The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter C

Paper Title Session ID
California's Juvenile Domestic Violence Courts: Does Early Intervention Work? Session 504: CT11
Calling for Help: Does Police Behavior Influence the Reporting Decisions of Repeat Domestic Violence Victims? Session 411: PO36
Cameras in Court: An Examination of Media Coverage of People v. Boss, 701 NYS.2d 891 (Sup. Ct. Albany County 2000) Session 341: MP2
Can Leopards Change Their Spots? The Introduction of Drug Liaison Officers to a Prison Session 533: CR48
Can Punishment Convey a Moral Message? Session 398: CC14
Can Risk Factors for Delinquency Predict the Process of Desistance? Session 518: LC11
The Canadian Model and the Psychology of Criminal Conduct and Corrections Session 219: CR19
Capitalism and Crime: The Russian Experience Session 443: GL3
Capitalism in Corrections: Problems With Privatization, Prison Labor, and Racial Disproportionality Session 215: SP7
Caregivers and Crime Prevention in SafeFutures: Dealing With At-risk and Delinquent Youths Session 368: ER4
Caribbean and Latin american Women "Mules" in British and Canada Prisons Session 312: RE9
Caribbean Criminology and Criminal Justice: Research Designs and Methodological Protocols Session 74: SP4
Carjacking: A Unique Form of Armed Robbery or Not? Session 242: RR1
The Case of the Tree That Battered a Woman: An Analysis of the Language of Domestic Violence Calls Session 132: PO12
The Catalytic Role of Stereotypes and Violence Against Asian Americans Session 134: RE3
Cause or Consequence? Poverty, Family Structure, and Incarceration in the District of Columbia Session 502: CR46
Causes of Delinquency II: A Full Replication and Extension to Self-Control Theory Session 181: CS6
CCTV and Neo-Liberal Rule in Liverpool Session 25: PO2
Certainty, Severity, and Their Relative Deterrent Effects: Questioning the Role of Risk Session 26: RC1
The Challenge of Measuring Agency Performance: A Tale of Two Cities Session 130: PO10
Challenged Mothers: Incarcerated, Stigmatized, and Socially Controlled Session 110: CS4
Challenges in Victimization Risk Factors Session 560: SC1
The Challenges of Challenge Grants: The San Diego Experience Session 440: ER7
The Challenges of Evaluating 'On Track' --An Early Multiple Intervention Session 540: ER11
Challenging the Labeling of Aboriginal Women: A Personal Perspective Session 62: RE1
Challenging University and Relativism: Women's Social Activism in South East Asia Session 508: GC21
Change in Mature Community Prosecution Experiments Session 401: ER5
Changing Lives A Study of Women in Prison Drug Treatment Session 535: CR50
The Changing Nature of Money Corruption Session 384: PO35
The Changing Nature of Police Use of Deadly Force Session 344: PO31
Changing the Police: Putting Gender Centre Stage Session 274: PO24
Chaos, Criminology, and Criminal Justice: A Review of the Literature Session 271: LA13
Chicago Police and Youths: Students' Encounters With Officers and Chicago's Community Policing Strategy Session 455: PO43
Chicana Feminist Critique: The Misuse of Nominal Variables in Criminology Session 226: CC7
Child Abuse in Pennsylvania: Vague Standards for a Very Real Problem Session 195: VO7
Child Pornography Offenders in Canada Session 475: VO24
Childhood and Family Backgrounds of Convicted Murderers Session 478: HO9
Childhood Cruelty to Animals and Subsequent Violence Against Humans Session 95: LC4
Childhood Exposure to TV Violence, Early Socialization and Military Experience: Their Effects on the Level of Aggression in Young Israeli Adults Session 588: PS5
Childhood Trauma Among High-Risk Mexican-American Females Session 46: GC3
Childhood Victimization and Criminal Consequences: A Replication and Extension in the Northwest Session 445: VO22
Childhood Victimization and School Discipline Problems Session 115: CP5
Childhood Victimization and School Discipline Problems Session 332: VO14
Childhood Victimization as a Risk Factor for Multiple Problem Behaviors in Adolescence Session 445: VO22
