Session 197: HO3 -> Circumstances in Which Women Kill and Circumstances in Which Women Die
Time: 8:00AM to 9:30 AM on Thursday, November 16
Place: H-Potrero
Session Chair: Carolyn Rebecca Block, Illinois Crim Justice Info Authority
A Profile of Women Who Kill and Their Victims
by: Lynn Newhart, Rockford College (Corresponding)
Gender and Homicide Circumstance in England and Wales: What Difference Does Difference Make?
by: Jonathan Smith, Home Office, London (Corresponding)
Gender, Attributional Styles, and Direction of Lethal Violence: A Partial Test of an Integrated Model of Suicide and Homicide
by: Scott Vollum, Sam Houston State University (Corresponding)
An Empirical Study of Women Homicide Offenders in Burke, Columbia, and Richmond Counties of Georgia
by: Lori J. Scott, Augusta State University (Corresponding)
Kimberly A. Davies, Augusta State University
Psychometric Properties of the Danger Assessment Instrument: Findings From the Intimate Partner Femicide Study
by: Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Johns Hopkins University (Corresponding)
Judith McFarlane, Texax Woman's University
Daniel Webster, Johns Hopkins University
Susan Wilt, New York Department of Health
Carolyn Rebecca Block, Illinois Crim Justice Info Authority
Phyllis Sharps, George Washington University
Doris Campbell, University of South Florida
Carolyn J. Sachs, California State University - Los Angeles
Xiao Xu

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Updated 05/20/2006