The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter A

Paper Title Session ID
Aboriginal Justice and Policing Session 241: RE7
Abortion, Capital Punishment and Religious Politics Session 18: GC2
About the Resistance of 19th Century Prisoners and the Understanding of Penitentiary Coercion Session 28: RM1
Abracadabra, Inmate Style: The Power of "The Magic Words' in Section 1983 Prisoner Civil Right Litigation Session 571: CT15
Absolute and Relative Involvement of Youth in Homicide Offending: An Update Session 303: HO5
Absolutist Politics in a Moderate Package: Prohibitionist Intentions of the Gun Control Movement Session 265: GU5
Academy Training for Adult and Juvenile Correctional Employees -- National Perspectives Session 8: CR1
Accelerated Learning in Criminal Justice: Speed Teaching That Improves Student Retention and Learning Session 225: CJ8
An Acceptable Level of Violence: Community Responses to Crime in Northern Ireland Session 544: GC23
Access to and Use of Guns Among Young Male Offenders Session 547: GU11
Accessing Help: Routes of Exposure to Victim Services for Domestic Violence and Property Crime Victims Session 557: RP13
Accomplice Liability: Disparate Results in Sentencing Session 208: SE8
Accomplishing Gender in Situations of Intimate Violence Session 261: GC9
Accountability on the Streets: Police Stops, Regulation, and Ethnicity Session 414: PO39
Action Research and Evaluation of Race Relations Initiatives in UK Prisons Session 360: CR31
Adaptation of OJJDP's Comprehensive Gang Model: Case Studies of Four Rural Communities Session 92: JJ4
Adding Religion to Hirschi's Social Control Theory Session 37: CS2
Addressing the Technological Infusion in Higher Education Session 365: CJ12
The Adequacy of 'Human Rights' Claims as a Challenge to Corporate Violence and Environmental Destruction: A Case Study of the International Oil Industry Session 295: CC9
Adolescent Maltreatment in Educational Centres Session 224: CP11
Adolescent Marijuana Use: An Exploration of Social Control Theory Session 392: CS8
Adolescent Weapon Possession in Public Schools: A Subcultural Link Between Masculinity and Aggression Session 473: GC19
Adolescent-to-Parent Violence as a Predictor of Criminal Behavior in Adulthood Session 372: VO17
Adolescents Doing Good Well: Applying a Concept of Competence to the Study of Delinquency Session 93: LA5
The Adoption of Innovation in Police Agencies: A Case Study Session 239: PO21
African Women and the Decolonization of Victimization Session 184: CR15
African Women in Italian Prisons Session 312: RE9
African-American, Drugs and Incapacitation Session 205: RE5
African-Americans and Organized Crime Session 531: SP20
After Diversion: Developing Gender-Specific Treatment Services for Women Offenders Session 133: PS1
Aftercare for Juvenile Offenders: Lessons From the Last Decade of Evaluation Research Session 376: JJ14
Age and Extraordinary Physical Impairments: An Examination of the Effects of the Sentencing Guidelines on Elderly Offenders Session 196: VO8
Age Differences in Domestic Stalking and Violence Session 17: GC1
Aggression and Neighborhood Context: Using Behavioral Genetics to Understand How Neighborhood Disadvantage Moderates Environmental Influences on Adolescent Aggression Session 143: BI3
The Ahistorical Marx: Some Ontological Questions for Class-based Critical Theory Session 437: CC15
Aina Under the Influence: The Criminalization of Alcohol in Nineteenth-Century Hawaii Session 206: RE6
Alcohol Consumption Behaviors as Predictors of Subsequent Violent Behavior: Prospective Analyses From the Add-Health Study Session 321: AL1
Alcohol, Marijuana, and Cocaine Use Among Urban and Rural Incarcerated Drug Abusers Session 506: DR22
Alcohol-Related Aggression in the Barroom Environment: A Study of Drinking Establishments at the Jersey Shore Session 321: AL1
All Work and No Play: The Relationship Between Part-Time Work and Adolescent Problem Behavior Session 236: LC7
Alternative Models Linking Offenders to Treatment: Drug Court vs. Traditional Probation-Based Models Session 50: IS1
Alternatives to Incarceration for Felony Offenders in New York Session 482: LA24
American Dreamers: Examining the Relationship Between Cultural Values and Criminal Behavior Session 527: SA5
The American Gulag: The Emergence and Growth of the Prison Industrial Complex Session 78: CR7
American Indian Gangs: Predicting a Gang Presence or Absence on the Reservations Session 556: RE12
American Indian Tribal Police Departments: Challenges/Obstacles to Effective Law Enforcement Session 556: RE12
American Killers Are Armed, Dangerous and Youthful Session 580: VO31
Amity In-Prison and Community Substance Abuse Program: 4- and 5-Year Return to Custody Outcomes Session 394: CR36
Amity Prison Therapeutic Community Relapse Outcomes Session 394: CR36
An Analysis of Brooklyn Homicides in 1999 and Strategies for Saving Lives Session 335: HO6
An Analysis of Correctional Treatment Session 570: CR56
Analysis of Outcomes of Student Support Groups in Delinquency Prevention, From Peacemaking and Social Learning Perspectives Session 237: LC8
An Analysis of State Law Regarding Parental and Guardian Responsibility in Preventing Juvenile Delinquency Session 481: JJ18
Analysis of the Ft. Gibson Shooting and the Law Enforcement Response Session 187: CP8
An Analysis of the Historical and Current Roles of Animals in Criminal Justice Session 10: CT1
Analysis of Women and Defensive Gun Use in the United States: NRA's Reproduction of Defensive Gun Use Newspaper Stories, 1958-1996 Session 553: MP8
