The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter E

Paper Title Session ID
Early Aggression in Children: Separating Current From Prior Effects in a Population Survey Session 95: LC4
Early Predictors of Serious Violence in Young Adults Session 379: LA19
Early Sexual Abuse, Street Experience, and Drug Use Among Female Homeless and Runaway Adolescents Session 227: DR13
Early Transitions to Adult Roles and Subsequent Adult Deviance: Moderating Effects of Gender and Mediating Influences or Self-Esteem Session 21: LC1
Early Warning Systems as an Accountability Mechanism: Opportunities and Problems Session 98: PO7
East German History in the Mirror of West German Law Session 444: GL4
Easy-to-Find and Hard-to-Find Subjects: Are Their Characteristics and Outcomes Different? Session 272: LD1
The Ecological and Social Composition of Areas With Relatively High and Low Criminal Activity in Edmonton, Alberta 1955-1999 Session 109: CO3
Ecological Assessment of Neighborhood, Family, Peer, and Individual Characteristics in Predicting Antisocial Behavior: A Multilevel Analysis Session 500: CO7
Economic and White-Collar Crime Trends in Finland Between 1990-2000 Session 210: WC6
Economic Considerations: Globalization and Financial Institutions; Criminogenic Aspect of Speculations Session 94: LA6
Economic Espionage Activities Session 283: WC8
Economic Insecurity and Punitiveness Toward Crime in the United States and the Czech Republic Session 182: CR13
Economic Systems and the Point of Satiation Session 527: SA5
Educating Sensibilities: Children and the Intractabilities of Penal Communication Session 432: CR40
Educational Linkages for Transitioning Juvenile Offenders: Strategies and Results From the Clark County IAP Pilot Site Session 376: JJ14
The Effect CCTV on Crime in Public Housing Session 532: CO8
The Effect of "Good" Peers on Behavioral Outcomes of Violent Youth Session 509: VO26
The Effect of Cannabis Use in High School and Tranbsitional Problems on Use in Adulthood: A Seven-Year Panel Study Session 574: DR24
The Effect of Deindustrialization on Homicide in Three American Cities Session 513: HO10
The Effect of Gang Membership on Transitions to Adulthood Session 230: VO9
The Effect of Homicide Rates on Support for Capital Punishment Session 290: CR26
Effect of Human Capital on African American Ph.Ds at HBCUS and Traditional White Instiututions Session 313: RE10
The Effect of Increasing Imprisonment on Crime Rates: 1971-1998--A New Look at an Old Question Session 292: CR28
The Effect of Intensive "Quality of Life" Policing on Drug Injectors in New York City Session 539: DR23
The Effect of Offender-oriented Publicity in Rational Choice and Situational Crime Prevention Session 523: RC5
Effect of Participation in the Baltimore City Drug Court Treatment Program on Rearrest Over a Two-Year Period Session 536: CT12
The Effect of Period on the Age-Crime Curve: A Log-Linear Analysis of Crime Rates Estimated by a Study of Four Cohorts Session 272: LD1
The Effect of Persistent Poverty on Early Behavioral Problems and Juvenile Delinquency Session 407: VO21
Effect of Prosecutorial Discretion on Disparity Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 30: SE2
Effect of Sentence Enhancement Laws on Gun Use in Felonies: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis of Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia Session 265: GU5
Effect of Socio-Economic Disadvantage and Racial Composition on Neighborhood Homicide: An Application of the Massey-Denton Racial Concentration Index Session 592: SC3
The Effect of Working at Home on Crime Rates: Macro Level Analysis Under the Rational Choice Perspective Session 26: RC1
Effectiveness of Electronic Monitoring Supervision With Violent Parolees Session 252: CR21
The Effectiveness of Electronic Security Measures on Combating Robbery in Denmark Session 517: LA25
Effectiveness of Treatment in Domestic Violence Cases Session 439: ER6
The "Effectiveness" of Differential Supervision Session 467: CR44
The Effects and Consequences of Selling and Using Heroin Among Mexican American Street Gang Members Session 260: GA6
The Effects of Abuse in Childhood on Spouse Battering in Adulthood Session 445: VO22
Effects of Alcohol Intoxication and Anger on Violent Decision Making in Men Session 315: RC4