Children as Victims of Assault: Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments Session 195: VO7
Children in Danger and as Danger: The Discourse on 'Safe Cities' From Segregation to 'Democratic Streets' Session 456: RP8
Children in the Midst: Sex Offender Statutes and Community Responses to Child Safety Session 475: VO24
Chinese Crime Trends in the Context of Economic Development Session 370: GL1
Chinese Immigrant Smuggling Operation: A System Dynanmics Model Session 23: OC1
Circles and the Streets: Peace-Making Circles, Community Justice, and Troubled Youth in Chelsea, Massachusetts Session 206: RE6
Citation Release: That Other Form of Arrest Session 521: PO48
Citizen and Police Satisfaction in Civilian Review: An Evaluation of the Quality Service Assessment With the Minneapolis Civilian Review Authority Session 485: PO44
Citizen Participation With the Police-A Comparative Perspective: Japan and the United States Session 519: MP7
Citizen Perceptions of the 'Driving While Black' Phenomenon: Research Summary From Six Focus Groups Session 457: RM14
Civilian Review Boards: Edifying Police Organizations and Strengthening Relations With the Minority Community Session 485: PO44
Class and Crime, One More Time Session 591: SC2
Classification of Women Offenders in Correctional Facilities Session 185: CR16
The Clemency Alternative: Justice Denied Session 144: CR11
Co-Producing Commercial Safety Services in Philadelphia Session 12: CP2
Co-Worker Violence and Gender: Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey Session 450: LA23
Coevolution as an Organizing Principle for a Multi-Disciplinary Criminology Session 180: BI4
Cognitive Achievement and Delinquency: Testing the Moderator Model Session 551: LA27
Collaboration: The Key to Successful Jail Diversion Session 133: PS1
Collateral Consequences of the War on Drugs Session 250: SP9
Collecting Badges -- The Gendered Meaning of Police Leadership Session 274: PO24
Collective Efficacy and Crime in Canadian Public Housing: Results Form the Quality of Neighbourhood Life Survey (QNLS) Session 469: CC16
College Students and Drug Education Session 399: DR18
College Students' Attitudes Toward Sex-Based Hate Crime Session 18: GC2
College Students' Perceptions of Private Security Session 586: MP11
Combating Hate: Police and Prosecutor Response to Hate Crime Session 209: TM6
Combining Law Enforcement and Court Data to Identify and Track Offenders in Domestic Relationship Incidents Session 137: RM3
Combining Therapeutic Programming and Satellite Tracking for Sex Offenders Session 268: IS4
Combining UCR and Census Data: Crosswalking From One Data Set to the Other Session 279: RM6
Coming Out to Play (Rachoi): Masulinity, Feminity, and Culture in Gang Life Session 261: GC9
Commerce and Crime: The Supreme Court and the Future of Federal Criminal Jurisdiction Session 10: CT1
Common Sense and Deviancy: News Discourses and Asylum Seekers in Australia Session 235: LA12
Communication Issues Between Police and Parents of Missing Children Session 159: LA9
Communities and Intimate Killing Session 266: HO4
Community and Crime in an Affluent Suburb Session 75: CO2
Community Differences in the Prevalence and Consequences of Corporal Punishment in a Sample of African American Children: A Multilevel Analysis Session 19: VO1
Community Justice: Transforming Communities Through Restorative Justice? Session 183: CR14
Community Organizations and Networks of Association: Towards a Theory of Parochial Social Control Session 465: CO5
Community Penalties: Links Between Compliance, Enforcement and Reconviction Session 431: CR39
Community Policing and Drug Abuse: A Survey of Police Executives Session 555: PO49
Community Policing as Seen by the Citizenry and Other Comunity Policing Agents: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Public Recommendations Session 455: PO43
Community Policing in 30 Police Agencies: A Comparative Ethnography Session 60: PO4
Community Policing in 30 Police Agencies: A Comparative Ethnography Session 453: PO41
