statistics in England and Wales Session 492: RM16
Improving the Management and Care of Sex Offenders in the Community: Using Needs Assessment as a Tool for Comprehensive Planning Session 489: RP9
Impulse Control Behavioral Interventions: A Meta-Analysis of the Treatment-Effectiveness Literature Session 397: CP13
Imputation Issues in the UCR Session 279: RM6
In and Out of Harm's Way: Violent Victimization and the Protective Social Capital of Fictive Street Families Session 476: VO25
In for a Dime, In for a Dollar: Using the Witch Trials of Renaissance Europe to Understand America's War on Drugs Session 327: CC10
In Search of Autonomy: Imprisoned Women's Negotiation of Gender and Sexual Indentity Within Relationships Session 229: GC8
In the Eye of the Storm: Indigenous Aboriginal Traditions Versus 'The Law' in an Urban Setting Session 235: LA12
Incapacitating the Dangerous: An Evaluation of Sentencing Reform in California Session 144: CR11
Incarcerating Women Jail Inmates Out of Jurisdiction: Problems and Solutions Session 299: GC12
Incarceration, Inequality, and the Drug War in the 21st Century Session 423: SP13
Inconsistencies in Emerging Drug Use Reports in a Longitudinal Study: Correlates and Consequences Session 120: DR8
Incorporating Crime Into the Architectural Design and Planning Process: The "Brantingham Method" of Neighbourhood Crime Study Session 523: RC5
The Increased Criminalization of Racialized Women and Girls in Canada Session 62: RE1
Increasing Access to Justice World Wide? International Variations in Community Courts Session 468: CT10
The Indeterminancy of Forecasts of Crime Rates and Juvenile Offenses Session 481: JJ18
The Indiana Victim Services Assessment Project: Current Findings Session 557: RP13
The Indianapolis Case Study Session 325: CP12
Individual Crime Rates Among Holders of Permits to Carry Concealed Firearms Issued Under "May Issue" and "Shall Issue" Criteria Session 374: GU8
Individualism Versus Collective Responsibility: The Case of Gun Ownership Session 477: GU9
Indo-Chinese Initiates to Heroin Use in Sydney, Australia Session 296: DR15
Infanticide: A Qualitative Study of 14 Murderers Session 88: VO4
Influence of Crime-Related Media and Fear of Crime on Public Opinion of Police Performance and Excessive Use of Force Session 484: MP6
Influence of Organizational Characteristics on the Implementation of a Family-Based Prevention Program Session 224: CP11
The Influence of Race, Gender, and Class on Female Delinquency Session 258: CC8
Influencing the Prosecutors: An Analysis of the Impact of Judicial Discretion on the Implementation of the California 'Three-Strikes' Law Session 169: SE7
Information and Punitive Attitudes: Impact of Characteristics of Offenders on Attitudes Toward Punitiveness of Sentences Session 290: CR26
Information Sharing in Juvenile Justice Systems: Issues, Challenges, and Pitfalls Session 480: JJ17
Inherent Conflicts Between Police and Human Rights: An International Survey Session 97: PO6
Injection Status Differences in Property Crime Among Heroin Drug Users Session 259: DR14
Inmate Mothers and Their Children: Developing a Critical Perspective on a New Generation of At Risk Children Session 402: GC16
Inmate on Prison Guard Assaults: A Test of the Routine Activities Perspective Session 38: CR3
An Inquiry Into the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Restorative Justice Session 331: GC14
The Insanity Defense Re-Examined: A Legal and Historical Analysis Session 186: CT2
Inside the Black Box: Short Versus Long-Term On-Site Observations of Corrections-Based Therapeutic Communities for Drug Offenders Session 535: CR50
Instituting and Evaluating Juvenile Justice Reform in San Francisco Session 440: ER7
Instrumental Theory of Delinquency and Its Broader Potential for Research Session 231: VO10
Integrated Behavior Management Plan for Juveniles Session 20: JJ1
An Integrated Decision Making Model for Police-Citizen Encounters Session 521: PO48
Integrating Diversity: Hate Crimes in the States Session 209: TM6
Integrating Families Into the Justice System's Response to Drug Involved Offenders: From Punishment to Support Session 220: CR20
Integrating Sanction Celerity and Impulsivity: A Behavioral Economic Approach Session 523: RC5
Integrating the Effects of Deviant Motivation and Constraints: A Test of Control Balance Theory Using Situational Control Ratios Session 7: CS1
Integration Between Theory and Practice in the CJS: Asking the Staff Session 515: IC3
The Intended "Hawthorne Effect": Program Evaluation as Outcomes Monitoring and as Outcomes Management Session 228: ER1
Intensive Aftercare: Reintegrating Case Management Across the Correctional Facility-Community Border Session 576: ER14
Intergenerational Continuities in Parenting and Anti-Social Behavior in the Cambridge Study of Delinquent Development Session 57: LC3
Intermediate Sanction Juvenile Boot Camp: Second Annual Evaluation of Cornerstone Camp Kenbridge Session 549: IS7
Internal and External Manifestations of Strain Among a Sample of Incarcerated Kentuckians Session 494: SA4
Internal Communications at the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia: A Network Analysis Session 163: PO15
International Human Rights Standards and Law Enforcement Session 454: PO42
International Law Enforcement Training Session 58: OC2
Internet Pedagogy: How We Can Teach Effectively Over the Web Session 116: CJ4
Interpreting Trends in Gang Problems: Using Multiple Years of NYGC Surveys Session 153: GA4
Intersectionality and Criminological Theory: Why the Margins Should Inform the Center Session 426: SP14
Intimate Partner Homicide as Social Control Session 447: HO8
Intimate Partner Violence and Female Offenders: Exploring Offending and Victimization of Women in Jail Session 323: CR30
Intrafamilial Dynamics Among Male and Female Addicts Session 194: GC7
Intraprison HIV Transmission and the Prison Subculture Session 566: CR52
Investigation Into Racial Bias in Juvenile Arrests Session 516: JJ19
An Investigation Into the Cultural Aspects Behind Japan's Low Crime Rates Session 45: ES2
Investigative Technique for Drug Offenses Session 205: RE5
An Invitation to Our Criminology/Criminal Justice Colleagues Session 355: CC11
Is Class an Outmoded Concept for the Study of Crime and Deviance? Session 591: SC2
Is Fear Contagious Within British Electoral Wards? Session 452: MP5
Is Jeffrey Reiman's Mine Executive a Murderer? Session 295: CC9
Is Public Housing More Violent Than Private Housing? Session 560: SC1
Is SuperMax Super Effective? The Impact of Supermaximum Security Prisons on Institutional Violence Session 291: CR27
Is There a Feminist Theory of Crime? Session 508: GC21
Islamic Political Culture and Crime: A Cross-National Study Session 443: GL3
Isolating the Contributions of the "Individual" and the "Environment" in a Discrete Choice Model of Criminal Recidivism: An Information Theoretic Approach Session 419: RM13
Issues and Dilemmas in Historical Feminist Research Session 28: RM1
Issues in Implementing Family Strengthening Programming for High-Risk Asian American Youth and Families Session 540: ER11
It Can Happen Everywhere: Wrongful Conviction in Israel Session 491: RP11
It Takes a Village: Public Willingness to Help Wayward Youth Session 20: JJ1
It's All in the Record: Using Criminal Justice Indicators to Test Gottfredson and Hirschi's Theory Session 338: LA15
"It's the Family Stupid": New Labour, Old Family and Crime Control Session 80: CC3

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