Session 157: JJ6 -> Juvenile Justice and Process
Time: 4:20PM to 5:50 PM on Wednesday, November 15
Place: H-San Francisco A
Session Chair: [To Be Assigned]
Gault and the Juvenile Court: Interaction of Race and Type of Attorney on Juvenile Court Outcomes
by: Lori Guevara, University of Nebraska - Omaha (Corresponding)
Legal Counsel and Juvenile Offenders: Why Attorneys Don't Help
by: George Burruss, University of Missouri - St. Louis (Corresponding)
Kimberly Kempf-Leonard, University of Texas at Dallas
The Impact of Juvenile Court Decisions on Recidivism
by: Paul C. Friday, University of North Carolina - Charlotte (Corresponding)
Forecasting Methods in State Juvenile Correctons Agencies
by: Jeffrey Butts, The Urban Institute (Corresponding)
Effects of Juvenile Court Case Processing Decisions on Juvenile Dentention Populations: 1993-1997 Conditions and Future Forecast Populations
by: William J. Sabol, Case Western Reserve University (Corresponding)
William P. Adams, The Urban Institute
Ojmarrh Mitchell, The Urban Institute

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Updated 05/20/2006