Community Policing in Canada: An Evaluation for Montreal, 1990-2000 Session 412: PO37
Community Policing in Democratic Societies: Towards a Human Rights Perspective Session 97: PO6
Community Policing in Israel: A National Assessment Session 309: PO26
Community Policing Partnerships for Domestic Violence: Documentations and Assessment of COPS-Funded Efforts Session 132: PO12
Community Policing, Fear of Crime and Attitudes Toward Law Enforcement: An Empirical Assessment Session 412: PO37
Community Policing, Public Opinion and the Empirical Reality Session 309: PO26
Community Reparative Boards Session 567: CR53
Community Risk/Needs Assessment (CRNA) Instrument: Follow-up of Samples of Offenders in British Columbia Session 77: CR6
Community Service Instead of Imprisonment in Default of Payment of Fine--German Experiences Session 482: LA24
Community Structure and Adolescent Substance Use Session 93: LA5
Community Studies in Criminology Session 69: SP2
Community Supervision of Mentally Disordered Offenders Session 409: LA20
Community Surveys as a Service-Learning Experience in Sociology and Criminal Justice Session 188: CJ7
A Comparative Analysis of Victimization and Fear Among Elderly and Non-Elderly in Elderly-Only and Mixed Population Public Housing Session 264: VO12
Comparative Assessment of Felony and Misdemeanor Case Processing Times in Prosecutors' Offices Session 293: CT5
Comparative Impact of Juvenile Versus Criminal Court Sanctions on Recidivism Among Adolescent Felony Offenders: A Replication and Extension Session 63: RP2
A Comparative Investigation Into Estimating Youth Violence: Instruments ande Outcomes Session 507: ER10
Comparative Perspectives on Victim/Offender Mediation With Adult Offenders in Austria and Germany--Selected Findings From an Empirical Research Project Session 267: IS3
A Comparative Study Between Northern and Southern Hemispheres Session 42: CC1
A Comparative Study of Ministerial Corruption in Democracies Session 33: WC1
Comparing the Locational Properties of Crime Categories Over Time Session 64: RM2
Comparing the Processing of Domestic Violence Cases to Non-Domestic Violence Cases in New York City Courts Session 504: CT11
Comparison Between Japanese Crime Data and the UCR Concerning Validity and Reliability Problems Session 418: RM12
Comparison of Crime Trends in Europe and in the United States An Assessment of Current Theoretical Explanations Session 26: RC1
Comparison of Criminal Justice and Other Student's Attitudes ABout Capital Punishment Session 348: SE11
A Comparison of Drug Court Program Completers and Noncompleters Session 113: CR9
Comparison of Homicide Victimization Trends in Small, Medium and Large Cities in the U.S. Session 266: HO4
Comparison of Rural/Urban Differences of Incidence and Reporting of Child and Adult Sexual Assault Victimization: Analyses Using Crisis Center Data Session 314: RR3
Competition, Crime and Regulation in the Telecommunications Industry Session 284: WC9
Complainants' Experience of the Police Complaints Process Session 240: PO22
A Complicity Continuum of State Crime Session 150: CC5
Comprehensive Community-Level Gang Problem Assessment Session 92: JJ4
A Comprehensive Evaluation Model for the Institute for Public Safety Partnerships: A COPS Regional Community Policing Training Institute Session 228: ER1
A Comprehensive Look at Drug Policies: The Case of Systemic Interventions in Juvenile Justice System Session 119: DR7
A Comprehensive Look at Drug Policies: The Case of Medical Marijuanha Session 119: DR7
A Comprehensive Treatment Strategy for Female Offenders Session 535: CR50
Compstat and Crime: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due Session 239: PO21
Compstat, Strategic Problem Solving, and Hi-Tech in American Police Agencies Session 60: PO4
A Concentration Analysis of Arsons in the Downtown Core of Winnipeg, Manitoba Session 166: RC3
A Conceptual and Practical Method for Measuring Police Performance Session 130: PO10
