Session 21: LC1 -> Lifecourse Transitions
Time: 8:00AM to 9:30 AM on Wednesday, November 15
Place: H-San Francisco B
Session Chair: Michael O. Maume, Ohio University
Urban-Rural Differences in Desistance From Marijuana Use: A Life-Course Transitions Approach
by: Michael O. Maume, Ohio University (Corresponding)
Kevin Beaver, University of Cincinnati
Graham Ousey, University of Kentucky
Early Transitions to Adult Roles and Subsequent Adult Deviance: Moderating Effects of Gender and Mediating Influences or Self-Esteem
by: Shaheen Halim, Texas A & M University (Corresponding)
Howard B. Kaplan, Texas A & M University
Desistance and Persistance in Self-Reported Delinquency: Trajectories and Correlates in Young Adulthood
by: Margit Wiesner, Oregon Social Learning Center (Corresponding)
Deborah M. Capaldi, Oregon Social Learning Center
Gerald R. Patterson, Oregon Social Learning Center

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Updated 05/20/2006