The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter D

Paper Title Session ID
Dangerous Liaisons: Legal Barriers to Inmate/Guard Relationships Session 8: CR1
Dealing With the Intersection of Substance Abuse and Criminal Justice Supervision Within Public Housing: A Family Focused Approach Session 220: CR20
Dealing With the Modern Terrorist: The Need for Changes in Strategies and Tactics in the New War on Terrorism Session 129: OC4
Declining Crime in New York City: Correlates and Causation Session 273: PO23
Dedicated Probation Elements in Domestic Violence Programs: Do They Make a Difference? Session 431: CR39
Defence of Political Trials in Germany: A Wasted Effort Session 444: GL4
Delays in Discovering Wrongful Convictions in Capital Cases Session 491: RP11
Delinquency in our Public Schools: Understanding the Factors That Lead to Crime in the Classroom Session 550: LA26
Delinquency Participation of Female Youth: Findings From the 1997 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth Session 516: JJ19
The Delinquency Truancy Assessment Center -- Building a Database From the Ground Floor Session 480: JJ17
Delinquency, Health Behavior and Health Session 160: LC5
Delinquent Pathways: Examining the Vulnerabilities and Unique Risks Girls Encounter Session 124: GC6
Demarcating the Sexual Offender Session 314: RR3
Democide, Genocide and Deterrence: Where Might the Right to Arms Have Made a Difference in Twentieth Century History? Session 581: GU12
Demographic and Attitudinal Correlates of Support for Life Without Parole as an Alternative to the Death Penalty Session 348: SE11
Demographic Methods for Comparative Studies on Violence and Crime Session 385: RM10
Demonizing the Victim: Public Order Crimes and Societal Restructuring Session 282: VL1
The Denial of Justice and Its Restoration: A Theoretical Excursion Into Alternatives to the Mainstream Justice System Session 292: CR28
Describing Illegal Gun Markets in Baltimore Session 48: GU1
The Design, Content and Use of Crime and Disorder Audits: A Reflection on Recent Experiences in Britain Session 465: CO5
Designing and Implementing an Adult Restorative Justice Program: Hopeful Beginnings and Bureaucratic Resistance Session 456: RP8
Designing and Mapping a Combined Police and Probation Database: A Preliminary Assessment of the Development Process, Applications, and Use Session 502: CR46
Designing Research Studies for Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders and Criminal Justice Involvement: Recruitment, Interviewing, and Tracking Strategies Session 133: PS1
Desistance and Persistance in Self-Reported Delinquency: Trajectories and Correlates in Young Adulthood Session 21: LC1
Desistance From Crime: An Exploration of the Impact of Adult Social Bonds and the Intersection of Gender, Race, and Class Session 483: LC10
Detained vs. Deep End Juvenile Offenders: Do They Differ in Mental Health Needs? Session 276: PS2
Detecting and Describing Intervention Effects in a Universal School-based Randomized Trial Targeting Delinquent and Violent Behavior Session 125: VO5
Detecting Non-residential Burglary Session 100: PO9
Detection and Evasion in Screening for Substances of Abuse: The Effects of Common Substances on Urinalysis Screening Methods Session 533: CR48
Detectives, "High Profile" Cases and "Community Policing": The Politics of Promoting a Positive Police Image Session 587: PO50
Determinants of Elderly Crime: A Comparison of the Effects of Race, Gender, and Family Orientation on Crimes of Violence, Property, and Substance Abuse Session 264: VO12
Determinants of Intentions to Commit White Collar Crime Session 105: WC3
Determinants of Victimization Among the Homeless Session 592: SC3
Determining Level of Punitiveness: Issues of Identity and Diversity in Police Districts Session 59: PO3
Determining the Appropriate Level of Policing for Cities Session 131: PO11
Determining the Appropriate Level of Policing for Cities Session 273: PO23
Determining the Health Needs of Incarcerated Women Session 9: CR2
Determining the Risk of Partner Violence Re-Offending: A Validity Assessment Session 439: ER6
Deterrent Effects of Formal and Informal Responses to Probationer Violations on Subsequent Violations and Final Discharge Session 431: CR39
