The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter B

Paper Title Session ID
Back Door to Prison: Consequences of Blended Sentencing Session 63: RP2
Backlash in the Classroom: The Response of Students to Feminist Research on Violence Against Women Session 294: CJ10
Bad Boys: Constructing Gender Through Delinquency Session 18: GC2
'Bad Girls'-Media and Expert Images of Girls' Violence and Gang Involvement in Canada (1970-1999) Session 380: MP3
Bad Law or Bad Policing: What Influences Police Decision Making in Two Australian Jurisdictions Session 275: PO25
Bad Lawyering and Wrongful Convictions: How Much Does One Lead to the Other? Session 167: RP5
"Bad Time" in Ohio's Correctional System Session 144: CR11
A Bad Woman is Hard to Find: Female Prisoner Risk Classification, Part II Session 217: CR17
The Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court: First Evaluation Report Session 536: CT12
Barnstable House of Correction Residential Substance Abuse Treatment: A Process Evaluation Session 535: CR50
Barriers and Facilitators to Drug Courts' Collaborative Linkages With Service Providers: Perspectives of Courts, Perspectives of Providers Session 50: IS1
Bay Area Services Network (BASN) Session 156: IS2
Before and After PMC: Re-Thinking the Problem of Racial Inequality in the Juvenile Justice System Session 101: RE2
Behavioral Development and Crime Session 160: LC5
Behind Bars: Doing Time or Doing The Life? Session 534: CR49
Belgian Narratives of Police Reform Session 589: RP15
The Benefits of Reducing Gun Violence: Evidence From Contingent-Valuation Survey Data Session 207: RP6
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Effects on Jamaica From the Intersection Between U.S. Drug Control and Illegal Immigration Session 74: SP4
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The RCMP in Alberta Session 273: PO23
Between Smoking Rock and a Hard Place Preliminary Results of a Drug Court Evaluation Session 324: CT6
Beyond the Horizon: Critical Psychology and the Critique of "Street Gang" Psychopathology Session 42: CC1
Biological Brain-Proneness for Criminal Violence: Implications for Behavior Control and Offender Rehabilitation Session 143: BI3
Biology and Environment: The Chicken and the Egg Phenomenon Session 143: BI3
Birth Order and Adolescent Delinquenct: An Empirical Assessment Session 160: LC5
Black and White Judges: Are They Similar or Dissimilar? Session 101: RE2
Black and White School Violence: A Social Comparison Session 550: LA26
Black Deaths in Custody: A U.K. Perspective Session 162: PO14
Black Women and Imprisonment: An Historical and Theoretical Perspective Session 184: CR15
Blaming the Victim: Sex Differences and the Acceptance of Rape Myths Session 578: GC24
Blending Criminal and Tort Law Remedies to Deter Organizational Deviance Session 140: WC4
Bolivia, Coca, and U.S. Foreign Policy Session 191: DR12
Boom-Town Crime, Bust-Town Crime: A Cojparative Analysis of Crime in Boston and Detroit Session 499: CO6
Bootlegging Buttlegging and Fencing Session 96: OC3
The Boston SafeFutures Initiative and Program Specific Data Collection Session 368: ER4
The Bottom Line: Thoughts and Suggestions on the Conditions That Must Exist if Restorative Justice Models are Employed in Cases of Violence Against Women Session 331: GC14
Bouncrers, Violence and the Night-Time Economy Session 544: GC23
Bowers v. Hardwick Revisited Session 517: LA25
Breaches of Conditional Sentence Orders: An Examination of Select Court Locations in BC Session 305: IS6
Breaking the Routine: Exploring Qualitative Methods for Assessing the Effectiveness of Neighborhood Safety Initiatives Session 525: RM18
Bringing Public Health and Criminological Perspectives Together to Assess Available Data Sources on Violence-Related Injuries Among Youths Session 168: RM4
Bringing the Crime Victim Into Community Policing: Findings From a National Survey of Police Departments and Victim Service Organizations Session 383: PO34
A British Perspective to Repeat Victimization in the Year 2000 Session 413: PO38
Bruality and Corruption: Preventing Police Misconduct Session 485: PO44
Bugs Not Bandits: Reconceptualising "Computer Crime" Session 104: TM4
Building an Outcome-based Information System for a Juvenile Justice System: Lessons From Philadelphia and San Francisco Session 541: ER12
Building Civic Partnership Under Community Policing: The Metropolitan Atlanta Crime Commission Session 383: PO34
Building the Safe Harbor: The Implementation of the Oregon Death With Dignity Act Session 158: LA8
The Burden of Very Young Offenders on the Juvenile Justice System Session 552: LC12
Busy Places and Broken Windows: The Role of Land Use in the Social Control of Criminal Victimization Session 479: IC2

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