Effects of Case Management on Parolee Misconduct: The Bay Area Services Network Session 156: IS2
Effects of Child Maltreatment on Anxiety and Depression Among Institutionalized Youth Session 47: VO2
The Effects of Family and Self-Concept on Youth Gang Membership Session 260: GA6
The Effects of Jail on Mothers Session 402: GC16
Effects of Juvenile Court Case Processing Decisions on Juvenile Dentention Populations: 1993-1997 Conditions and Future Forecast Populations Session 157: JJ6
The Effects of Life Circumstances on the Short-Term Within Individual Variability in Adolescents' Involvement in Delinquency Session 236: LC7
Effects of Loss of Public Defender Funding for Parents of CHIPS Cases: An E mpirical Test of the Organizational Model of the Courtroom Workgroup Session 504: CT11
The Effects of Managed Care Policy on the Treatment of Juvenile Sex Offenders Session 337: JJ13
The Effects of Mortality Salience on Perceptions of Hate Crimes Session 588: PS5
The Effects of Neighborhood, School, and Individual Characteristics on Delinquency: A Cross-Nested Multilevel Study Session 36: CO1
The Effects of Parental Neglect on Male Sibling Alcohol Use Session 321: AL1
The Effects of Race and Age on Misdemeanor Court Dispositions Session 103: SE4
Effects of Race on Academe: Teaching While Black ! The Session 313: RE10
Effects of Race, Family Background, Crime, and Ensnarement in the Criminal Justice System on Adult Positions in the Social Stratification Hierarchy Session 110: CS4
The Effects of Recent Virginia Juvenile Transfer Statutes: Interactions of Local Crime Rates, Juvenile Justice Resources and Transfer Practices Session 27: RP1
The Effects of Social Disorder and Neighbourhood Characteristics on Fear of Crime and Neighbourhood Satisfaction Session 75: CO2
The Effects of Work and JJS Sanctions on Subsequent Delinquent Behavior: An International Comparison Session 230: VO9
El Mundo Sin Frontieras: Obstacles to Transnational Crime Control Session 469: CC16
Elderly as Victims of Crime in Barbados Session 264: VO12
Electrifying the Classroom Session 225: CJ8
Electronic Monitoring of Prisoners Released Early Under the Home Detention Curfew Scheme Session 252: CR21
Elementary School Predictors of Very Young Offending Session 406: VO20
Elements of a Cultural Program for Native Hawaiian Female Adolescents Session 416: RE11
The Emergence of a 'War' on Economic Crime: The Case of Finland Session 469: CC16
Emergency Medicine: Criminal Justice Partnership for Violence Prevention and Evaluation of Violence Reduction Initiatives Session 456: RP8
The Emerging Battle Over the World Trade Organization: Implications for the Study and Control of Transnational Corporate Crime Session 33: WC1
Emerging Developments on Right-Wing Terrorism in the United States Session 66: TM3
Emloyment Turnover Among Alaska Native and Non-Native Village Public Safety Officers Session 343: PO30
Emotional Breaking Point, Psychological Blow Automatism, and Provocation Considered Session 186: CT2
An Empirical Research on Corporate Crime in Taiwan Session 210: WC6
The Empirical Status of Social Learning Theory: A Meta-Analysis Session 87: VO3
An Empirical Study of Women Homicide Offenders in Burke, Columbia, and Richmond Counties of Georgia Session 197: HO3
Employment and Crime: A Preliminary Comparison of Male and Female Federal Prisons Session 362: CR33
The End of Innocence: Images of Youth and Juvenile Justice Policies Session 233: JJ8
The Endurance of Correctional Institutions: A Case Study Session 565: CR51
Enforcement of Norms: Group Cohesion and Sanctioning Session 110: CS4
Enhancing Drug Court Retention in a Rural State Session 50: IS1
Enhancing Juvenile Justice Evaluation Capacity in the States Session 542: ER13
Ensuring Programme Delivery: What Makes Programmes Work? Session 569: CR55
Entering the Moral Maze: Planning Rehabilitation for Female Offenders Session 217: CR17
The Epidemiology of Inmate Deaths: Variations by Region, Institutional Characteristics, and Manner of Death Session 291: CR27
Equal Sentences? Equal Protection? The Crack and Powder Cocaine Sentencing Disparity Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 65: SE3
The Establishment of a Web-Based Criminal Justice Course Session 116: CJ4
