The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter G

Paper Title Session ID
Gambling, Delinquency, and Drug Use During Adolescence: Mutual Influences and Common Risk Factors Session 400: DR19
Gang Affiliation and Self-Esteem: The Effects of Biracial Identity Session 260: GA6
Gang Control Efforts in a Community Policing Environment Session 310: PO27
Gang Emergence in New York City as a Mass Media/Youth Culture Construction: Continuity and Change in Group Structure and Symbolism Session 441: GA8
The Gang Leader's Perspective Session 441: GA8
Gang Membership: A Reaction to Strain? Session 317: SA1
Gangs and Crime: Do Definitions Matter? Session 577: GA9
Gangs and Transnational Crimes Session 298: GA7
Gangs as Social Movements? From Irrationalism and Elite Controls to Post-modern Empowerment Session 42: CC1
Gangs in Federal Prison: Are They More Violent Than Their Non-gang Affiliated Peers? Session 291: CR27
Gangs, Space, and Police Suppression Session 42: CC1
Gangsterism: Crip'in On Hoover Session 441: GA8
Gateways Into the City: Migration and Criminalization in Emilia-Romagna (Italy) Session 497: SP18
Gault and the Juvenile Court: Interaction of Race and Type of Attorney on Juvenile Court Outcomes Session 157: JJ6
Gays, Lesbians and Law Enforcement, Oh My!: A Cross-National Examination of the Relationship Between Law Enforcement and the Gay and Lesbian Community in the United States and Venezuela as it Pertains to Domestic Violence Session 411: PO36
Gender and Homicide Circumstance in England and Wales: What Difference Does Difference Make? Session 197: HO3
Gender and Policing: Changes and Contrasts Session 274: PO24
Gender and Teaching Evaluations: Issues and Perspectives Session 294: CJ10
Gender Differences in Children's Aggressive Behavior: The Effect of Television Violence and Delinquent Peer Association Session 301: VO13
Gender Differences in Drug Court Participants' Perceptions of Mental Health Issues Session 186: CT2
Gender Differences in Police Behavior: Handling Emotional Citizens Session 411: PO36
Gender Differences in Trends in Violence Rates: Contemporary and Historical Patterns Session 303: HO5
Gender Expectations and the Social Construction of Criminal Responsibility in the Insanity Defense Session 244: SE9
Gender Inequality and Intersexual Homicide Session 262: GC10
Gender or Situation? An Assessment of the Relative Contribution of Gender and Situational Factors to Harmful Outcomes in Violent Encounters Session 474: GC20
Gender Self-Esteem, and Delinquency: Using the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to Test and Extend Agnew's General Strain Theory Session 460: SA3
Gender Variation in Delinquent Activity: A Test of Social Learning Theory Session 87: VO3
Gender, Attributional Styles, and Direction of Lethal Violence: A Partial Test of an Integrated Model of Suicide and Homicide Session 197: HO3
Gender-Based Pathway to Criminality and Drugs Session 300: GC13
Gendered Justice: Programming for Women in Correctional Settings Session 185: CR16
General Strain Theory and Recidivism: Testing the Cumulative Impact of Strain on Recidivism From an Offender Population Session 494: SA4
The General Theory of Crime: Constructing the Next Generation Session 76: CS3
A Geographic Analysis of Illegal Drug Markets Session 109: CO3
Geographic Information Systems: An Effective Technological Intervention for Proactive Policing Session 239: PO21
The Georgia Cognitive Skills Program: Preliminary Outcoe Findings Session 363: CR34
Getting Ahead in Illegal Enterprise: A Network Explanation of Promotional Advancement in the Cosa Nostra Session 96: OC3
An Getting by With a Little Help From Your Friends and Neighbors: Examination of the Effect of Social Support on Victimization Outcomes by Neighborhood Session 449: LA22
Getting Old But Not Getting Out: Policy Changes Which Could Serve to Mitigate Morbidity and Mortality Among Aging Inmates Session 196: VO8
Getting Out: Life Stories of Women Who Left Abusive Men Session 546: VO30
Getting to Death: Fairness and Efficiency in the Processing and Conclusion of Death Penalty Cases After Furman Session 307: LA14
Getting Together to Get it Good: The Impact of Friendship Networks on Prison Life Session 291: CR27
Getting Tough on Juveniles: The Transfer of Power and Discretion From Probation to Prosecution Session 91: JJ3
Girls, Gangs and Violence Session 46: GC3
Girls, Guys, Alcohol, and Violence Session 400: DR19
Goals to Fourth World Peoples: Comparative Colonial Trends in the United States and New Zealand Session 62: RE1
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Problematic Perceptions of Human Nature in Sociological Criminology Session 515: IC3
Got Alcohol?: It is Time to Begin Addressing Alcohol Use by Adolescents as a DRUG Problem Session 498: AL2
Governing the Interstices: Foucault, Patten, and the Dispersal of Power Session 437: CC15
Graduate Student Information: How to Find a Job and How to Get Published Session 427: SP15
The Grantee's Perspective: Comments and Concerns of a Current Grantee Session 243: RM5
Graying Behind Bars: A Look at Idaho's Elderly Prison Population Session 196: VO8
Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: A Multiple Models Approach to Predicting Recidivism Session 419: RM13
A Grounded Look on the Debate Over Prison-Based Education: Optimism Theory Versus Pessimism Wordview Session 149: CJ6
Group Interventions for Multiply Victimized Children in the Community: An Evaluation Study Session 476: VO25
Gun Control: The Formula for Success (The Minnesota Experience) Session 477: GU9
Gun Ownership and Academic Discipline Session 334: GU7
Gun Storage Method and Risk of Homicide in the Home Session 335: HO6
Gun Use Among Incarcerated Youth: A Comparison of the Subcultural and Control Models Session 547: GU11

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