Deterrent Power of Youth Court: The Effectiveness of a Three Judge Tribunal Youth Court Session 91: JJ3
Developing a Restorative Community Justice Curriculum Session 145: CR12
Developing a Theoretical Framework for Research on Foster and Institutional Care Session 201: LC6
Developing Trajectories of Delinquency: A Comparison of Several Techniques Session 333: VO15
Development and Crime -- A Reevaulation of Modernization and Opportunity Theories With Crime Data in China Session 370: GL1
The Development of a Prison Classification System for Women Session 217: CR17
Development of Educative Treatment in Juvenile Training Schools in Japan Session 289: CR25
The Development of Empathy Through Attachment Relationships and Reintegrative Shaming: Testing an Integrative Social Capital Theory of Crime Session 198: IC1
Development of Sanctions Severity in Criminal Careers Session 443: GL3
Development Trajectories of Violent Delinquency: A Joint Model of Parental and Peer Influences During Adolescence Session 333: VO15
A Developmental Definition of Desistance: An Empirical Examination Session 333: VO15
Developmental Prevention in a Community Context Session 237: LC8
A Developmental Status Theory of Delinquency and the Age-Crime Curve Session 201: LC6
Developmental Test of the Deviance Syndrome With Adjudicated Girls and Boys Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis Session 95: LC4
Developmental Trajectories of Physical Aggression From School Entry to Late Adolescence Session 333: VO15
Deviance Among Athletes: An Integrated Conceptual Model Session 198: IC1
Diagnostic and Treatment Implications of the California Youth Autholrity Ward Treatment Needs Assessment Validation Study Session 361: CR32
A Different Kind of Resocialization: Examining the Inmate Subculture in a Juvenile Prison Session 199: JJ7
Different Models of Policing Paedophiles in the Community: A British Experience Session 204: PO19
Differential Exposure and Vulnerability to HIV Infection Among Drug Involved Offenders Session 44: DR2
Differential Perceptions About the Benefits of Drug Court: Client Recruitment Difficulties in a Research Project Session 364: CT7
Differential Seat Belt Enforcement: A Multi-Jurisdictional Study Session 162: PO14
The Differing Community-Level Outcomes of Policing Drug Markets in New York City Session 190: DR11
The Diffusion of Community Policing Session 60: PO4
The Dimensionality of Crime: A Dynamic Factor Analysis Session 526: RM19
Dimensions of Patrol Officers' Performance and Behavior: Conceptualization and Measurement Session 521: PO48
Dimensions of Weapons and Age in Spousal Homicides: A Correspondence Analysis Session 262: GC10
Direct and Indirect Effects of Pubertal Development on Delinquency: A Life-Course Approach Session 160: LC5
Direct Supervision Jails: Do They Measure Up? Session 253: CR22
Discerning Primary and Secondary Features of Violent Disorders Session 588: PS5
Disciplinary Infractions in Prison: A Test of Deprivation, Importation, and Situational Models Session 291: CR27
Discretion and Suspicion in Police Stops and Searches of the Public Session 414: PO39
Discrimination Without Prejudice: The Systemic Production of Discriminatory Outcomes Session 464: SP17
Disparities in Federal Criminal Justice System: Examining the Factors Leading to Differential Outcomes by Race and Judicial District Session 65: SE3
Displacement and Diffusion of Crime Control Benefits: Observations From a Controlled Study Session 523: RC5
Disposition of Felony Cases in California by Race of Defendant Session 103: SE4
Disproportionate Minority Confinement Program Session 542: ER13
Disputatiousness, Aggressiveness and Victimization Amongst Street Youth Session 510: VO27
Disrupting Illegal Gun Markets in Boston Session 48: GU1
Distinguishing Between the Criminal and the 'Crazy': Decisions to Arrest in Police Encounters With the Mentally Disordered Session 204: PO19
Diversion of Mentally Ill Substance Using Jail Detainees With Co-Morbid Psychopathy and Trauma Session 133: PS1
Diversity, It'se a Two Edge Sword for the Police Session 520: PO47
DNA Evidence Testing: Privatization: What is the Cost? Session 25: PO2