Estimating Context Effects on Juvenile Justice Decisions Session 234: LA11
Estimating HIV SeroPrevalence Among Prisons Entering Correctional Facilities in the United States, 1997-2000 Session 322: CR29
Estimating Stranger Homicides in California Jurisdictions Session 64: RM2
Estimating the Prevalence and Underreporting of Hate Crime Among Public High School Students Session 32: TM2
Estimating Wrongful Convictions Session 252: CR21
Ethernet Connectivity and Software Piracy in a University Setting Session 171: WC5
Ethical Implications of Crime Mapping Session 239: PO21
Ethics in Criminal Justice Academia: Meeting the Challenges of the New Millennium Session 41: CJ3
Ethnic and Gender Identity Amoung Troubled Youth in Hawaii Session 261: GC9
Ethnographic View of San Francisco's Young Heroin Users Session 259: DR14
The Ethnography of Organized Crime Session 562: SP21
Ethnoviolence on Campus: The Experiences of Native American Students Session 32: TM2
The European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics: Comparative Crime Trends in 36 European Countries From 1990-1996 Session 385: RM10
Evaluability Assessment of Victim Services 2000 Session 297: ER2
Evaluating a Parenting Program for Incarcerated Fathers: The Fathers and Children Together Program Session 540: ER11
Evaluating a Youth-Led Program: Lessons Learned and Taught Session 542: ER13
Evaluating Domestic Violence Training for Police Officers Session 439: ER6
Evaluating Gang and Drug House Abatement in Chicago Session 383: PO34
Evaluating Maryland After-School Programs Session 224: CP11
Evaluating Restorative Community Justice Session 114: CR10
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Rural Law Enforcement Training Session 202: PO17
Evaluating the Impacts of a New Model of Family-Based Treatment and Prevention Session 220: CR20
Evaluating the Methamphetamine Initiative in Oklahoma City Session 84: DR6
Evaluating the Methamphetamine Initiative in Dallas Session 84: DR6
Evaluating the South Oxnard Challenge Project: Year Three Session 337: JJ13
Evaluation and Criminal Justice Program Theory: The Critical Linkages Session 228: ER1
Evaluation of a Comprehensive Community Approach to Domestic Violence Prevention Session 439: ER6
Evaluation of a Domestic Violence Intervention for Health Care Professionals: Effects on Client Referrals and Utilization Session 579: GC25
Evaluation of an Anger Management Programe in the United Kingdom Session 569: CR55
Evaluation of Comprehensive Community Initiatives: A Dynamic Approach Session 228: ER1
Evaluation of Prison-Based Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Pennsylvania Session 82: DR4
Evaluation of SAFE STREETS NOW! Session 223: CP10
Evaluation of Secured by Design Housing Schemes, West Yorkshire, England Session 11: CP1
An Evaluation of the "Notebook Method" as a Research Methods Learhing Tool for Criminal Justice Practitioners Session 61: PO5
Evaluation of the Baton Rouge Partnership to Reduce Juvenile Gun Violence: Outcome Findings Session 49: GU2
Evaluation of the Comprehensive Commuity-Wide Approach to Gang Prevention, Intervention, and Suppression: Preliminary Findings Session 92: JJ4
An Evaluation of the Day Reporting Program in Vigo County, Indiana Session 549: IS7
Evaluation of the East Oakland Partnership to Reduce Juvenile Gun Violence: Process and Outcome Findings Session 49: GU2
Evaluation of the Little Village Gang Violence Reduction Project Session 193: GA5
Evaluation of the National Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative Session 228: ER1
An Evaluation of Victim Impact Programs Session 563: AL3
An Evaluation of Victim Offender Reconciliation Programs in Six California Counties Session 233: JJ8
Evaluation of VOCA Compensation and Assistance Session 297: ER2
Evaluation Research: Measuring the Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit for a Substance Abuse Treatment Program Session 207: RP6
Evaluation Study of Toronto's "John School": Overview and Preliminary Results Session 467: CR44
Evaluatng a Community Police Initiative in Philadelphia's Public Housing Session 223: CP10
Event Structure Analysis of Comprehensive Community Initiatives Session 525: RM18
Evidence for the Reliability and Validity of the Self-Appraisal Questionnaire (SAQ): A Tool for Assessing Violent and Non-Violent Recidivism Session 113: CR9