Analyzing Attitudes of the Criminal Justice System in its Handling of Domestic Violence Incidents Session 579: GC25
Analyzing NIBRS Data: A Practical Guide to Counting Rules, Analysis Using Desktop Tools, and On-Line Access Session 493: RM17
Analyzing NIBRS for Use of Weapons and Drugs in Violent Crime Session 137: RM3
Analyzing the Utility of the Employment Status Dichotomy for Federal Male Prisoners: A Holistic Approach Session 254: CR23
Analyzing Variation in Local Life Circumstances and Involvement in Criminal Offending Among a Population of Serious Offenders Session 56: LC2
Anomie as a Consequence of Disturbances of Equilibrium in Case of Suddenly Occurring Social or Personal Changes Session 527: SA5
Antecedents and Consequences of Trajectories of Non-Violent Offending Session 406: VO20
Antisocial Behavior and Gang Membership: Selection and Socialization Session 230: VO9
Antisocial Personality Disorder and Therapeutic Community Treatment Outcomes Session 467: CR44
Aplications of a Multilevel, Mixed Methodology Design to Evaluate the Comprehensive Strategy for Serious, Violent and Chronic Juvenile Offenders Session 471: ER8
Applications of COMPSTAT: Police Complaint Analysis by Location Session 589: RP15
Applying a Theory of Conflict Management to Domestic Disputes Session 123: GC5
Applying Performance-Based Standards in an Operational Context Session 218: CR18
Approaching the Problem of Violent Crime Through Community Control, Trust, and Empowerment: Modernity, Risk Management, and the Current Sex Offender Statutues Session 40: CP3
Are Homicide Data Good Proxies for Data on Non-Lethal Violence? Session 90: HO1
Are Police Field Training Officers (FTOs) Exemplary? Session 61: PO5
Are Sex Offenders Different? An Analysis of Re-Arrest Patterns Session 489: RP9
Are We Finished With Community Policing? Session 589: RP15
Armed Americans: The Impact of Firearm Availability on National Homicide Rates Session 512: GU10
Arousal, Affect, Coping and Defending and Delinquency Session 5: BI1
Art Crime in Australia: An Analysis of an Illegal Market Session 351: WC11
Artificial Boundaries Between Criminology and Minority Groups in New Jersey: Inside and Outside of the Classroom Session 313: RE10
Asia and the Pacific as the World Center Stage of the New Century: Crimes and Social Control in a Global Perspective Session 404: GL2
Asian and Russian Crime: Organized or Disorganized? Session 165: RE4
Assessing Effects of the Truth in Sentencing Law in Massachusetts Session 169: SE7
Assessing Graham v. Connor Ten Years Later Session 99: PO8
Assessing Illegal Gun Markets in Four Cities Session 48: GU1
Assessing Police Acceptability: The Case of Northern Ireland Session 342: PO29
Assessing Privatization in the Federal Prison System Session 565: CR51
Assessing Re-Offending Risk in Women Offenders: Challenges for Contemporary Correctional Practice Session 300: GC13
Assessing the Need for Treatment Among Offenders: Does Location Matter? Session 524: RP12
Assessing the Needs of Residents in Shelters for Battered Women: Preliminary Findings Session 579: GC25
Assessing the Relationship Between Program Integrity and Recidivism Using the Correctional Program Assessment Inventory Session 219: CR19
Assessing the Representiveness of the ADAM Sample of Adult Arrestees Session 64: RM2
Assessing the Training Needs of Rural Law Enforcement Session 202: PO17
Assessing the Validity of the Revised ADAM 2000 Self Report Drug Use Measures Session 120: DR8
Assessing the Wilmington Partnership to Cease Firearm Violence: Implications for Policy and Theory Session 222: CP9
Assessing Workplace Deviance: Agent-based Scenario Analysis Session 37: CS2
Assessing Youth With Co-Occurring Stressors: Isues of Reliability, Validity and Treatment Needs Session 51: JJ2
Assessment of a Bully Intervention in a Middle School and High School Session 269: JJ9
An Assessment of Juvenile Justice Aftercare in Florida Session 257: CJ9
"Assisted Dating": Beneficial Relationship or Sexual Exploitation? Session 475: VO24
Aszsessing the Impact of Gender Inequality on Female Homicide Victimization Session 262: GC10
The Attitudes and Experiences of Women Prisoners With the Female Condom Session 44: DR2
Attitudes of Policemen Towards Domestic Violence Session 132: PO12
Attitudes of Vietnamese Americans Toward Criminal Justice Interventions in Intimate-Partner Violence Session 554: MP9
Attorney Ideology, Jury Selecftion Attitudes and Practices Session 396: CT8
Attorney-Client Conflict of Interest: The Massachusetts Rule Session 221: CT3
Attorneys' Perceptions on the Use of Jury Consultants in Criminal Trials: Survey Results Session 341: MP2
Authenticity and the Aboriginal Art Market in Australia Session 351: WC11
AUTHOR MEETS CRITICS: Erich Fromm and Critical Criminology: Beyond the Punitive Society Session 505: CC17
AUTHOR MEETS CRITICS: The Exclusive Society Session 43: CC2
AUTHOR MEETS CRITICS: The Natural History of Rape: The Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion Session 6: BI2
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Gun Women: Firearms and Feminism in Contemporary America Session 302: GU6
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Harsh Punishment: International Experiences of Women's Imprisonment Session 395: CR37
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: The Real Costs of Gun Violence Session 126: GU4
Avoiding Rape: The Effects of Situational Variables on Women's Self-Defense Strategies Session 578: GC24

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