Do Police Unions and Police Chiefs Really Disagree About Community Policing? Results From a National Study Session 555: PO49
Do You Want to be a "Thousandaire"?: Some Considerations in the Preparation of a Successful Proposal to the NIJ Data Resources Program Session 243: RM5
Does Parole Matter? The Changing Nature of Parole in the United States Session 583: IS8
Does Pennsylvania's Motivational Boot Camp Program Reduce Recidivism? Session 467: CR44
Does Restorative Justice Reduce Costs and Reconvictions? Session 568: CR54
Doing Feminist Criminal Justice Policy Analysis: A Conceptual and Methodological Toolkit Session 258: CC8
"Doing Gender" on E: Drugs, Dance and the Social Construction of Gender Session 151: DR9
Doing Research in Difficult Places: A Suggested Methodology for Qualitative Research in Prisons Session 559: RM20
Domestic Conflict and Murder Session 262: GC10
Domestic Terrorism in the New Millenium: A Critical Review of Violent Extremism Session 170: TM5
Domestic Violence Against Men and Women: Results of a Canadian Survey Session 263: GC11
Domestic Violence Against Women: Community Justice Issue or Individual Crime? Session 17: GC1
Domestic Violence Paradox: Arrest of "Battered" Women Session 86: GC4
Domestic Violence: A Global Perspective Session 17: GC1
Domestic Violence: Personal and Situational Factors, Arrest Decisions and Prosecution Outcomes as a Function of Offender Recidivism Session 508: GC21
Domestic Violence: The Role of Racial/Ethnic Dyads in Prosecutorial Decision-Making Session 504: CT11
Double Jeopardy: The Consequences of Implementing Megan's Law in the UK Session 158: LA8
Driving and Speeding Behavior of North Carolina Vehicular Drivers: Preliminary Results of Baseline Data Collected in the Field Session 457: RM14
Driving While Black: The Experiences of College Students Session 241: RE7
Drug Choices: A Study of Drug Use and Decision-Making Session 315: RC4
Drug Dependence Among Arrestees: Regional Differences Session 533: CR48
Drug Market Violence: The Situational Factors That Facilitate and Impede Victim Retaliation Session 242: RR1
Drug Testing Probationers and Parolees: The Affect Variables Have on Positive Results and No-show Rates Session 156: IS2
Drug Traffickers as Social Bandits: Culture and Drug Trafficking in Northern Mexico and the Border Region Session 539: DR23
Drug Treatment and Parole Outcomes for Youthful Offenders Session 438: DR20
Drug Treatment Court: Where Does it Leave the Drug Policy Debate on the Public Health/Criminal Justice Continuum? Session 15: DR1
Drug Treatment is Not Just for Quitters Session 296: DR15
Drug Use Among Growing Parole Populations Session 250: SP9
Drug Use Prevalence and Drug Purchase in the Netherlands vs USA Session 539: DR23
Drugs and Crimes Amongst Australian Detainees Session 506: DR22
Drugs Policy in the UK: Responding to Recreational Cannabis Users Session 119: DR7
Drugs Policy: Learning From Other Vices, Times, and Places Session 250: SP9
Drugs, Crime and HIV Risks Among Women Sex Traders Session 44: DR2
Drugs, Crime, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Incarcerated Young Adult Males Session 522: PS4
Drugs, Gangs, and Homicide in South Texas Session 400: DR19
Drugs, Pathological Gambling, and Crime: Interactions and Temporal Sequencing Session 400: DR19
Drunk Driving Attitudes and Behaviors: A Comparison of White, Black and Hispanic Drivers Session 563: AL3
DUI Offenders and Substance Abuse Treatment: Mandates, Referrals, and Outcomes Session 563: AL3
DWC Open Forum I: Globalization, Criminalization and Feminist Criminology (Sponsored by Division on Women and Crime) Session 70: SP3
DWC Open Forum II: Justice Policy, Incarceration and Women's Lives (Sponsored by Division on Women and Crime) Session 251: SP10
DWC Open Forum III: A Conversatio With and For Students and New Scholars (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 428: SP16
The Dynamic Between Types of Government Control and Quality of Life Session 12: CP2
A Dynamic Process Approach to Criminal Careers Modelling Session 201: LC6
Dynamics of Social Control During the Adolescent Life-Course Session 392: CS8
The Dynanics of Heroin Overdose Among San Franciscan Drug Dealers Session 296: DR15

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