The Evolution of Pretrial Release: A Community Correction Strategy in an Era of Crime Control Session 431: CR39
Evolving Optimum Inmate Classification Policies in the Implementation of Truth-in-Sentencing: A Dynamic Model to Predict Bed-Type Mix Session 139: SE6
Examination of Defensive Gun Use Incidents Session 334: GU7
Examination of Gender and Site Differences for Racial Diverse Gang Members Session 441: GA8
An Examination of Individual and Contextual Factors and Type of Legal Intervention in Reducing Domestic Violence Revictimization Session 123: GC5
An Examination of Juvenile Homicide and Perceptions of Violence in Chicago: A True Phenomenon or Constructed Reality Caused by the Media Session 90: HO1
An Examination of Native American Homicide Rates in the U.S. Session 277: RE8
An Examination of the Attitudes of Drug Court Personnel Toward Operational Development and Evaluation in Three Drug Courts Session 364: CT7
An Examination of the Ethical and Value Orientation of Criminal Justice Students Session 41: CJ3
Examinig Andrews and Bont's Concepts of Risk and Need and Their Impact on Drug and Delinquency Treatment Outcomes Session 433: CR41
Examining Drug Treatment Effectiveness Across Prison and Parole Systems Session 503: CR47
Examining Factors of Juvenile First Offender Dispositions in Philadelphia Session 127: JJ5
Examining the Building Blocks of Theories: An Iterdisciplinary Analysis of Theories on Anti-Social and Criminal Behavior Session 515: IC3
Examining the Conditional Nature of the Illicit Drug Markets-Homicide Relationship: A Partial Test of the Theory of Contingent Causation Session 303: HO5
Examining the Efficacy of Youth Violence Surveillance Session 168: RM4
Examining the Impact of Jail Crowding on Violence Session 253: CR22
Examining the Independent and Cumulative Effects of Protective Factors in Promoting Resiliency: Evidence From a National Sample of Adolescents Session 56: LC2
Examining the Role of Values in a Community and Crime Model Session 75: CO2
Examining the Use of Bounded Interviews in the National Crime Victimization Survey Session 458: RM15
Excluded Identities and Structural Violence Session 437: CC15
Executions: The Orchestration of Death Session 307: LA14
Expenditure on the Criminal Justice System in the U.S. and Europe Session 340: LA17
The Experience of Six Community Restorative Justice Projects in Washington State: Issues Impacting on Process and Outcome Session 430: CR38
Experiences From a Norwegian Project to Improve the Transition Between Prison and Working Life Session 182: CR13
Experiences of Victimization and Delinquency of Pupils in East Germany Session 510: VO27
Experiential Learning in the Criminal Justice Curriculum Session 188: CJ7
Explaining Co-offending Patterns Using Social Exchange Theory Session 373: VO18
Explaining Dropout and Delinquency: A Test of Three Theories Session 392: CS8
Explaining Non-Metropolitan Crime: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory Upon Crime in a Non-Urban Community Session 288: CO4
Explaining Violence by Black and White Adolescents: An Application of General Strain Theory Session 460: SA3
The Explanatory Power of Background Variables for Morality Indexes Session 385: RM10
Exploration of Massachusetts Rape Shield Law Exception: From the Statehouse to the Courthouse Session 578: GC24
Exploring 'Economic Rationality' in the British Probation Service Session 431: CR39
Exploring the Consequences of Child Maltreatment Over the Lifecourse Session 340: LA17
Exploring the Icebergs of American Justice: A Behavioral Analysis of Human Rights Session 134: RE3
Exploring the Recidivism Process of Maryland Adult Probationers: An Examination of a Police-Correction Partnership Session 305: IS6
Exploring Violent Crime in the UK: The Value of Local Police Force Data Session 164: PO16
Exposed to Domestic Violence Session 223: CP10
Extending a Confluence Model of Neighbourhood and Family Effects on Childhood Gendered Aggression Session 510: VO27
Extending Findings From Repeat Victimization: Understanding the Nexus Session 413: PO38
Extrajudicial Measures for Youth Justice in Canada and in England and Wales Session 408: JJ16

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