A Conceptual Model for Anticipating Crime Displacement: Rational Choices in Context Session 166: RC3
Conceptual Model for Understanding and Reducing Illicit Drug Use Among Youth: The Impact of Law, P)olicy and Environmental Factors Session 119: DR7
Concerning the Dark Figure in Eastern Europe Session 492: RM16
The Conditional Effect of Internal and External Control Factors on the Relationship Between Criminal Association and Criminal Involvement Session 181: CS6
Conflation of Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in the Discourse of State v. Green Session 469: CC16
Conjugal Visit in Brazil: A Prisoner's Right Session 501: CR45
The Consequences of 'Get Tough' Juvenile Legislation: Differential Correctional Processing in Adult and Juvenile Settings for Juvenile Offenders Session 199: JJ7
Considerations in the Behavioral Management of Incarcerated Juvenile Offenders Session 337: JJ13
Constitutional and Human Rights in Cuba: an Analysis of Social Control in a Communist Country Session 584: LA28
Constitutional Consequences of Hospitality: The Supreme Court's Restriction of the Right to Contest Government Invasions of Privacy Session 571: CT15
Constructing Criminals: The Media's Role in the Criminalization of Street Youth Session 380: MP3
Constructing Meaningful Violence: A View From the Girls Session 544: GC23
Consumer Protection in Social Contracts Session 581: GU12
Contemporary Corrections in the New South Africa Session 501: CR45
Content Analysis of the International Presentations Given at the Annual Meetings of the ASC 1990-2000 Session 385: RM10
Contesting Criminality: Illegal Immigration and the Boundaries of Legitimacy Session 117: CC4
Context and Courts: The Meaning and Measurement of Context Session 234: LA11
The Context of Justifiable KIilling: A Theoretical Exploration of American Culture Session 514: HO11
Contextual Differences in Reported and Unreported Rapes: A Comparison of Victimizations From the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and of Incidents From the Massachusetts National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) Session 234: LA11
Contextualizing Deviance: Cedar Women's Story: Native American Women in Montana Prisons Session 312: RE9
Contextualizing Sex Offender Management Legislation and Policy: Evaluating the Problem of Latent Consequences Session 489: RP9
Continuity in Offending Behavior Over Time? Assessing the Relationship Between Prior Delinquent Behavior and Intimate Partner Violence Session 56: LC2
Contracts to Kill as Scripted Behavior Session 155: HO2
Contrasts in Compliance by Corporations in The Netherlands Session 210: WC6
The Contribution of Symbolic Interactionism to Critical Criminology Session 437: CC15
Controlling Assets Transfers Inside the Corporate Group: The Australian Experience and Proposed Remedies Session 284: WC9
Controlling for Selection in Studies of Lifecourse Transitions and Deviance Session 451: LC9
Controlling Sin: Self-Control Theory and the Spurious Relationship Between Religiosity and Delinquency Session 37: CS2
Controlling the Vote Session 359: CS7
Convicted Survivors: Describing and Comparing Battered Women Inmates and California's Women Prisoners Session 86: GC4
The Cooperation Between the Criminal Investigation Department and the Criminal Intelligence Service Session 131: PO11
Coordinated Community Responses to Domestic Violence: A Comparative Study Session 564: CO9
A Coordinated Court-Based Response to Domestic Violence Session 435: CT9
Coping Strategies of Drug Involved Battered Women From Inner-City Neighborhoods Session 17: GC1
Copying and Pasting the Way to Higher Level Discourse Session 116: CJ4
Corporation's Illegal Trade and Money Laundering Session 33: WC1
Correctional Management in an Urban Setting Session 39: CR4
Correctional Management in Suburban and Urban Settings: Similarities and Differences Session 39: CR4
Corrections Mapping and Community Justice Session 502: CR46
