The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter H

Paper Title Session ID
Hacking Into the Future: Profiles and Targets of the New Super Hackers Session 246: WC7
Half Full: Searching for Success in the Criminal Justice System Session 189: CC6
Half of the Violence in a Birth Cohort is Accounted for by 3 DSJM-III-R Disorders, and Each Disorder Explains Violence for a Different Reason Session 588: PS5
The Handling of Pregnant, Drug-Using Probationers by Probation Departments Session 304: IS5
Harm and Repair: Observing Restorative Justice in Vermont Session 430: CR38
Hate Crime in Canada: Data Collection Issues Session 32: TM2
Hate-Speech Online: Computer-Mediated Communication as a Vehicle for Criminality Session 104: TM4
Health Care Fraud: Is Undertreatment Replacing Overtreatment? Session 284: WC9
Health Impact Assessment and Crime Prevention: An Analysis of the Effects of Burglary Reduction and Youth Diversion on Health in North West England Session 11: CP1
Help Me O God: Religious Coping Styles and Adjustment to Incarceration Session 9: CR2
Hemp Prohibition: The Clash Between Commercial Interests and Federal Drug Policy Session 191: DR12
The Hidden Relationship Between Economic Hardship and Crime: Empirical Overcoming of Theoretical and Methodological Obstacles Session 16: ES1
High Points and Low Points in Twentieth Century Criminology Session 248: SP8
Higher Education: The Relationship of Ritalin Use to Illegal Drug Use and Other Delinquent Behaviors Among School Children Session 227: DR13
A Highly Innovative Intervention Programme for Very Young Offenders in the UK Session 47: VO2
An Historical and Theoretical Perspective of Custodial Sexual Abse in Women's Facilities Session 217: CR17
Historical Child Abuse Investigations: The Experiences of the Survivors Session 195: VO7
Historical Contingency of Informal Social Control: Variation in Marriage-Crime Relationships Through Time, 1947-1996 Session 110: CS4
Historically Black Versus Traditionally White Institutions: A Comparison Session 313: RE10
HIV/AIDS Risk Reduction Among Drug-involved Probationers Session 44: DR2
Holding Serious Juvenile Offenders Responsible: Implications From Differential Oppression Theory Session 269: JJ9
Home Again, Home Again: Giving Up the Jig Session 154: VO6
Homicide Among Nations: Convergence, Divergence, Booms and Busts, 1955 to 1995 Session 235: LA12
Homicide and Sexual Homicide: An Investigation of Crime Scene Behaviours and Offender Characteristics Session 548: HO12
Homicide Types in Los Angeles, 1900-1985 Session 582: HO13
Homicide Victimization: A Cross-National Review From an Age and Gender Perspective Session 513: HO10
Homo-cide: Queer Killings Across Canada Session 209: TM6
Honour and Revenge Among Youth in a Secondary School Session 420: SI2
Hoochie-Mamas, Creepers, and Dope Fiends: The Inextricable Link Between Drug Addiction and Sex Work in a Jersey City Neighborhood and Implications for Law Enforcement Session 559: RM20
How "General" is Self-Control Theory? A Test of Interactions Between Self-Control and Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, Age, and Size of Place Session 181: CS6
How Are Police Crime Statistics in the U.S. Flawed? Session 492: RM16
How Do We Put the Community in Community-Based Justice? Some Views of Participants in Criminal Court Diversion Session 468: CT10
How Long Do Treatment Programs Need to Be? Examining the Effects of Treatment Program Duration on Recidivism Reductions Session 363: CR34
How Representative of Arrest History is the Current Arrest?": A Group of Arrestees Session 506: DR22
How Strong do Neighborhoods Have to be to Resist the Spread of Violence? The Diffusion of Drug and Violent Crimes in Baltimore, 1982-1994 Session 83: DR5
How to Improve and Advance Restorative Justice Programs Through Quality Assurance Measures Session 568: CR54
How to Not Become Deviant: Neutralization Mechanisms and/or Accounts of Manipulite (Clean Hands) Defendants Session 562: SP21
How to Win Tenure in an Academic Institution Session 71: CR5
How We Know What We Know: The Social Construction of Academic Debate in Criminology Session 420: SI2
How Well Does NIBRS Data Reflect the National Crime Experience? Session 526: RM19
Human Relations as a Punitive Tool Session 45: ES2
Humanize Our Prisons? Session 355: CC11
Hunting Ghosts: The Control of White-collar Crime in the Securities Markets Session 67: WC2
Hyperdeprivation and Violence: The Segregation of Social Problems and Hispanic Homicide Session 277: RE8

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