Correlates of Homicides With Attributes of Serial Murder: The Influence of Both Aggregate and Individual Level Data Session 548: HO12
Correlates of Prison Victimization: A Test of Importation, Deprivation and Lifestyles Models Session 64: RM2
Correlates of Retention in Alternative-to-Incarceration Programs Session 305: IS6
Corruption and Organized Crime: A Comparative Assessment of Governmental Responses Session 58: OC2
Corruption and the Culture of Inequality: Local Culture and Global Crime. A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Corruption Session 33: WC1
Corruption in Public Administration: Vulnerability to Pressure Groups and Corrupting Agents in Construction and Urban Planning Session 210: WC6
Cost Effectiveness Evaluation of the Crime Reduction Programme Session 550: LA26
Cost of Residential Placement for Juvenile Offenders: Comparing the Public Sector and the Private Sector Session 199: JJ7
Countering Arguments by Militant Right-Wing Constitutionalists Session 209: TM6
County Effects on the Disposition of Murder Cases Session 252: CR21
A County-Level Comparison of United States Jurisdictions' Use of Prison as a Sentencing Option Session 138: SE5
Court Consolidation/Court Specialization: The Kinder, Gentler Court System? Session 468: CT10
Court Mandated Sex Offender Treatment Session 10: CT1
Crack Mothers: Pregancy, Drugs, and the Media Session 575: DR25
Crack-ing Down on Black Drug Offenders: Testing for Interactions Between Offender Race, Drug Type, and Statute Charged in Federal Drug Sentences Session 29: SE1
Creating a Paradigm on Collaborative Decision-making: Early Findings From the Safe Kids/Safe Streets Program Session 471: ER8
Crime and Community in Rural Australia Session 235: LA12
Crime and Heavy Metal: An Analysis of the Geographic Relationship Between the Distribution of Heavy Metals and Crime in the U.S. Session 109: CO3
Crime and the Minimum Wage Session 146: CP6
Crime as Coping Strategy: Aussiedler (Germans of Russian Descents) and Their Way of Dealing With Migration Session 443: GL3
The Crime Drop in America Session 216: AM2
Crime Films and Society Session 410: MP4
Crime Gun Trace Frequency as a Function of Handgun Sales Volume Among Federally Licensed Firearm Deals in California Session 374: GU8
Crime in Public Housing: Day vs Night Session 532: CO8
Crime in the Courthouse: When Judges and Lawyers Become Defendants: Its Effect on the Administration of Justice Session 341: MP2
The Crime of Modernity: Migration, Crime and Punishment in Italy, 1890 to 1994 Session 432: CR40
Crime on College Campuses Session 500: CO7
Crime Policy Transfer: From the International to the Local Session 558: RP14
Crime Prevention: Perceptions and Practices Among American Adults Session 11: CP1
Crime Rates Are Also Going Down in Canada Despite no Major Change in Public Policy Session 52: LA1
Crime Reduction: Intervention Work in Secondary Schools Session 540: ER11
Crime, Class, and Reintegration: The Socioeconomic, Familial, and Civic Lives of Criminal Offenders Session 591: SC2
Crime, Collective Efficacy, and Neighborhood Change: A Multilevel Approach to Analyzing Neighborhood Trajectories Session 375: HO7
Crime, Corporations and the 'New' World Order Session 295: CC9
Crime, Sex, and Commerce: Prostitutes' Legal Consciousness Session 282: VL1
Crimes and Victims in Public Housing Session 532: CO8
Crimes Committed Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs Session 379: LA19
Crimes of Emotion Session 245: TM7
Criminal Activity Among Women Mandated to Drug Treatment: A Before and After Comparison Session 506: DR22
Criminal Careers of Juvenile Frequent Offenders and Developmental Aspects Session 545: VO29
The Criminal Case Profiling Study: The Findings of a Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Criminal Cases and the Legal Aid Payments They Attracted in England and Wales Session 338: LA15
Criminal Courts in an Emerging Democracy: The Czech Republic Session 256: CT4
Criminal Disfranchisement and Voter Turnout in the United States Session 558: RP14
Criminal Fine Enforcement in the Israeli Criminal Justice System Session 304: IS5
Criminal History and Assault of Dating Partners Session 165: RE4
Criminal History and Firearm Ownership of Firearm Homicide Perpetrator Session 512: GU10
Criminal Justice and General Systems Theory Session 464: SP17
Criminal Justice Education in the New Millennium: An International Perspective Session 149: CJ6
Criminal Justice Education Today and Tomorrow: Full Academic Inclusion or Marginalized Existence? Session 149: CJ6
Criminal Justice Internships: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Session 188: CJ7
Criminal Justice Leadership Roles of Women in the 21st Century Session 508: GC21
Criminal Justice Monitoring Systems: What About Injury? Session 168: RM4
Criminal Justice Students in the Year 2000: Are They Changing? Should Their Education Change, Too? Session 148: CJ5
Criminal Offending During One's Life Course: The Effects of Previous Offending and Patterns of Routine Activities Session 479: IC2
Criminal Policy Without Crime: An Anglo-American Journey of Exploration Session 558: RP14
Criminal Profiling--The Intersection of the Public Arena, the Media, and Law Enforcement Session 519: MP7
Criminal Prosecution of Former GDR-Jurists From the Perspective of a Defense Lawyer Session 444: GL4
The Criminalisation of Consent: The Case of S&M Session 398: CC14
Criminality and Co-Occuring Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Disorder: Preliminary Results From a Multi-Site Evaluation Session 133: PS1
The Criminalization of Foreign Workers in Spain and Italy Session 497: SP18
Criminalizing Culture: The Case of Eagle Feathers Session 206: RE6
Criminalizing Homelessness: Changing Police Practices Towards the Homeless in New York and San Francisco Session 204: PO19
Criminologies of Catastrophe: Understanding Criminal Justice in the New Millenium Session 564: CO9
Criminology and Civil Society: Moving Beyond Liberal Banter Session 94: LA6
Criminology and Criminal Justice Curricula: New Initiatives Session 14: CJ2
Criminology and Public Policy in Australia and New Zealand Session 490: RP10
Criminology as Peacemaking: An Examination of Three Salient Themes Within the Pepinsky and Quinney Reader Session 189: CC6
Criminology Theory in Administrative Criminology: How Its' Located and Its Implications Session 94: LA6
Criminology, Harm and Pleasure Session 398: CC14
A Critical Analysis of Power-Control Theory Session 515: IC3
Critical Assessment of Restorative Justice Measures for Juvenile Offenders Session 270: JJ10
The Critical Characteristics of Effective Delinquency Intervention Programs Session 397: CP13
Critical Criminology in Britain: In the Shadow of New Labour Session 80: CC3
Critique and Accusation Session 459: SI3
A Critique of the Criminal Punishment Code: Florida's Alternative to Its Sentencing Guidelines Session 208: SE8
A Cross-Cultural Study of Social Learning Theory: Substance Abuse Among a Sample of South Korean Adolescents Session 87: VO3
Cross-National Comparative Studies in Criminology Session 69: SP2
Cross-Sex Correctional Supervision of Incarcerated Women Session 403: GC17
Crossed Boundaries/Mixed Messages: "Difference" and the Limits of Tolerance Session 459: SI3
Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Critical Reflections on Emerging Trends Session 307: LA14
CSAT's Criminal Justice Treatment Networks: Preliminary Systems-Level Outcomes Session 535: CR50
Culpability vs. Immunity: Appraising Public Opinion of Juvenile Capital Punishment Session 127: JJ5
Cultural Confinement: The Impact of the Kanun in the Lives of Albanian Women Session 263: GC11
Culturalization as a Technique of Neutralization: Police Officers' Perspectives on Policing Domestic Violence in the Palestinian Community in Israel Session 564: CO9
Cultures, Subcultures, Memes, and Drug Epidemics Session 470: DR21
Current Trends in Community Delinquency Prevention Programming Session 306: JJ11
Cyberstalking Session 578: GC24

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